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As cheesy as it may sound, I love being a human being, I love having a human body, I love humanness, and I love being ALIVE.

And I was suicidal 3 times in my life …

I wanted to take my life in the past, and it started when I was 12. Thanks to Gentle Trauma Release with Tapping AND Human Design, I could overcome and heal this dark pain and find joy in life again. Those two methods really saved my ass; therefore, I am so passionate about it.


Thanks to Human Design and gentle trauma release work, I started loving myself and living again and slowly but surely regained my love, lust, and hunger for life. Because life is really beautiful and life really loves us. We “just'” need to surrender.

I love working, resting, playing, and growing; I love fierceness and softness, surrender and rebellion, happiness and sadness. I love having deep soul-connected relationships that kindle my spirit and allow me to ignite theirs. Relationships that are transparent, authentic, and flavored with integrity. Where I can simply be my freaky intense badass congruent self … Show myself, my humanness, and they show me their humanness.

I love dancing and singing and twerking while I shower 😉 I love feeling alive; I hope my neighbors enjoyed my singing 😀 I am literally dancing while I am surrendered to this moment in space and time, while the love for life flows through me and manifests through these words… while I am just the vessel for this amazing life dancing in our cells.

I love eating and enjoying, but I eat super duper healthy; I put no industrial shit into my body; my body is sacred and the temple of my aliveness and awareness.

I love everything human; I am no unicorn 😉 I love being freaky, untamed and challenging the status quo that suppresses humanness and aliveness;

And I love sex. Sex is my love language, and if I really love a man, I can’t get enough. Yeah, no shame in that. Can we please get over the sexual shame put through religion and confused spirituality over us, leading to so much distorted sexuality in our world? Sex is sacred, the source of creation, and one of the most potent, transformational and healing forces on earth.

And I love to have my beautiful body. Without a body, there is no sex. And, can we also please get over the patriarchal bullshit that we women don’t want to have sex? Most of us love sex, BUT we love the good kind of sex that makes our cells dance with ecstasy and lets us see the divine while we are surrendered to our sacred human nature. Dear men, we women are like a kettle of water, and you are like the fire that we need to make our kettle boil with desire and passion.

But that requires time and a prolonged sexual dance. You need to learn, how to keep your fire burning so our kettle can start boiling with ecstasy. If your fire is extinguished in minutes, our kettle will never boil with desire, which is one reason why women withdraw sexually … I hope you get my metaphor. 😉 And keeping your fire burning is a skill that every man can learn, no magic 😉 And then your woman will be devoted to you. And, dear women, allow yourself to explore your sexuality without shame and guilt; that is just religious and societal bullshit that keeps us from our natural pleasure.

I love being authentic, genuine, and the real unconcealed me, and I love to be with people who are surrendered to their authentic selves as much as it is possible for them. It is like drinking liquid sunshine and ambrosina seasoned with deep humanness.

Don’t escape your humanness. Dive, surrender, taste, and live it and FEEL your body. But most people want to escape their bodies and chase enlightenment, wishing to ascend and be somewhere and be something instead of surrendering to our reality, limitations, and beauty here at that very moment.

Most people also want to escape their bodies and humanness because decades and generations of pain and trauma are stored in them. But our body is our best friend; if you feel pain and dark feelings inside you, don’t escape them, be gentle and kind with them and metabolize your trauma. Tapping is fantastic for that. Really the best method on planet earth. The more we escape our pain and dark feelings, the more they will chase us to come into our awareness…

We cannot integrate and transcend the darkness in our humanness if we negate it. The more we deny it, the more it will grow. That is why we live in a highly narcissistic society, full of false leaders in religion, spirituality, our government, etc. We can’t escape our darkness, but we can transform it when we face it …

And the more you surrender to your humanness, the more you feel the divine … you feel the love of life… The love in this beautifully symmetric mechanism that we are part of – this beautiful symphony of life that were are a part of that nurtures us and we nurture it back the more we surrender. Being a human is such a gift.

Allow yourself to be aware and human, surrender to your humanness’, and be gentle with your “daemons”; our “daemons” are our unresolved traumas. And they are no “daemons” but little girls and boys that experienced pain, abandonment, neglect, and the lack of love. Be gentle with those parts inside you and nurture them. Tapping is one of the best ways to metabolize this old pain within us.

And it is also HUMAN to feel hate, rage, revenge, and all those “negative” feelings. Be gentle with yourself when you feel those, and the more you love yourself with those dark aspects of your humanness, the more those parts can heal in us. And it is also human to make mistakes; welcome on planet Earth in a human body;) Mistakes are the fertile soil for growth as long as we learn from them and don’t repeat them like broken records.

Be gentle with yourself, dear human, and learn to love yourself and discover the divine humaneness within you …

And the kindest and gentle souls that I have met in my life were not those who claim to be enlightened or to be highly religious, but those who were the most surrendered to their humanness and thus were very mature, wise, gentle, deep, authentic, compassionate, genuine and joyful…

The depth of your humanness is a beautiful gift … 🙂


Angelina Fabian

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