Gentle Trauma-Alchemy mit Tapping – FREE E-Book

Gentle Trauma Alchemy with Tapping to metabolize Trauma and transform your life!

Gentle Trauma Alchemy with Tapping is one of the most gentle methods to release emotional pain and metabolize trauma, and it helped me to mutate and transform my life and also thousands of my dear clients!

Discover in the following Free Trauma-Alchemy Release E-Book, which is dear to my heart, the simple method that has helped my clients and me to truly heal our emotional pain and traumas, lovingly and persistently!

Because it is REALLY possible to dissolve the chains of past traumas and emotional pain, gradually and persistently, and to transform our LIVES! Enter your data here and I will send to your mailbox your Free Trauma-Alchemy Release E-Book so that you can learn with my guidance the simple method that can also help you to gently release YOUR trauma and old emotional pain that keep you trapped in life and dictate unconsciously your reality!
What is the content of the Free Trauma Alchemy Release E-Book?

What is the content of the Free Trauma Alchemy Release E-Book?

What is the content of the Free Trauma Alchemy Release E-Book?

01. Discover how this simple method presented in the e-book has helped me to lovingly and gently heal the trauma of my past (physical and emotional violence, sexual abuse and rape) and all the emotional pain connected with it! 02. Discover which positive experiences my clients had through the trauma release work that we did together and how the healing of the trauma has gradually improved and empowered their lives! 03. Discover the devastating consequences that the unresolved trauma and emotional past pain create in our lives – here you see an excerpt from my e-book:
04. Discover the life-changing effects that we experience when we are able to slowly but surely release old trauma and burdening pain from our system in a loving and gentle way, instead of running away from pain and suppressing our trauma!

05. Discover what causes trauma, how it gets created and how our old past trauma and old past emotional pain keep us struck after years and even decades in a state of fight, flight and freeze! AND find out why this state creates even more pain in your life AND dictates subconsciously our life!

06. Learn with my guidance the simple method that can help you to release your trauma, too! 07. Discover WHY we so often sabotage our happiness and success in life and how we can break this vicious cycle of self-sabotage that is, in the end, one form of self-harm! 08. AND through that FREE – E-Book, you’ll gain access to a video where I reveal the main ingredient for success in ALL areas of life and who plays a significant role in that regards! 09. And of course much much more! 

Do you want that, too? Well, then get my Free Trauma-Alchemy Release E-Book here and now!

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