Generator and Manifesting Generator – the 4th Type in the Human Design System

Which frequency dominates your life, dear Generator AND Manifesting Generator?

Dear Generator AND Manifesting Generator,

May I ask you a simple question today?

What frequency dominates your life ?

Is it the frequency of deep satisfaction and fulfillment or deep frustration and listlessness?

Do you get up in the morning and feel full of energy and desire, for the things that lie ahead?

For your life?

For your work?

Or do you wake up in the morning and wish the day would be over long ago and ask yourself when the weekend will finally be?

Generator und Manifesting Generator

What is the cause of this frustration in our society and in our personal lives?!

The answer is essentially very simple.

Generator und Manifestierender GeneratorWe are conditioned by society to make our decisions from the limitations of the mind and not from the wisdom and intelligence of our body!

Generator und Manifestierender Generator

We negate our body intelligence and constantly initiate from our mind. And this creates a lot of frustration and resistance in our lives, and you probably know this too, because otherwise you wouldn’t be watching this video.

Scientific studies show that our mind is capable of perceiving and processing only about 40 external stimuli per second.

Our subconscious, on the other hand, is able to perceive and process 20 million external stimuli per second. 20 million…

Who has now a wider perspective and a higher intelligence?!

Generator und Manifestierender Generator

The immense intelligence of our body also reveals itself every moment in the fact that our body consists of about 50 million cells, and these are able to organize themselves wonderfully among themselves. Like now in this moment. Your blood circulation, your breathing, and your cellular metabolism function out of their inherent intelligence without your intervention. Thank God. Because if our minds were responsible for the immense coordination, there would be no human life on this planet.

But our mind still sits on its throne and tries to whip us through life from up there. In important decisions like what we study, what our job is, where we live, who our partner is and that from this immense limitation.

Are you able to see the absurdity and the pre-programmed failure of this endeavor?!


What is the solution to this frustration that rules our world, dear Generator and Manifesting Generator?


I would like to explain the solution to this deep frustration from the perspective of human design. This is so simple, and no one teaches us this. On the contrary, from an early age, we are trained away from this simple solution and are conditioned to live from the head.

What is the Human Design System?!

The Human Design System is a synthesis of old sciences and new sciences. And this synthesis creates a quantum.
A quantum that shows us, humans, how to make decisions in our lives based on our body intelligence that leads to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Because, as we all know, our life is the result of our choices.

The 4th type in the Human Design System: Generator and Manifesting Generator

4 verschiedene genetische Auratypen

From the Human Design perspective there are 4 different genetic aura types. They all live in a different frequency field and also send a different kind of frequency into the world! And no, there are NOT 5 types, as so often somewhere is claimed. We are doing the ORIGINAL Human Design here, so not the dumbed down or watered down or “simplified”(=dumbed down) version of Human Design, but the Real Deal 😉

In this article the main focus is directed to the Generator and Manifesting Generator – because these are the people who feel this deep deep frustration in their guts and they have an IDENTICAL aura and IDENTICAL strategy. No, dear Manifesting Generator, you are superior to the Pure Generator, even better than him and what is the difference between the Pure Generator and the Manifesting Generator I explain HERE!

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Generator and Manifesting Generator

And if you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, you will find this red box defined in your Human Design Chart. Generators make up 68% of the world’s population. 68%! And most Generators are frustrated. We live on a planet dominated by frustration. Look out into the world. How many happy faces do you see there? And how many frustrated, annoyed and tense faces do you see?! What about your face?! 😉

Yet the (Manifesting) Generator has such enormous potential and would be able to create paradise here on earth if only it would start listening to its sacral body wisdom, this red intelligence center.

If you are a (Manifesting) Generator, then your beauty is that you are permanently drawing life to you. All the time. Everything you need. You are here to experience deep satisfaction in your life, your job and your relationships. And since your aura frequency, thanks to this sacral body intelligence, acts like a huge magnet, you can’t miss anything that belongs in your life and can give you deep satisfaction. And the only one who thinks you might miss something is your conditioned mind. Our mind thinks it has a better life if it is constantly initiating and making mental choices. But if that were the truth, we’d all be happy by now. Instead, we live in a world of frustration.


