Human Design Environment – Don’t be a polar bear in the desert ;)

Human Design Environment in Chart – Discover your correct Human Design Environment so that you are more supported by life, your individuality can blossom and you are not a polar bear in the desert 😉

When you see the Human Design Chart, it sometimes looks like a hieroglyph 😀 and you don’t even know what to do with it, let alone what it all means. HERE is an explanation of the BASIC aspects and the DEEP aspects in a design. You’ll need popcorn on that one, because it’s a very long article.

This article specifically goes into the ENVIRONMENT in the Human Design Chart!

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Have fun with the Human Design Chart – DEEP view!

Erklärung Human Design Chart - TIEFEN-Ansicht

4 Transformational Steps to Maximize Potential – 1. Nutrition, 2. ENVIRONMENT, 3. Motivation, 4. Perspective.


When you have familiarized yourself with your own strategy and authority, because this is really the holy grail in a Human Design Chart, and start to experiment with the basics and live according to your strategy and authority, then you can dive deeper. And there you can either explore the deep layers of your design as with Deep Analysis OR dive into a deep process of DE-conditioning and potential unleashing with the 4 Transformational Steps:

1. FOOD: your Ferrari (your body) has the right fuel and you are not giving it this one to swallow
2. ENVIRONMENT: you are not a polar bear in the desert but have a correct environment that nourishes you and you can better realize your full potential.
3. PERSPECTIVE – you know the correct perspective of your mind which is psychologically healthy AND your SIRES which trigger lots of mindfuck 😉
4. MOTIVATION: The correct motivation of your Moon so that you are more psychically balanced and not making your decisions from the shadows and a megalodon of mental distortion and only encountering resistance and suffering in your life

Human Design Ernährung =Schlüssel für Liebe, Erfolg, GesundheitHere is more about the 4 transformation steps, so you can get the holistic perspective and function in your chart.Hier mehr zu den 4 Transformationsschritten,damit ihr die holistische Perspektive und Funktion in eurem Chart dazu bekommt.

When you are in the Correct PLACE, that is, respecting your Human Design Environment and NOT mentally initiating because your head says you have to go there and there because it thinks it knows what the Correct PLACE is, but instead finding your Correct Environment because you are living by strategy and authority AND experimenting with your Human Design diet, your Correct Human Design Environment brings the following benefits to you:

1. Unleashes your differentiation
2. Protects against false conditioning
3. Is the foundation for your health
4. The breeding ground for your longevity
5. The key to correct love
6. The key to professional fulfillment
7. The key to financial abundance
8. Refines your human design mechanics,
9. Immensely strengthens your strategy and authority
10. Our brain works better – yep, how is the polar bear in the desert supposed to be intellectually brilliant if he has to chow down on scorpions all the time, it’s hot and he’s sweating Niagara Falls and has sand up his butt 😉
11. The nervous system is more relaxed
12. Skin more rejuvenated – yep I’m vain, and I see that as a good quality in me because I respect my body and want it to function and glow optimally
13. Strengthens our immune system
14. We are less caught in the mindfuck of the open centers and our open centers can decondition better besides nutrition it is our vitality and youth fountain that causes less resistance
15. uuuuand you can find your meaningfulness
16. uuuuud realize your destiny in the totality of this life

Are the “few” advantages enough if you live in the correct own human design environment? 😉

Human Design UmgebungHuman Design Environment

Your FOOD and ENVIRONMENT has an effect on all the RED GATES IN YOUR DESIGN and the “Magic Cube” in your design. I highlight the quantum of this and the positive or negative effects in the environmental analysis. Yep, ORIGINAL Human Design is complex and you don’t learn this info in “Black-Market-HD” where “professionals” pop out of the ground after a few weeks.

We see the RED COLUMN here with the red activations. This is the view we use in the readings for the basics of a design. And we can display this column differently for the political analyses, so we translate the nutrition (turquoise frame), the environment ( yellow frame) and the “Magic Cube” (red frame). It’s still the same RED, i.e. unconscious, activations just represented differently so we can extract MUCH more information.


Your FOOD and the focus of this article your HUMAN DESIGN ENVIRONMENT have an IMMENSIVE impact on ALL RED gates in your design. If you eat correctly AND are in the correct environment, then all the RED gates are fine-tuned and function like clockwork, if you eat the wrong way AND are in the wrong environment, then all the RED activations/gates in your design are DENIED and either lie fallow or are suppressed.

Therefore, Human Design NUTRITION and ENVIRONMENT are THE keys not only to the long 18 point list above, but to the realization of your UNCONSCIOUS/Dead Gates.

