About LOVE… And what MATURE LOVE is …


What is MATURE Love… The mature love that transforms and mutates us and our life… ?




Real, mature love shows us where our wounds are, where we are immature, and where we have growth to do. Real love is not just a pretty face and a nice ass. It’s a soul-deep connection. But this seed of love needs nurturing like a delicate plant so it can grow into a beautiful, strong tree.

Real mature love is not about sweeping problems under the carpet, avoiding confrontation, letting issues pile up, and thus sabotaging intimacy and connection until there is only resentment and pain towards each other, destroying the bond while distracting oneself with “social-media-hotties” and starting mikro-cheating by fantasizing about them. The undealt issues under the carpet fester, leading us to seek happiness elsewhere, only to repeat the same cycle…

That is not love; that’s immature kindergarten behavior!

Real mature love will challenge you to confront your fears and shadows, not to change your core, but to change your childish behavior and heal the little boy or girl within us who was hurt, who at some point did not feel seen or loved… so they don’t pull the strings behind the curtain, causing us to behave immaturely and sabotage the love that can grow.

If we do not confront the old pain, which is a pathway in our brain and our cells, it will dictate our lives and relationships and simply repeat the old pain…

Real love supports us in growing into our full potential, is kind and patient, and doesn’t play with bullshit. Real love is about all-encompassing beauty, real talk, deep talk, and transparency. No hiding, no avoiding, no sweeping issues under the carpet, no emotional shutdown, and ignoring for weeks, hoping conflicts will somehow resolve. That’s naive, and we also don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore… and that requires bravery… There is no real love without maturity and bravery.

Real mature love is fueled by integrity and surrender. It doesn’t demand you to change, but it demands you to grow and develop skills to be a grown-ass man or woman—skills that foster deep connection and allow us to evolve beyond our petty little minds and shadow ego and murky pride. Real love is kind and compassionate but does not tolerate bullshit.

Real mature love leads to intimacy beyond some superficial orgasm that puts you to sleep, but to soul encounters that last for hours and carry you through days and your life where you can taste and see the divine in yourself and in your beloved… it envelops you with expansion and growth, surrender and ecstasy, surrender to yourself, to your beloved and life, the divine that resides in all of us, in every cell, in every aspect of your being… that’s what makes us alive…

Real love is deep surrender to one person, with heart and flesh and soul, with c… and c…, real love is deeply transformative. But only a few people want to surrender that deep and confront the pain, their own shadow, and immaturity because it requires bravery, self-respect, and love for oneself…

But oh boy, is it worth it when you start to taste the divine within you and the other… Real love demands us to grow up. I love the real, the raw, the authentic in a world full of fake and pseudo, where so much bullshit is wrapped in glitter paper…

How about you …?

Do you want to unleash your capacity to love yourself and others deeply…?

Do you want to alchemize your trauma and learn to surrender to your body intelligence, and life so that past experiences won’t dictate your life anymore?

Do you want to live according to your genetic blueprint and fulfill your potential?

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