We are driven by our mind to have and get what we think we want and this leads to us experiencing all kinds of frustration and degeneration instead of experiencing deep satisfaction in our lives and regeneration. As long as we listen to our mind, which whips our body around like a slave driver to get what it thinks it wants, we are deeply frustrated. Because when we listen to the mind, it takes us off our path, out of our frequency, and instead of spending our lives with the right people and activities, we feel frustration because we so often make choices that only end up frustrating us.

Generator und Manifestierender Generator

How many times have you made a mental decision and regretted it and experienced a lot of frustration?

How many people do you know who made a mental decision and then didn’t get out of it so quickly and are totally frustrated and unhappy with their decision? Be it professional or personal? That’s simply because they decide something out of their head. Our mind is never satisfied and it always wants something. Always, what it does not have and the biggest joke is that as soon as it has it, it is again dissatisfied and wants something else again. A perpetuum mibile of madness.

Our body intelligence in us (Manifesting) Generators helps us to get in touch with our truth so that we can live a life that satisfies and fulfills us. It does not mean that everything is always peace and joy, but it is correct for us to have our life energy, the only resource we have and we should not exploit it.


Generator und Manifestierender Generator

Solution … ?

The key to a full and satisfied life for us (Manifesting) Generators, I am one too and I am well acquainted with both frustration and deep satisfaction, is our genetic strategy rooted in the wisdom of our body.

That is, instead of us as Generators making decisions IN THE HEAD, we make them OUT OF THE SACRAL. If you don’t know if you are a Generators , get your free chart here – click HERE. And even if you already know, you will be surprised by our analysis 😉

The Generator’s strategy is: wait to respond to life.



But that’s already where it starts to get hard. We all do NOT want to wait, because we all want to decide from our heads and ride ourselves into even more frustration, don’t we ?! 😉

To get in touch with your body intelligence and truth as a Generator and Manifesting Generator, it is important that you start to follow your natural genetic strategy in life.

However, it is not a mental strategy with which we try to solve or achieve something on the mental level.


It is the strategy of your body wisdom, it is a body mechanic to rediscover, or cultivate. Your strategy is the key to yourself and your unique life. The key to your unique potential. The key to being in the right place with the right people and doing work that satisfies you. The key to deep satisfaction in life.

Respond with your body and don’t initiate with your mind. And I know that’s much easier said than done because we’re all used to living from here. We are raised by society to live in our heads. And are raised away from living from our gut from a young age. We become slaves to our minds and that leads to a lot of frustration.

And it takes time to practice this answer and to trust this answer.

That’s ok; take the time and experiment with it playfully!

And maybe your mind may now think: what does it mean to respond to life with my body?

Your sacral center has a real belly voice and it is quite simple and somewhat archaic. What is the belly voice? Imagine your loaf and stomach food being served to you.

How does your body react?

What sounds do you make at that moment?

Hmmm … something like that, isn’t it?! 😉

auchstimme und die ist ziemlich simpel und etwas archaisch

Now imagine being served a bowl of raw broccoli.

What is your first reaction?

Unuh. Something like that, isn’t it? 😉

Or you have good sex. How does your body react and what sounds do you make? 😉

I won’t imitate these sounds here, but they are similar to the reaction of your favorite food. 😉

What I want to point out is that our body immediately responds with sacral sounds to the food or to good sex. And it shows us very clearly whether we like or dislike something. Whether something is correct for us or not.

And this responding from the body happens not only with food or with sex, but in every area of life. And the more the intelligence of our body takes over again, instead of the mind trying to rule over us, the more we experience satisfaction in our lives as Generators, instead of permanent frustration!


And the reason we get access to our truth only through the sacral sounds is because they come directly from the body intelligence and have not yet passed through our mental filter, which always has an agenda. Because when we verbalize our response, the mind already has a myriad of reasons why it absolutely wants to do something or not do something. What it absolutely wants to do for fear of missing out on something and because it believes that then that one thing will finally make it happy. But if the mind were so good at knowing what is good for us and what is not, then we would all be happy. But look out into the world, the opposite is the case.

Generator und lieber Manifestierender Generator

But the moment you allow yourself to respond with these sacral sounds, you experience the immediate response of your body wisdom, which has not yet been censored by the mind.

