Generator – Which Frequency dominates your life? Frustration or Satisfaction?

May I ask you a question?
Which frequency dominates your life?
Or a feeling of deeeeeep efing satisfaction and being alive and regenerated?
Do you wake up in the morning and feel alive, full of energy and enjoyment of what lies before you?
Looking forward to doing your work and living your life?
Or do you wake up in the morning and are already annoyed and fed up and you can’t wait for the day and the week to be over?

Human Design Generator

What is the cause of all this frustration in your society and our personal life?
Well, the answer is actually quite simple.
We are conditioned in your society to make decisions from the limitation of your mind and not based on your unique body wisdom and intelligence.
We are disconnected from your body’s intelligence, initiate permanently from the mind and THAT creates a lot of Frustration and resistance in our life.
Scientific studies show that our mind is only capable to process 40 outer stimuli per second. whereas our subconscious is able to process 20 Million out stimuli per second!
Well, who is smarter and has more access to higher and wider intelligence in life?
But our mind still sits in his throne and tries to whip us through life. It wants to decide for us, what we study, what we do for a living, where we live, and who is part of our life. Nad the mind does that fro the freaking limited perspective.
Are you able to see how absurd that is and how it leads to programmed failure?
But what is the solution for all this frustration that dominates ur world?
Well, watch the video and find out! 🙂
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Angelina Fabian

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