Angelina Fabian in LA Weekly

Angelina Fabian in LA Weekly

Angelina Fabian in LA Weekly – woooop wooooop 😀

OMG, so there is an article about me and my work in the US magazine LA Weekly, founded in 1978 by an investment group that included actor Michael Douglas, L.A. Weekly is the nation’s mostly widely read alt-weekly, with well over 4 million active users visiting each month…. Me, Angelina Fabian in LA Weekly… ?!:D

I still cannot believe that there is a press release that talks about my work. Such an honor, and I am sooo grateful … Can you see me jumping up and down?! 😀

As I always say, follow your Strategy and Authority, and life supports you and delivers … 🙂

You can read below or here the original article with all the amazing people:

Angelina Fabian in LA Weekly

Top 15 Notable Entrepreneurs That Are Creating Waves in Their Respective Sectors

In a world brimming with endless possibilities and untamed imagination, a remarkable group of individuals is reshaping entire industries and redefining the very essence of success. Today, we proudly present the Top 15 outstanding entrepreneurs charting their own courses and leaving an indelible mark on their respective sectors. These visionary trailblazers embody unwavering determination and audacious ambition. Fueled by an unshakable belief in their ideas, they have embarked on extraordinary journeys toward greatness. With every step they take, they challenge the norms, push boundaries, and inspire countless others to join them on the path less traveled.From the depths of their passion and perseverance, they have built enterprises that are revolutionizing their fields. Their stories are woven with threads of resilience, taking risks, and relentless pursuit of their dreams. These remarkable individuals have faced obstacles head-on, embracing failures as stepping stones toward unparalleled success. Embark with us on a captivating exploration into the lives of these outstanding entrepreneurs who are trailblazing and making waves in their respective domains. Uncover their unwritten playbook, where innovation intertwines with determination and where the spirit of entrepreneurship knows no bounds. It’s time to witness firsthand the unstoppable force that these emerging titans of industry embody and to be inspired to unlock your potential in the pursuit of greatness. 

Angelina Fabian in LA Weekly – woooop wooooop 😀

And this was the article about me … 🙂


Angelina Fabian

Angelina Fabian is a certified Human Design Teacher, Holistic Analyst, and Rave Psychologist and has worked with the Human Design system for nearly 12 years. She uses the Human Design System technique through her websiteto help people to unleash their potential, help them gently release trauma, and guide them to live deeply fulfilled lives. So far, she has given nearly 3000 personal Human Design analyses. On her website, you can discover your unique genetic blueprint to unleash your potential for free!

Angelina uses the Human Design System created by Ra Uru Hu to assist individuals in uncovering their authentic selves, achieving inner harmony, and identifying their purpose in life. Her dedication is evident in her desire to work with diverse individuals, regardless of their backgrounds. Through her work, she instills hope and positivity in people, motivating them to achieve meaningful life transformation and empowering them to be their badass authentic selves. Her clients praise her as a talented and inspiring analyst who guides them toward an empowered life.

In addition, Angelina’s website is also available in both English and German, providing services to a broader audience. She aims to support and enable individuals to explore their true selves, seeking to realize their full capabilities. She is dedicated to guiding as many people as possible toward self-discovery and empowerment. She shares her empowering voice and wisdom also through her Instagram account.

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12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

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