It is really important to understand the depth of this simple answer. Because life itself answers through you in your genetic uniqueness, through your sacral sounds.

And it means that life itself supports something when our sacral responds with an “ahunh”. Or it just doesn’t support it when it responds with an “unuh”.

And the thing is that if we don’t respect that response from our body and override it, then we suffer. We deplete our sacral life energy more and more until we have no energy left for anything. And we force ourselves through the day and through our lives and through our relationships. We get frustrated and we send this frequency out into the world. It’s like you pollute your own habitat with this frustration until it barely has any life in it. This is the high price we pay when we don’t live our inner strategy as Generators and Manifesting Generators.


mehr Energie und jeder Menge Befriedigung im Körper However, if you, dear Generator and Manifesting Generator, respect your inner body strategy, then life itself will give you even more energy and a lot of satisfaction in your body and I know this from my own experience. You are healthier, you regenerate and you are happier with yourself and with your life.

Generator und lieber Manifestierender Generator

That means the next time you have a decision to make or someone asks you a simple yes/no question, try this:

Instead of going into your head as usual and making a mental decision from there, let your body answer.

Let’s say someone asks you something simple. Would you like a cup of coffee?

What would be your answer as a generator at that moment. Would you like a cup of coffee?!

And when you answer from your body, your answer is an expression of the availability of your life energy at that moment. And as a pure non-emotional Generator and Manifesting Generator, your sacral answer is also your truth and you live from answer to answer.

There are also emotional Generators, like me, and we take a little longer to make a decision for ourselves. The sacral answer is not our achlussendliche authority, but a snapshot.

And the beauty is, you have a permanent answer in your body. You may not be aware of it because we have been conditioned to listen to our mind instead of the wisdom of our body. Your body is constantly responding and reacting to everything you see and hear and feel and it is guiding you. It shows you what is correct for you in your uniqueness in your life.

And another practical aspect of living your type, in this case Generator and its body strategy, is that you get protection. So many people, especially the very sensitive ones, ask me in our sessions, what can I do to protect myself. They ask that because they are aware that they can feel other people in their energy system quite strongly. That can feel very pleasant or terribly uncomfortable.

Generator und lieber Manifestierender Generator

The auric field of the Generator and Manifesting Generator is very open and sensitive. Because of this, it can be very vulnerable. It is like an embrace. It embraces everything that is near it. But just as in everyday life we don’t want to embrace all people, but only the right people, we don’t want to embrace false conditioning and frequencies in our auric field.

And when you follow your Strategy and Authority, it protects you from the wrong people that your head may want, but that are not right for your life energy. It protects you from the wrong places, the wrong jobs, the wrong influence, the wrong conditioning. It protects you from the wrong concepts and ideas about life so that they don’t lead you off your unique path in life.

Following your strategy of responding to life from the body brings you into alignment with your truth and purpose in life, which you cannot know here.

Generator und lieber Manifestierender Generator

And as a Generator and Manifesting Generator, you have 2 road signs on your life’s path, so to speak. Deep frustration or deep satisfaction. If you feel frustration in your body, then you know that you do not respect your unique life energy, but live from your head, which always wants what you do not have, and when it has the much desired, then it wants something else again. Eternal cycle fed by mental limitation, which ends in a lot of frustration.

If you feel deep satisfaction in your body, then you know you are on the right path and you respect yourself.

And if you are trapped in mental dialogues and monologues, remember, this is not the wisdom of your body. It’s broken records that have created frustration in your life enough times and have hardly brought any satisfactory resolution in your life. Shift gears, drop this story of your mind, take a deep breath and feel your body. This is your home and only with its wisdom and help will you find deep satisfaction.


And the key to deep satisfaction in life is devotion.

And the only one struggling with it is your mind. But it’s like an orgasm, when you’re trapped in your head and tense, it’s not very satisfying. But if you surrender to your body and let go, then you experience a physical and emotional epiphany.

The same is true for your life. The moment you surrender to your body and to the intelligence of its response, it leads you step by step to more satisfaction and more energy and to your purpose. Then you don’t have to run to any gurus or experts to find out what your purpose is in this life, but you start to live it. From answer to answer to answer.

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Thank you for your time and attention!

And see you soon!

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