36 Channels of the Human Design Chart

36 Channels of the Human Design Chart

Human Design 36 Kanäle 36 Channels

In general, we have 36 Channels in the Human Design Chart. If you look at your Human Design Chart, you see 9 Centers that are either defined or open. When they are defined, they are colored, and when they are open, they are white.

(You can get your Free Human Design Chart here!) Between the defined Centers are 36 different channels. These Channels represent the life energy which so to speak flows through your veins. They connect your Centers with each other and define them. These Channels can be divided into 3 different frequency categories: individual, tribal, collective.

Below you can find a list of the different Channels with a short description of their quality and Design names.

 Bezeichnung der Zentren im Human Design

Bezeichnung der Zentren im Human Design

36 Channels of the Human Design Chart – Individual Channels

15 of the 36 Channels have individual quality. People with individual Channels are primarily interested in themselves and acoustically oriented. They are often freaks and cannot be labeled. It is most difficult for them to get integrated into society, into gorups and tribes, because they are lone wolves and need to spend much time alone, not influenced by the masses. They are so to speak the agents of evolution, who should bring something new, a mutation to the collective and society to ensure the survival and development of the human race.

They don’t like at all to be told what they should do, and thus they are uncontrollable and “deaf” to the influence of others. The reason for that is that they should bring fresh wind to the dusty old things, instead of perishing in the homogenized world.

Their being is accompanied by the deep melancholy that is the foundation for creativity and innovation, as long as they don’t give any reasons to this melancholy and don’t try to avoid and evade it. Melancholy is often accompanied by the feeling of not moving forward in their lives, of being stuck and that nothing moves in their life. When people with individual Channels allow themselves to share this melancholy and to accept the permanently recurring limitation, then they can access their power and bring creative and mutative empowerment to the society and the collective.

Bezeichnung des KanalsDefinierte ToreDesignbezeichnungDefinierte Zentren
The Channel of Awareness61 – 24A Design of a ThinkerHead & Ajna
The Channel of Structuring43 – 23A Design of Individuality – from Genius to FreakAjna & Throat
The Channel of Inspiration8 – 1A Design of a Creative Role ModelThroat & G
The Channel of the Beat2 – 14A Design of being a Keeper of KeysG & Sacral
The Channel of Mutation3 – 60A Design of Energy which Initiates and FluctuatesSacral & Root
The Channel of Emoting39 – 55A Design of MoodinessRoot & Solar Plexus
The Channel of Openness22 – 12A Design of a Social BeingSolar Plexus & Throat
The Channel of Struggle38 – 28A Design of StubbornnessRoot – Spleen
The Channel of Power34 – 57A Design of an ArchetypeSpleen – Sacral
The Channel of Perfected Form57 – 10A Design of SurvivalSpleen – G
The Channel of the Brainwave57 – 20A Design of Penetrating AwarenessSpleen – Throat
The Channel of Exploration34 – 10 A Design of Following One`s ConvictionsSacral – G
The Channel of Charisma34 – 20A Design where Awareness must become DeedsSacral – Throat
The Channel of Awakening20 – 10A Design of Commitment to Higher PrinciplesThroat – G
The Channel of Initiation25 – 51A Design of Needing to be FirstG – Ego

The 36 Channels of the Human Design Chart – Tribal Channels

7 of the 36 Channels have a tribal quality. People with the tribal Channels are primarily interested in their family and closest community and need a lot of physical touch and contact. The tribal Channels are the foundation of our society, through which our life gets structured and maintained. For getting a better sense of the tribal Channels, think about indigenous tribes. These are neither interested in the world. For them, it is mostly about trade, family relationships, education of children, caring with nourishment, common activities, common rituals, and religion.

For people with tribal Channels, loyalty, reliability, financial security for the survival of their clans and clear bargains are significant. Phrases like “One hand washes the other” or also “Eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth” comes from the tribal configuration of someone’s Design. People with the tribal Definition are often very caring and supportive in their nature, but they don’t do it selflessly, because their support is always connected to a condition. Clear bargains are essential for peaceful coexistence in a tribe, no matter how big or small it is. They trust you only when they can smell you in every sense.

