Human Design Badassery with Angelina Fabian

Are you a Generator or Projector
and want to know your Strategy and Authority

Who ist Angelina Fabian?

My name is Angelina Fabian – 41, polyglot; I have learned 8 languages, and I am a mom & freak 😉

– 12 years in my own Human Design Experiment
– 12 years of Human Design studies at IHDS, the ORIGINAL Human Design School
– I have given over 3150 personal Analyses
– Officially certified by IHDS
– Guide, Holistic Analyst, Rave Psychologist & Human Design Teacher
– I offer 14 different analyses: basic, deep, cycle, child, cross, couple, 4 transformational steps, variables, nutrition, environment, perspective, motivation, business packages, and many more to help you unleash your potential and not only know your design but really realize it – Here more info
– Over 45 000 – Free short Analyses created 
– Over 60 000 – followers via YouTube, Instagram & Newsletter Subscribers

I started my Human Design Experiment and Studies 12 years ago, and it completely changed my life! Before that, I felt sooo miserable, constantly frustratedstruggled financially, and had lots of physical ailments, was in a shitty life situation and an abusive situation-ship. I was sooo desperate, cut off from my internal wisdom, and did not know what to do … I was searching everywhere (medicine, therapy, spirituality, etc) for help. Sat with gurus and doctors, healers and therapists, trying to find something that could help me to be happy again, to feel love and whole again, to find my way in life … So much was promised but nothing really helped, and that deepened my desperation, hopelessness, and powerlessness … Until I have found Human Design and in my case also Trauma Release as I was heavily traumatized …  AND, I thank life every day that I was fortunate enough to meet the ORIGINAL Human Design System, starting my Human Design Experiment as a Manifesting Generator and was able to transform my life totally… Finally, something that really works!! 😀

Do you want to...

  • Stop conforming and having to constantly search for or reinvent yourself?
  • Instead, discover how you can unleash your brilliant, beautiful, true badass self?
  • Earn your living with more ease?
  • Learn to trust yourself more and thereby also trust life?
  • Generally be more relaxed, more in the flow, and connected with your unique genius?
  • And do you want to be lovingly, competently, and freakily supported by me?

This is your Chance!
Choose your Human Design Type!

Are you a generator or a projector according to your human design system? And do you
know the strategy and authority? And if you know, the more important question is, do you
really live according to your strategy and authority? Because the most people have just an
idea, have a cerebral idea, a cognitive idea what they are, who they are and how they're
supposed to live it on a daily basis. And in my 13 years of my human design experiment and
studying the original human design system, we have no black market bullshit here. We do
the original human design system.
I haven't met one person that after reading something on the internet about their human
design strategy and authority that they ever understood what it really means to apply it day
by day on a daily basis to live according to their human design system. And when I learned it
13 years ago with John Martin, he was one of the best, most genius and baddest teachers
there have been in the human design system. God bless his soul, wherever he might be.
I really learned what it means to live it because he was a genius to convey to people how to
live it. And that's what I want to do with you dear generators and projectors. Because most
generators and projectors are generators and projectors on paper.
Most of them try to do the manifesto game. They try to initiate, to be proactive. And then
they meet resistance, then they meet suffering and wonder why it is not working and think
human design doesn't work.
Human design system is working if you understand it correctly, if you follow the original
human design system and if you apply it in your day-by-day life because you properly
understood it. Because most generators don't get it what it means to really respond from
their sacral voice and to make those sacral voices and to base their decisions either the big
ones or the little ones either in love or relationships or in regards to their vitality what it
means to base their really on their genetic strategy and authority. And I have been teaching
this for 13 years and I've been studying the original human design for 13 years.
And the problem with projectors is yeah most of them know that they have to wait for an
invitation but the problem is the moment they get their invitation they respond like
generators. And all those years and I have done so far 3800 analyses none of them not one
was really living according their strategy and authority but most of them from the beginning
of the session the analysis started to respond like generators and to imitate those sacral
sounds. And if they get an invitation and don't understand what it means not to imitate the
sacral sounds of a generator then they are lost because then they will use the generator
strategy to accept the invitation and that doesn't work.
So it's really crucial for you projectors you are so amazing you are the most powerful
creatures otherwise on this planet but you don't live according to a strategy and authority.
Therefore I want also you projectors to invite same as the generators that the generators
start to respond from their sacral guttural archaic voices to find their truth and that the
projectors really start to become the zen masters that they really are and unleash both their
potentials. Therefore my dears after 13 years in my experiment and 13 years of
experiencing working with people in my classes and courses and individually I created this

amazing badass empowerment series to empower the generators and to empower the
projectors to live to their fullest potential.
And the key to that is your strategy and authority and it doesn't help if you just have a
mental concept. So through this empowerment series I want to help you really live it. So are
you curious and do you really want to live according your design? Because if you really start
your generator and projector to live according to your design to your strategy and authority
then you will fulfill mechanically automatically the potential of every gate in every line in
every planet in every channel and the quantum the synthesis of it through your strategy and
And you might not know what this gate or line or planet means but you will still live it
because it's about genetic mechanics. And I want through this empowerment series help
you to live your mechanics. Curious? Then click on the link below and allow me to inspire
you and empower you.
See you inside!

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