Human Design Projectors = SUPERNOVA of power & beauty – An ode to Projectors

Human Design Projectors = SUPERNOVA of power & beauty – An ode to Projectors

Human Design Projectors = SUPERNOVA of Power & Beauty – An Ode to Projectors

Transcript: Human Design Projectors = SUPERNOVA of Power & Beauty – An Ode to Projectors

Hello and welcome to my new video, which I’ve designed specifically for the wonderful Projectors among us. I’m delighted that my previous videos have been able to touch and support you. With this video, I want to provide you with further impulses to strengthen you in your unique power. I know that it’s not always easy for you Projectors. 

My name is Angelina Fabian, and I am a experienced teacher in the field of Human Design. My expertise is not based on self-studied knowledge somewhere from the internet or some books that I read, but on a really comprehensive education that I’ve completed over thirteen years. This means I have been living and experimenting with Human Design for thirteen years. Additionally, I work as a holistic Human Design analyst.

I love analyzing and consulting for individuals with an open sacral center, as you guys often face the challenge of balancing between activity and the need for rest and especially presence. Through my process analyses, I call them process analyses, I support you in forming new neural connections, so that you can experience the essence of what it means to be a Projector. 

And my goal is to help you gradually rebuild a deeper connection with your body. In my work, I also accompany people on their journey to process and transform trauma, using my gentle methods, the gentle trauma alchemy with Tapping. Moreover, I support you in strengthening and unfolding your sexual self-determination.

Dear Projectors, your path in Human Design is particularly challenging. Historically, your genetic type was born after 1789, and even today, there are hardly any established systems that specifically identify and guide you as Projectors. The situation is exacerbated by the phenomenon of so-called “Black Market Human Design,” where individuals who have neither thoroughly studied nor deeply understood Human Design pose as coaches and teachers. These individuals, often lacking their own long-term practical experience, can hardly convey what it truly means to live one’s Human Design.

This development has led to a plethora of misinformation, especially concerning living as a Projector. Your role is relatively new in human history, and the widespread half-truths do not help to promote a clear understanding of your true nature. Additionally, Projectors do not have a day by day strategy or authority, which further complicates your path of de-conditioning.

Despite these obstacles, I was fortunate to learn from a great teacher and analyst, John Martin. His profound understanding and dedication have greatly helped me to grasp the intricacies of Projectors and how best to support them. There is a widespread misconception among Projectors that being guided by another Projector is more advantageous. However, the true power lies in the correctness and integrity of the analyst, regardless of their design. A truthful analyst, who authentically lives their own design, can lead you to true transformation and mutation. Therefore, the choice of an analyst should not be based on mental preferences but on the deep resonance and authenticity of the guiding individual.

Dear Projectors, your role and strength in the world of Human Design are unique, but unfortunately, this has rarely been communicated to you clearly and explicitly. Many of you have felt out of place, different, and insecure from birth because no one has truly explained what it means to be a Projector. You look at the world and see that outwardly you are no different from others – with two arms and two legs – yet inside, you feel that something is different. Often, you compare yourselves to Generators, who seem to have it easier at first glance.

But appearances can be deceiving. Many Generators are not living their true selves and thus inadvertently contribute to the chaos in the world. As Projectors, you may sometimes be tempted to imitate this path, hoping to improve your own situation. But this only leads to losing your true power and the majestic beauty that lies within you.

Your true power unfolds as soon as you begin to understand deeply – and not just with your mind, but with every cell of your body – what it really means to be a Projector. This is why the process analyses I offer are so crucial. They go beyond conventional analyses and help you discover and fully unfold your unique power.

You are truly the most powerful beings on this planet, but no one has yet given you your true, essential guidance. Instead, you have often been told how “wrong” you are, especially through misleading information from the so-called Black Market Human Design. These sources claim to understand you as Projectors but fail to support you in recognizing and utilizing your true power.

As a Generator, I want to emphasize that our aura is practically harmless compared to that of a Projector. The aura of a Generator feels like a “teddy bear,”  our Generator aura is permeable and, if we are not in our true self, we can indeed be disruptive. However, we do not have the ability to penetrate you to your deep core through our aura. That´s only possible for Projectors. Your aura as Projectors is powerful and unique, and it is time for you to fully understand and live this power.

You, the Projectors, possess the most powerful aura on this Earth and are destined to be the future leaders of our world. In past times, power was held by the Manifestors – the Tsars, Kings, and Pharaohs – while the Generators were essentially in a role of subordination. The Manifestors stood at the top of the social hierarchy and exercised their power over the collective aura field. But this era ended in 1781. However, the evolution of the human collective unfolds slowly, which is why elements of slavery persist into our modern world. Due to the growing global population, this issue is even more pronounced today than in the past. As Projectors, you are destined to take on a leading role in society, but this requires that you live authentically as Projectors. 

