Angelina Fabian in UAE Times – Trauma Alchemy & Human Design

Angelina Fabian in UAE Times – Trauma Alchemy & Human Design

Angelina Fabian in UAE Times in Dubai – Untited Arab Emirates – woooop wooooop 😀

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As you might have already heard, there was an article about me and Human Design in LA Weekly magazine, then in the International Business Times, and now in the UAE Times in Dubai. Yaaaaaay, I’m so excited 🙂 Let’s bring healing, trauma metabolism, and Human Design into the world!

Here you have an overview of all the articles, and the latest new article is further below and also translated into GERMAN!

Enjoy reading and don’t forget to follow your strategy and authority and metabolize your trauma!

Internatinal Business Times:

Disruption! This is a dream of every novice business owner as they gear up for a new venture and start putting their product out in the world. However, not all can achieve this feat in the oversaturated market. It demands a certain level of discipline, innovation and creativity. It requires a thought process that is different from the average Joe. Considering this, it is important to familiarize oneself with entrepreneurs who break away from the crowd and carve a name in their niche.

Today, we present the top 10 list of business owners who are pioneering their industries with extraordinary prowess. These individuals are not merely successful; they are disruptors, reshaping the business landscape with their innovative approaches. From management to service delivery, these names have consistently delivered on their promises and enriched the market with creativity. Through these stories, you will uncover the secret recipe that has propelled these business owners to become dominant forces in the competitive business world.

Angelina Fabian in UAE Times in Dubai – Untited Arab Emirates – woooop wooooop 😀 – ORIGINAL Englisch

Childhood is often romanticized as a time of carefree play and boundless imagination. Yet, for many, it’s also a period marked by shadows of emotional neglect and psychological abuse. 

These invisible traumas can follow into adulthood, affecting one’s psyche, relationships, and overall well-being.

Angelina Fabian, a renowned Human Design Teacher and Analyst, has dedicated her life to understanding and addressing these hidden wounds. Combining Gentle Trauma Alchemy with Tapping to release Trauma, Angelina offers hope to those grappling with the aftermath of traumas.

Childhood trauma can be different things. From being belittled to isolation from peers, emotional neglect, or physical abuse, the scars from such experiences run deep. They often manifest in adulthood as trust issues, self-doubt, avoidant or anxious attachment styles, and self-sabotage.

The aftermath of these traumas is different for everyone.

  1. Emotionally, survivors often grapple with feelings of emptiness or chronic sadness. Some may even develop mental health disorders.
  2. Cognitively, the invalidation can lead to challenges with concentration, decision-making, and even a phenomenon known as gaslighting.
  3. Socially, the inability to form stable, trusting relationships can result in a life of isolation or tumultuous connections. 
  4. Physically, chronic stress can manifest as various health issues, from sleep disorders to heart disease.

And when it comes to self-worth, many survivors are on a perpetual quest for validation, often feeling ‘unlovable’ or ‘flawed.’

Angelina’s work with the Human Design System and Trauma Alchemy has illuminated the path to recovery for many. Through her guidance, individuals have found healing and empowerment. 

The Human Design System offers a practical and mechanical science that provides insights into how individuals operate on a genetic level. 

Angelina’s expertise in this system, combined with her trauma release work using Tapping, has been instrumental in helping individuals metabolize trauma in their cells. This approach recognizes that trauma cannot simply be talked away; it resides in our bodies. By addressing it, individuals can break free from past patterns.

Having given over 3300 Human Design analyses and accompanying many in their trauma release journey, Angelina has witnessed transformations. People who felt stuck have found solace and direction through the Human Design System and Trauma Alchemy. Healing doesn’t happen overnight but individuals can find their path to happiness, purpose, and a life lived with integrity and authenticity.

While the scars of trauma, especially childhood ones, can be profound, understanding and addressing them is the first step towards healing. With compassionate experts like Angelina Fabian guiding the way, survivors can look forward to a brighter, healthier future.

For those ready to embark on this transformative journey, look into the world of Gentle Trauma-Release with Alchemy.

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