Channel 23/43 in Human Design – Highway of Brilliance!

Channel 23/43 in Human Design – Highway of Brilliance!


Channel 23/43 in Human Design: Genius to Eccentric, Breakthroughs & Insights, Innovative Pearls of Wisdom Light Years Ahead.

The magical Channel 23/43 in the Human Design System – a Highway of Genius!

Ahoy, adventurers of the self! 😉 Today, you embark on a fascinating journey through the Channel 23/43 of the Human Design System. Confused? Impressed? A bit of both? No problem. Grab your metaphorical helmet because it’s going to be a wild ride. 😉

What is the Human Design System?

The Human Design System combines aspects of spiritual and scientific concepts, creating a quantum that is more than the sum of its parts. It shows us how we energetically interact with the world. It provides answers to questions about our true nature and how we discover our life purpose and destiny.

(And here’s an overview of ALL Channels!)

Now, onto the Channel 23/43 – The Highway of your Inner Voice, Inspiration, Insight, and Breakthroughs.

The Channel 23/43 is like a secret passage within you, drawing wisdom from the ether, giving you innovative ideas and perspectives that are light-years ahead. If you have this channel in your design, you possess a mutative connection between your Ajna Center (Center of Mind) and your Throat Center (Communication). But what does that exactly mean?

Key points:

  • Connection from Ajna to Throat: Ability to articulate freaky and unprecedented concepts and ideas, as it’s an individual channel and only the individual brings innovation and shakes up the collective.
  • Individuality: A channel of uniqueness – that makes you an original, baby! So, don’t be a copy, but your individual masterpiece.
  • Genius and Misunderstandings: Often perceived as a genius, but also often misunderstood.

Channel 23/43: The Structured Thinker

The Channel 23/43 connects the Ajna Center, which represents our cognitive processes and our way of thinking, with the Throat Center, the center of our communication.

What this channel signifies:

  • Depth: Individuals with this channel often engage in deep, introspective thought processes. They are thinkers who regularly retreat into their inner world to find answers to complex questions.
  • Communication: After reflection comes communication, WHEN invited according to Strategy and Authority. The Throat Center ensures that these profound insights are articulated AND that people can generate deep insights. However, this can sometimes pose challenges. As clear and structured as the thoughts may be internally, they must also be made understandable to others; otherwise, it may come across as confusing gibberish.
  • Uniqueness: This connection fosters originality and uniqueness. It is often associated with individual forms of expression, new ideas, and innovations.

The Value of Introspection

The Channel 23/43 is not only a connection from thinking to speaking but also an invitation to introspection. Here are some ways in which this introspective process can be utilized:

  • Meditation: Meditation can help clarify thoughts, allowing the inner chatter to settle and insights and mental clarity to emerge. Meditation can simply be allowing yourself to retreat and let your colorful and unique thoughts flow freely, without attempting to quiet the mind, but instead allowing it to play and think, ultimately leading to deep realizations. Allow thinking without trying to control or force it, or even attempting to switch it off.
  • Journaling: Writing can be an excellent method for organizing and structuring thoughts.

The Genius and the Eccentricity of Channel 23/43

If you have this channel in your chart, information and ideas flow through you more easily. But be careful: this can be both a blessing and a curse. Just as often as you impress with your brilliant ideas, you can also raise eyebrows. Therefore, it’s crucial in your individual thinking process to take your time, to let the penny drop within you, and to deeply understand something before sharing it with others. AND, to share your innovative knowledge, to feel like you’re from a different planet, which is why it’s so freaky as it doesn’t fit into any existing thought-box, it’s important to wait for the correct invitation so that your audience is open to you and your genius. Otherwise, you’ll encounter a lot of deaf ears and rejection…

Advice for Channel 23/43:

  • Patience is key. If you feel like nobody understands you, take a deep breath and check if you were even invited to share your brilliant perspective. Otherwise, nobody will understand your genius, and you’ll be rejected in a negative way as a freak.
  • Wait for the right stage. Not everyone will be ready for your unique ideas. Wait for the right platform to shine, and the right platform where your positive, quirky pearls of wisdom are devoured and appreciated will come by following your Strategy and Authority.
  • Embrace the freakiness. Yes, sometimes you’re the quirky unicorn in a herd of ordinary horses. But isn’t that the beauty of it? And the more you follow your Strategy and Authority, the more you’ll find like-minded freaks who devour your light-years-ahead ideas, potentially forever changing their perspective on life, resolving a dilemma, and generating breakthroughs in their lives.


The Channel 23/43 in the Human Design System is a wonderful blend of genius and freakiness, adding a beautiful mutative flavor to life and preventing us from rusting and stagnating collectively.

So, dear reader of Channel 23/43, celebrate your uniqueness, unleash it, allow it, enjoy it, embrace your inner voice, and always remember: In a world full of copies, be the original, because it will bring immense fulfillment to your life.

Learned something new, didn’t you? Until next time, you adventurer of mysticism! 😉

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Much joy and expansion of your horizon with the inspiration and empowerment bombs! 😉

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