You must stop emulating the Generators, such as by trying to mimic their intuitive gut decisions, or rushing through life like the Manifestors and initiating. The so-called Black Market of Human Design may tempt you to continue pushing yourselves, but this constant self-driving does not lead to the true success of a Projector. You might be successful in the shadows, essentially as “work slaves,” by working harder than anyone else, but that is not true success. That is not success that aligns with your true self. Many Projectors pay a high price for this self-denial.

You are indeed the most powerful beings on our planet, and it is time for you to recognize, embrace, and authentically express this power within you. Only then can you truly assume your intended role as the pioneers and leaders of the new era.

In my sessions, my focus is on helping Projectors discover and unfold their inner strength, empowerment, beauty, and their sublime nature. It’s not just about imparting theoretical knowledge to you, but rather about ensuring that you truly feel and experience these deep truths. It’s always a magical experience when a Projector I’m guiding begins to delve into their own unique energy and embodies the majestic being of a Zen master, which can emerge in the synergetic dynamic between Generator and Projector.

This video is specifically aimed at Projectors. If you are not a Projector, please share this message with the Projectors in your life, so they too can start to recognize and appreciate their own beauty and strength. The world needs authentic Projectors, not those who pretend to be Manifestors or Generators and try to imitate their behaviors. If you do not live your true nature, you and ultimately the world lose out. Your expertise as Projectors is essential, and it unfolds not through initiation or proactive action, but through your ability for Zen mastery, your inner beauty, and your impressive presence.

The world needs Projectors who are not only theoretically identified as such but who also live and embody their true role as Projectors in daily life. Only then can we, the others, truly recognize you as Projectors, recognize you, and invite you into our circles.

My frustration is directed towards the so-called Black Market Human Design scene, which continues to mislead and manipulate Projectors by claiming that Projectors don’t need to wait and supplying them with false information. I’ve witnessed people receive hours-long analyses from self-proclaimed “experts” who have never undergone formal training in Human Design, and who end up more confused than before, not knowing what to do. This is in stark contrast to true Human Design, which is characterized by integrity and authenticity. Those who are already struggling to fulfill their destiny are only further unsettled by such misleading information. Dear Projectors, do not let these confusions take away your true power.

You, the Projectors, are truly the most powerful beings on this planet, and I will emphasize this over and over again until you not only understand but deeply feel in your soul and are firmly rooted in your majestic power. Only when you fully surrender to this power can we, the others, truly see and perceive you energetically and mechanically. The belief that you need to strive and push to achieve something or to be seen is painful because your aura is the most powerful there is.

Your aura works like a laser or a scalpel. When you observe someone, you penetrate their G-center, the core of their identity. However, if you were not invited, this can be painful. When you, as Projectors, initiate, it is like running towards people with a scalpel. Manifestors ideally initiate from their inner authority and move through life with the force of a bowling ball, which has its own beauty. But when Projectors initiate, it’s like you’re entering other people’s energetic fields with a scalpel, which can be hurtful. My passion for the original Human Design makes me very emotional when I talk about it. I have had wonderful encounters with Projectors in both private and professional contexts.

I love it and live it, as once expressed by Dorothea, a 5.1 Heretic Projector: “Angelina you love it, and breathe it.” I’m talking about the original Human Design, not a simplified or dumbed-down version. Human Design is complex and should be communicated simply but not simplified or distorted. As a teacher of the original Human Design, I often hear from my students how amazed they are by the depth and complexity of the system, even at the basic level. They recognize the difference between the original Human Design, which offers genuine transformation and beauty, and the so-called “Mindfuck Human Design” used by some to make quick money without real understanding or experience.

There is so much confusion and misunderstanding, especially regarding the Projectors’ strategy to wait. Many think waiting is a burden, but that’s a misinterpretation by the mind and the Black Market Human Design. This misinterpretation only deepens your wounds by urging you to act and distancing you from your true nature and genetic design. My commitment to the original Human Design comes from how it transformed my life, along with trauma work. I want to pass on this gift, and that’s only possible with integrity and authenticity, not by simplification or dilution. The confusion caused by the Black Market scene only leads to more confusion and misunderstanding.

Your true power and beauty, dear Projectors, unfold in waiting for the right invitation. I understand the doubts and impatience that can arise when you have not lived according to this strategy and authority for a lifetime. The thought that an invitation may never come, that nothing will happen, may seem overwhelming, but this is an illusion. The greatest opportunities and deepest connections emerge precisely from this patient stance.

