1/3 Profile – Investigator Martyr

Click HERE and find out why your personal profile has a tremendous significance in your life and how it is related to your purpose. In this article, I am going to explain the 1/3 profile of the 12 profiles that exist in the Human Design System – the Investigating Martyr.

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1/3 Profile – Investigator Martyr

People with the 1/3 profile in their Human Design are very self-absorbed people, who lead a life of discovery. It’s a journey of discovery, that reveals through a process of trial and error what works in life – and what doesn’t.

The deepest fear of line 1 in the 1/3 profile is the fear of the unknown and unawareness. Thereby they experience a deep inner pressure to research and investigate, to be able to penetrate something deeply enough, to find a solid foundation in life – be it in work-life or private relationships.

Without this solid foundation, they are permanently insecure and don’t feel comfortable in their skin.

When someone persuades or convinces them to do or start something without them having had the required introspective and thus haven’t found a safe base for themselves, they will make unnecessary mistakes and fail, which may result in a life of insecurity, pessimism and defeating self-criticism.

The 3rd line in the 1/3 profile is the line that experiences trial and error in life to find out what works in life – and what doesn’t.

When people with the 1/3 profile follow their genetic strategy and authority and thus correctly begin new experiences in their lives as themselves, they are of enormous value for our society.

They can make great discoveries and are those who will tell – after many personal experiences and a wealth of knowledge – that has a real substance and really works in life. But only when they follow their genetic authority and strategy – because if their mind directs their life, they can be a source of great pain and confusion for their own life and that of others.

So it is significant for a 1/3 profile, that a voyage of discovery in their life is being guided by their inner genetic authority and strategy and NOT by their mind.

When their mind is whipping them through life, trying to fill the inner holes, the person with the 1/3 profile will experience deep insecurity, resignation, and lots of resistance in their life.  They will feel like a failure.

Bottom line: do your research to find a solid foundation in your life – this way you can share with others, what works in life and what doesn’t. This way, you’re providing a fundamental contribution to others not wasting their resources!

(These are general statements about this profile, precise statements and how the profile expresses itself in the life of an individual can only be made, when the profile is being considered in the general context of the particular Human Design chart. If you’d like to understand and also live your Profile and your Human Desing more deeply, click HERE! )

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Angelina Fabian

The 1/3 profile is like a synthesis of the crazy inventor „Doc Brown“ from the movies „Back to the future“, who is able to make genius discoveries through trial and error, and a scientist, who has to invest lots of time to explore something in depth in order to understand it to find a safe foundation in his life.

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