In this “Magic Dice” we find in 3 aspects the

1.Inner hold
2.the happiness column
3.and the effect

We also see 9 other nuances of a chart in the “Magic Dice”:

1. Gravity
2. Skin/Delimitation
3. Detox/Excretion/Breathing
4. Conditioning/Inhalation
5. Water balance
6. Joints/Movement
7. Aura
8. Temperature balance
9. Voice

AND ALL of these 3 + 9 aspects are distorted OR fine-tuned by the FOOD and the ENVIRONMENT. 3 + 9 aspects, qualities and areas of life are either optimized OR filled with resistance and problems depending on whether or not you pay attention to your diet and environment.

I weave all these aspects of a chart together in an environmental analysis so my clients can see and discover HOW MANY problems RESOLVE in their lives in the 3 + 9 areas when they pay attention to their nutrition and Human Design environment and how many problems and resistance arise when they disregard their nutrition and Human Design environment …. That’s where they flap their ears and eyes 😉 That’s my wow analysis! 😉 If you want to work with me, we can dive into the beautiful aspects of your design together and I’ll show you how to Fine Tun these 3 + 9 aspects in your design and avoid problems:

1. Environment analysis (prerequisite is a base + nutrition analysis).
2. PAKET: 4 transformation steps (nutrition + environment + perspective + motivation).
3.PAKET: Base + Depth Analysis + Nutrition + Environment + Perspective + Motivation.
4. all 14 analyses + trauma alchemy + sexual empowerment

There are 6 environment types in total:

  1. Cave: LEFT fixed (= active environment & body) or RIGHT fixed (= passive environment & body)
  2. Market: LEFT fixed (= active environment & body) or RIGHT fixed (= passive environment & body)
  3. Kitchen: LEFT fixed (= active environment & body) or RIGHT fixed (= passive environment & body)
  4. Mountain: LEFT fixed (= active environment & body) or RIGHT fixed (= passive environment & body)
  5. Valley: LEFT fixed (= active environment & body) or RIGHT fixed (= passive environment & body)
  6. Coast: LEFT fixed (= active environment & body) or RIGHT fixed (= passive environment & body)

The ORIGINAL Human Design software we use doesn’t directly show if you have a LEFT fix (active environment & body) or RIGHT fix (passive environment & body). But I’ll tell you a trick that you can find out 😉

You remember the variables? This 6 letter code. Then you have something like PRR DRR or PRL DLL. You look at the LAST letter of YOUR 6-digit variable letter code in your FREE chart, which you got from us, and there will be EITHER an R or an L. Something else can NOT be there.

If there is an R, then your respective environment, be it cave, market, kitchen, mountain, valley or coast is fixed RIGHT ( = passive environment & body).

If there is an L, then your respective environment, be it cave, market, kitchen, mountain, valley or coast is fixed LEFT (= active environment & body). As I said, it’s complex, that’s why we study HDS for several years and that’s why I also offer 14 different analyses over one single chart 😉

ENVIRONMENT/BODY = What nourishes you on the outside?

In this red framed line you discover your ENVIRONMENT, so that you are not a polar bear in the desert, but are nourished and supported by life and can minimize resistance. You look in your chart where the arrow is and what word is behind it and then look in this Instagram graphic of mine where this term is located and then you know what environment you have 🙂

If you want to know more about the environment and the 4 transformation steps, then look here at my analyses and here at the 4 transformation steps, the next level deconditioning, which helps you to unleash your potential more 🙂

Further down you will find 2 more graphs that are more pictorial so you can see the environment even better!

Aaaand because we love our work so much, my assistant and I have made here another view of the Human Design ENVIRONMENT! Thank you, thank you, to my assistant who helped me IMMENSELY with the creation of the graphics, and a thank you to my whole team, I appreciate you and you help me immensely! :-*

Well, did you make it this far!?

Angelina Fabian Human Design

That was a LOT of input about your design. I hope you enjoyed and broadened your horizons with the “Explanation Human Design Chart – DEEP View”. Give yourself time to digest it all! The Human Design System is very complex and multi-layered, that’s why we analysts also study for several years to learn, understand and then teach it correctly on the one hand. The most important thing in your Human Design Chart is ALWAYS YOUR STRATEGY AND AUTHORITY, this is also described in your free analysis you got from us and if you still don’t have it, get it here below! 🙂 And here I am at INSTAGRAM for more humor, knowledge and empowerment!

And if you want to dive deeper into understanding your design AND also realize the beautiful potential of your Human Design chart, you can work with me here 🙂

And here I am on INSTAGRAM for more humor, knowledge and empowerment!

Alooooha, Angelina Fabian


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6. overview of your VARIABLES
7. DETERMINATION= genetic nutrition
8. COGNITION = Your super sense
9. ENVIRONMENT= Perfect place that nurtures you
10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

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