Your uniqueness becomes visible and recognized when you remain in your Zen mastery, instead of chasing after recognition. It is your unique energy and frequency that attracts people and makes them invite and appreciate you for who you truly are. Step into this regal energy, for as the true leaders of this world, you are indispensable. However, when confusion and misinformation cloud your self-image, it becomes difficult for others to see you in your true splendor, leading to bitterness.

Success is not defined solely by material wealth. It is a frequency, a feeling deep within you, when you are firmly anchored in your being. This inner beauty is what is truly magical.

It is an honor to work with you and to see and affirm you in your nature as Projectors. Everyone who engages with me and my perhaps challenging but liberating approach deserves my deepest respect. Our aim is not to push the mind but to enhance your essence and frequency, so that the mind finds its appropriate place in the whole.

The transformation that occurs when a Projector stops behaving like a Generator or Manifestor and delves into their true nature is extraordinary and moving. It is a soul encounter that deeply touches and shows you how beautiful it is to be a Projector.

Human Design offers you, dear Projectors, a way to be more present surrendered to your true self and beauty and badassery rather than constantly being lost in doing and pushing and initiating . It’s not about learning theories about gates and lines, but about feeling at a cellular level who you are, diving into this being, and living from it. Then you can touch us with your souls in a way that is truly nourishing when correct. 

When we recognize Projectors and invite them, that can really enrich and transform all lifes. And for that, I am really deeply grateful for every Projector in my life, who has shaped and supported me. The essence of what brings about true transformation lies in living what one teaches—the principle of “walking your talk.” As a Human Design teacher, my aim is to convey this authenticity and integrity to my students. It’s not just about a theoretical understanding of gates and lines, but more importantly, about them gradually grasping these teachings at their core and living them authentically. This enables them to transform and touch others on a deep, cellular level—simply through their mere presence, whether relaxing in the park, shopping, or in their professional activities.

In my courses, and particularly in the Living Your Design (LYD) workshop, I strive to foster this deep connection and transformation within a vibrant, intense community. Life becomes a delightful experience at this frequency. Projectors are powerful and majestic in their essence, but this true power only unfolds when they patiently wait for invitations and do not chase after life or people who might recoil from their intense aura.

I understand that living according to one’s strategy and authority is not easy. Each design has its challenges. For Projectors, the challenge lies in their strategy not being immediate, but in waiting for an invitation. In my holistic analyses with Projectors—and of course, with other types as well—I try to foster this deep understanding and feeling of their frequency and help them find their true place in life. It’s a kind of fine-tuning of their design that helps them decondition deeper and grow into their true beauty.

Working with each individual is a matter of the heart for me. It’s not about just ticking off another person, but about making a profound connection and touching them. This includes the willingness and openness of Projectors to engage in this process. In this space of presence and being, Projectors can realize: “This is me.” It’s not about comparisons or striving to be someone else. In my work with Projectors, the “penguin” stops trying to be a “cheetah”—a metaphor that highlights the uniqueness of each type.

Sessions with me may require a waiting period, but they always take place at the right time because I strive to be as correct as possible in my process. This pursuit of correctness is what makes a good analyst. The people who come to me experience not just a change in their presence but in their lives, as the sessions are magically aligned with the right moment.

This week, I experienced a truly magical moment during a session with a G-Projector. Her presence was so intense that I felt it impacting my direction center and activating my magnetic monopol. It was like waves of intuition, consciousness, and perception flowing through me—an experience reminiscent of a supernova. Such deep, interpersonal encounters are the heart of genuine connections and only unfold their full power when we are anchored in our true nature, free from entanglements and traumas.

This is why, in my work, I integrate not only Human Design but also My Gentle Trauma Alchemy withTapping. These approaches enable the people I guide to dive even deeper into their deconditioning process, beyond the mere application of their strategy and authority. It’s about freeing oneself from imposed misalignments and rediscovering what we truly are in our essence.

The encounter with the G-Projector was enriching not only for me but also for her, as she is part of my Living Your Design (LYD) course, in which we also conduct deeper, holistic analyses. It was an encounter that embodies the essence of what Human Design is about: not the dull memorization and regurgitation of information about gates and lines, but the living embodiment and radiance of one’s own design.

I have a deep, deep respect for the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, and remain loyal to his way of training analysts. In this spirit, I train analysts and work with people at this deep, meaningful level. It’s about meeting the person in their entirety and enabling them to recognize and live their unique beauty and essence. Projectors play a special role in this, as their challenges are great, but their potentials are immense. Supporting them in unfolding their true nature and discovering their extraordinary impact is a crucial part of my work and passion.

