From Anxiety and Panic Attacks to Renewed Joy in Life – Tapping/EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques


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Trauma-Alchemy Sessions: 

1 Trauma Session – 350,- USD – Lenght max 90 min – to order send me a message to info(at)

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7 Trauma Sessions – 2380,- USD – to order send me a message to info(at)

Are you suffering from anxiety and panic attacks? Perhaps for years? Have you tried many things to overcome anxiety and panic attacks, but nothing had a truly lasting effect? I was in a very similar situation for a long time, and on my path to healing, I actually found something that can alleviate and eventually resolve anxiety and panic attacks. You don’t have to live your whole life as if in an invisible prison, with walls made of tormenting anxiety and panic attacks. These invisible walls and the associated torture can indeed be alleviated and, over time, dissolved. And I know this not only from my own experience but also from working with my clients.In the following video, I share not just my own success story, but also that of a client of mine who was able to make a quantum leap in just four sessions with me. She truly managed to find more joy in life after years of anxiety and panic attacks. In the video, I explain why anxiety and panic attacks are just a symptom and why it brings little success to only ‘doctor’ the symptom. Additionally, I provide practical assistance for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. But see for yourself and watch the video here:
Do you want to learn and utilize the simple yet brilliant Tapping method to sustainably dissolve your old pain and trauma? Are you interested in understanding how and why old traumas can immensely hinder and burden your life without your awareness? Are you ready to lovingly release the shackles of old traumas? Would you like to improve both your relationships and your professional situation?
This is the experience of a client who came to me after suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for years. She feared choking, experienced tightness in her chest and throat, making eating a torment for her. Her life was severely limited; she could barely leave the house alone, go to school, or engage in sports activities. Yet, after just four Tapping sessions with me, here is the impressive result: Before I knew Angelina’s coaching method, I had been to numerous therapists and doctors. For over two years, I tried inpatient and outpatient talk therapy, body therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques. But the successes, if any, were short-lived. I felt that the various therapies were making me feel worse. I dropped out of school, withdrew more and more, and felt incapable of anything. Even simple things like shopping or spending time with a friend were huge challenges for me. Then I met Angelina by chance. I briefly told her about my problems, and she suggested conducting a Tapping session over Skype. Right after the first session, I felt a difference when saying goodbye. It felt like someone had lifted a heavy burden off me, and I began to hope that I wouldn’t have to live the rest of my life this way. The very next day, I spent several hours with a friend and started tapping several times a week with the video Angelina had sent me. I was getting progressively better and began to work a few times a week in a part-time job. After three more Skype sessions and subsequent ‘tapping work’ with the videos alone, so many things have become possible for me again. I’m catching up on my high school diploma, working, driving, traveling alone by train, and much more – things I hadn’t been able to do for months; and this, although I now only tap with the videos very rarely.

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