Discover Your Own Genetic Laws in Jupiter
Laws are familiar to ALL of us in one way or another! We like certain ones, and others get on our nerves. Some make sense, and some bypass the meaning of life entirely?
But did you know that beyond these societal laws YOU HAVE YOUR OWN INNER GENETIC LAWS?
Well, me neither! Until I discovered them in my own Human Design chart and it totally knocked off my feet!

Human Design System genetic laws

Our own laws in Jupiter, as well as the values in Venus, help us to stay on OUR unique path rooted in our strength.
And they help us, to live OUR truth in this often confusing world! They help us to make decisions in harmony with our strategy and authority that in turn align us with our purpose and in the end, our happiness. So we are more satisfied, successful, peaceful and life doesn’t drown in the monotony of the conditioned world, but is full of positive and lively surprises!
Human Design System genetic laws And when we disrespect our genetic laws in Jupiter, because we’re not in contact with our strategy and authority, or because we follow the tempting pull of our open centers, or if we’re very traumatized or have lost the access to our essence, we then get “punished,” so to speak. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?! And for some of you, it may sound completely ridiculous, that anything like this even exists or might even have an effect on you! Because we know everything, right?! And we got it all under control – always, don’t we?! Especially our frightened and manipulative mind, that doesn’t only manipulate others out of fear, but mostly ourselves, and that brings us so often into situations that are so painful and nerve wrecking and that we so often regret!
But when the moon has such a powerful influence on our planet, as the sun has too, well then it is only totally logical that other planets also influence us? Maybe we’re in resonance with these planets, and these are representatives of certain archetypes and simultaneously of certain qualities in us.
Human Design System genetic laws
About three months before your birth, your unconscious laws are determined by Jupiter, and at the time of your birth, your conscious laws are being „imprinted“ into your flesh and blood. Of course, you’re not just being imprinted by Jupiter, but also by other planets! You are so to speak a 3-D-print of creation and don’t just combine the genes of your parents and ancestors, but also the powers of the universe! Have you ever been aware of this fact ore? Have you ever pondered this more deeply!? Isn’t that absolutely fascinating? We are so unique and beautiful! We just aren’t aware of it usually…
Human Design System genetic laws And there is no “mean intention” in that sense in Saturn to punish us, but there are just specific natural outer and inner laws in life, and when we disregard them, it hurts, and we learn this way. Take something straightforward, you put your hand in the fire, it’s hot, and you burn yourself! So you learn from that to not put your paws into fire anymore. Very easy. It’s the same with Saturn! You have your own genetic values in Venus and your laws in Jupiter, and when you don’t follow them, you burn yourself in life, and it hurts! So hopefully you learn from it! well, mostly we don’t learn from it, because nobody told us in life: „Child, these are your values and laws, and when you respect them, you’ll spare yourself lots of unnecessary pain and stay in alignment with your truth and your unique and powerful life path.“
Human Design System genetic laws Well, the amazing part is, that Human Design explains our laws in Jupiter very simply and practically, so we can learn to respect them!
And when you want to find out your own genetic laws and also want to discover, how life kicks you in the butt, if you don’t follow them, we can have a look together at them in your in-depth personal analysis! The prerequisite is that you have had a basic analysis with an HDS analyst, be it with me or someone else, and you’ve had some time to experiment with your design.
You can’t put the cart before the horse, and when you immediately run to your genetic laws and attempt to understand and live them, you will fail, and it will be very mental, instead of unfolding naturally from your body intelligence! The foundation for all your potential and dispositions in your design is your strategy and authority, and when you live these two, your potential and your individual strength and beauty unfolds like a perfect symphony!
Here you can get to your in-depth personal analysis! – Click here, and you find the info right at the bottom of the next page!
And if you have any questions, then just contact me here: info(at) – that is y main email!
Angelina Fabian
Ra Uru Hu - Human Design System

JUPITER: Law & Protection & Expansion

Jupiter represents our own personal laws. Wherever Jupiter is in your chart, this is the law that you must obey in your life. When you live out your law, you are going to feel correct. When you honor a law, in the end you get your reward. Jupiter is where you get your reward if you honor your law. Jupiter is the great lawgiver. Jupiter is Moses carving the word into stone. It is Jupiter that is the king of kings and lays down the law. It is the great lawgiver.

Jupiter is a binary. It can bullshit you into hell or it can make you enormously rich in spirit and material. It is a double-edged sword and that sword is whether you honor your law. The gates where you have Jupiter, you can see the heart of your law. To honor your law is about being yourself. If you are following your strategy, the truth of your law emerges.

Cycles of Saturn impact on our inner development, while cycles of Jupiter define our outer development, our relationship with others, and our relationship to the whole.

Venus establishes the values that Jupiter will turn into law. The values of a 12-year old are obviously different than the values of a 24-year old. Each Jupiter cycle brings such changes. The fluid values of Venus, which are based on aesthetics, are hammered into stone with each new Jupiter cycle. This is not the abruptness of a revolution, but a naturally evolving transformation. Whenever Jupiter in transit creates a definition in your chart, it is a time of potential transformation and the beginning of a new process. This is particularly significant when the Jupiter activation is linking a split definition or connecting a Projector or Reflector to either the Sacral or the Throat.

Ra Uru Hu
Begründer des Human Design System

FREE BRIEF ANALYSIS of your personal chart!

1. GRAPH of your own Human Design Chart
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3. brief analysis of your genetic AUTHORITY
4. your personal PROFILE = costume of incarnation
5. your shadow = your “kryptonite”; thus your stumbling block in the chart & in life= OPEN CENTERS!
6. overview of your VARIABLES
7. DETERMINATION= genetic nutrition
8. COGNITION = Your super sense
9. ENVIRONMENT= Perfect place that nurtures you
10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

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