GENERATOR Empowerment – ORIGINAL Human Design System

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GENERATOR Empowerment – ORIGINAL Human Design System

Every correct Generator can transform its environment through its frequency … Read that again: Every correct Generator can transform its environment through its frequency. Why? Because the sacral generates life itself and is the most powerful motor in the chart and our body. It creates life or destroys life. It regenerates and degenerates. And it has that effect not only on the individual that has this defined sacral but through its aura and frequency field has an impact on its surroundings.

Imagine someone asking a Generator living according to its Strategy and Authority: do you want to go to war?

Which sacral that is correct would do that? None. We would have no war, less and less pollution, less and less abuse in every part of life on this planet … I am deeply transpersonal in my Design, I am a 5/1 Profile. I look into this world that is full of mind fuck and distortion and see how magical life is when we are correct and how fucked up life can be looking at our species if we don’t.

It might sound cheesy, but we are helping not only ourselves as individuals by surrendering to our S&A, we also help the relationships, the families, the communities, and in the end the human race AND our beautiful planet. People treat Earth like shit because they treat themselves and each other like shit. If we stop hurting ourselves, we stop hurting the earth.

And the first step towards that is surrendering to our Strategy and Authority AND NOT LISTENING TO OUT COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY TRAUMATIZED MINDS. So much suffering is inflicted upon ourselves and our species by its own mind. If left unchecked, it is going to destroy ourselves, and our planet, and if you think that I am exaggerating, well, then look into the world. The Mind became the master of people’s lives and the world. It became too powerful.

But the mind is not supposed to be our Master but our servant. In that place, as a servant, the Mind can inspire, learn, teach, share, mutate, be a magnificent Outer Authority, etc. Thus it is important in your experiment as a Generator AND of course, as any other type, TO WATCH the MIND, to less and less identify with it, and drop the story that it tells us to seduce us to initiate. WAIT and respond to life, dear Generator. And you will create bliss in your life and on this beautiful planet .

The sacral response is the opposite of trying to make things happen of what our mind thinks that it wants.


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6. overview of your VARIABLES
7. DETERMINATION= genetic nutrition
8. COGNITION = Your super sense
9. ENVIRONMENT= Perfect place that nurtures you
10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

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