The tribe is always suspicious to individuals and people with collective Definition, and they don’t trust them much. Understanding and acceptance of the difference provide for peaceful coexistence, because we all are dependent on each other in the end, to further develop as a human species and to survive.

Bezeichnung des KanalsDefinierte ToreDesignbezeichnungDefinierte Zentren
The Channel of Money45 – 21A Design of a MaterialistThroat – Ego
The Channel of Community40 – 37A Design of a Part seeking a WholeSolar Plexus – Ego
The Channel of Mating59 – 6A Design Focused of ReproductionSacral – Solar Plexus
The Channel of Synthesis19 – 49A Design of SensitivityRoot – Solar Plexus
The Channel of Transformation54 – 32A Design of Being DrivenRoot – Spleen
The Channel of Preservation50 – 27A Design of CustodianshipSacral – Spleen
The Channel of Surrender44 – 26A Design of a TransmitterSpleen – Ego

36 Channels of the Human Design Chart – Collective Channels

14 of the 36 Channels have a collective quality. People with collective Channels are interested in humanity as a whole and are visually oriented.

The collective channels consist of two different qualities. On the one hand, we have the logic channels that are oriented to the future, all step by step and to research, and then to share with the world scientifically. On the other hand, we have the abstract channels that look instead into the past, analyze the past experiences to share a vast treasure of life experience with the masses.

The collective is quick to share criticism, solutions, opinions, expectations, intentions, medical breakthroughs, etc. They need to wait until their perspective is invited because otherwise, the collective sharing of the experiences can be very annoying and stressful. If they wait to be asked by the other or invited to share their logic or abstract perspective because they are open for it, then this is a satisfactory, effective, and transforming experience on both sides.

Bezeichnung des KanalsDefinierte ToreDesignbezeichnungDefinierte Zentren
The Channel of Abstraction64 – 47A Design of Mental Activity mixed with ClarityHead & Ajna
The Channel of Logic63 – 4A Design of Mental Ease mixed with DoubtHead & Ajna
The Channel of Acceptance17 – 62A Design of an Organizational BeingAjna & Throat
The Channel of Curiosity11 – 56A Design of the SearcherAjna & Throat
The Channel of the Alpha31 – 7A Design of Leadership for Good or BadThroat & G
The Channel of The Prodigal33 – 13A Design of a WitnessThroat & G
The Channel of Rhythm15 – 5A Design of Being in the FlowG & Sacral
The Channel of Discovery46 – 29A Design of Succeeding where Others FailG & Sacral
The Channel of Maturation42 – 53A Design of Balanced DevelopmentSacral & Root
The Channel of Concentration9 – 52A Design of DeterminationSacral & Root
The Channel of Judgement18 – 58A Design of InsatiabilityRoot & Spleen
The Channel of Recognition30 – 41A Design of Focused Energy (Feeling)Root & Solar Plexus
The Channel of Transitoriness36 – 35A Design of a “Jack of all Trades”Solar Plexus & Throat
The Channel of the Wavelength48 – 16A Design of TalentSpleen & Throat

Most people have different kinds of definitions in their Design and often have a mix of the 36 Channels consisting of individual, tribal and collective qualities. For example, I carry all in my design. So I am a freak who doesn’t fit into any category, a person who appreciates and enjoys the correct and enriching community, and at the same time I love sharing my abstract experiences with others. Would you like to know which Channels you have in your Design? Get your Free Human Design Chart here!

Human Design System helps us first of all to understand AND respect ourselves as a human species in our uniquness. From understanding and from the resulting empathy to ourselves, we are able to better understand those around us and to respect them in their difference. Because understanding and respect are the foundation of the harmonic coexistence in the small and in the big.


Angelina Fabian

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