Dumbing down, distortion and abuse of the Human Design System

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Dumbing down, distortion and abuse of the Human Design System

I have been in my HD experiment for 12 years now and I have been studying the HD for 12 years. I also study the ORIGINAL Human Design according to Ra Uru Hu. What I have observed the last few years is the increased dumbing down, watering down and misuse of Human Design. People who have read a book or taken a crash course pose as experts, are not really in their experiment nor have they grasped the fundamentals, but propagate expertise. People who have never had an education educate …?! Based on what expertise?! It is as if I would educate professional football players just because I once read a book about soccer or played a soccer game. Would I then be an expert on professional soccer? How good would those soccer players be that I would train?! You can guess the answer.

Excellence, wisdom, expertise and mastery are not learned in a crash course. Would we go to a lawyer, healer, etc. who have done a crash course of a few weeks or a few months? Probably not. Why? It is obvious, because they would have little idea of their subject. It takes an electrician 3 years to master his craft and we wouldn’t let an electrician into our house to get electrocuted because he didn’t master his craft. That’s why it takes years to master a craft. There is a perception in the “black-market-pop-fast-food-human-design-scene” that you can understand such a highly complex system as human design in a few weeks or even months. Yes, you may have understood a few details, if they were taught correctly, but you are far from being an expert.

The consequence is that so many claim to offer Human Design, but there is not much Human Design in it. And, if there is Human Design in it, it is mixed with misinformation. False information, aka manipulation and confusion, leads to false SELF-image and thus false decisions. And HD novices often don’t know that not everywhere Human Design is written on it, Human Design is in it. Since they don’t know, they don’t have a CHOICE in their DECISION! It’s as if a jar claims that there is honey in it, but has glucose water with toxic chemicals in it. This is not the same, honey heals and glucose water does not. 

In my analyses, people come to me who have read some misinformation from so-called experts and then they say they’ve either been told they have to do something or not do something because of their design. That is mindfuck. That’s remote control again. That’s bullshit and that has nothing to do with Human Design. You’re supposed to become your own authority. That is Original HD. Empowering your own authority. What the black-market-pop-scene is doing is watering down Human Design, changing it and making it up, and adding to it what is not true. A big aspect of Human Design is genetics, and you can’t add to that. You can’t suddenly grow a third arm just because someone says so. The consequence is that the person who gets this wrong information then has a wrong picture about himself and makes wrong decisions based on it. 

This week I had several clients who got wrong info about themselves somewhere from the black-market-pop-scene AND based on that now thought that they are not allowed to do this and that as a profession because it doesn’t suit their design. What a mindfuck they were fed. No one out there gets to determine what you do as a profession. Nobody out there is your authority. You have your own authority and you can use that with your strategy to discover the correct partner jobs etc is for you. THIS IS NOT SAID IN YOUR DESIGN! There is now manipulation and confusion with misinformation in the name of HD, but that has nothing to do with HD, it has to do with pseudo experts who have no idea. As if we don’t have enough misinformation and manipulation in the world already. How dangerous is misinformation for us AND our children. 


You also have your genetic strategy and authority and that is the most important thing in your design that helps you to differentiate what is correct for you when the mind does not intervene and how you make decisions and what is the correct job etc. for you. No one out there, knows that for you. So don’t let yourself be manipulated and experiment more and more with your S&A, so that you are less and less influenceable and remote controllable from the outside.

And to master a craft, it takes TIME, dedication, love, experience, respect for the knowledge/craft and practice practice practice …. and not crash courses and pseudo-master classes from so-called masters, who have little masterful content but much confusion to deliver. That’s why it takes about 3 1/2 years to become a HD Analyst, and then people are not only trained in HD, learn the mutative art of keynoting, and in addition are themselves in their experiment. That is the breeding ground for mastery!


Angelina Fabian

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