It’s crucial that when you embark on the journey of Human Design, especially as a Projector, you carefully choose who you learn from and seek advice from. In Original Human Design, there are no “coaches” in the conventional sense. Instead, there are Guides, Analysts, Holistic Analysts, and Teachers. Each of these titles has its own responsibilities and boundaries. For example, Guides are not permitted to offer in-depth analyses; this task is reserved for Analysts.

When looking for someone to accompany you in Human Design, ask about their training and experience. It’s important to question the authenticity and integrity of the person to ensure they truly possess the knowledge and experience they claim to have. Be wary of quick courses or “Masterclasses” that can be completed in a few weeks. True expertise and mastery in Human Design, as in any other field, require time, dedication, and deep study.

There are indeed individuals who have respectfully engaged with the Human Design system by adding their own interpretations and methods after intensive engagement with it. However, even here, it’s important to carefully evaluate and distinguish between authentic innovation and superficial dissemination of information.

Genuine mastery, whether in Human Design or any other field, is not achieved overnight. It takes years of study, practice, and experience to gain deep understanding and skill. Therefore, pay attention to the integrity and depth of knowledge of the people you connect with on your Human Design journey.

It is profoundly fulfilling to witness Projectors discovering and beginning to live their true power and beauty through Human Design. Many have transitioned from the world of business coaching, where they were subjected to strategies that might lead to superficial success but don’t bring real fulfillment or joy. Truly understanding and living one’s own design, particularly through strategy and authority, is the key to genuine mastery and beauty. It is this authenticity and integrity that define real success, not the number of Instagram followers or the balance in one’s bank account.

Encountering a correctly living Projector can be a transformative experience, akin to a supernova—an immense empowerment and mutation. In such moments, the deep connection and mutual enrichment between individuals become palpable and achievable only when aligned with one’s true nature.

The challenge lies in not being seduced by quick fixes or superficial promises of success. Human Design is a journey requiring deep self-awareness and deconditioning, over a span of seven years, to renew the body’s cells and truly live in alignment with one’s strategy and authority.

It is crucial to seek out teachers or analysts in Human Design who are authentic and integral, and not to be deceived by those offering quick solutions without a deep understanding or respect for this knowledge. True mastery and expertise develop over time and with dedication, not through crash courses or superficial learning.

Especially for Projectors, it’s important to value and live their uniqueness instead of trying to emulate others. Their greatest strength and beauty lie in their true alignment with their design, which the world desperately needs. Living authentically means being true to oneself and others, thereby attracting people who truly resonate with them—both in business and in personal life.

Projectors, as the most powerful beings on this planet, unlock their true strength and majesty when rooted in the integrity of their design and living authentically. This is achieved by following your strategy and waiting for invitations. You are true trailblazers, paving the way for other Projectors, and I admire each of you for your pioneering work in a world that is often not aligned with your unique needs and capabilities.38:20

It’s important to understand that Projectors do not possess an immediate strategy like Generators, whose strategy is to respond from their gut response. This can be both a challenge and a source of compassion for Projectors who recognize the apparent simplicity of the Generator strategy.

I encourage you to delve into the deeper layers of your design. While written reports can provide an overview, it is the individual analysis that allows for addressing the uniqueness of each person and facilitating profound transformation. Training to be an analyst is a lengthy process that not only imparts knowledge but also involves personal deconditioning, so as not to merely repeat information but to live and share it at a cellular level.

By living and learning according to your strategy and authority as Projectors, and deconditioning your Not-Self, you rise to your true majestic mastery. You will have a supernova influence in the world, which goes far beyond the mere ‘impact’ often associated with Manifestors. I fondly recall the transformative effect John Martin had on me and strive to implement that same transformative  supernova effect into my analyses and teachings. 

This was a passionate tribute to Projectors, their unique beauty, and their remarkable supernova influence. The term them being like a supernova captures the transformative impact Projectors can have when living in harmony with their design. It’s a reminder of the immense power and beauty found in the authenticity and integrity of living according to strategy and authority.

As dusk approaches and the natural light fades, I hope these words have touched, empowered, and excited you. For those among you seeking a more personal experience and wishing to be empowered in your individual design, further information is available. It’s not about rote learning, as in the old school system, but about internalizing knowledge at a cellular level and living it with your whole soul.

To all Non-Projectors: I hope you find inspiration in these words as well and share them with the Projectors in your life, so they too can recognize their true beauty and power. The key lies in living according to strategy and authority—the Holy Grail of Human Design that integrates all aspects of our being.

Learning Human Design requires dedication, not the misuse of the system for mental objectives. True success is sweet and rejuvenating, and when we work with integrity, we earn our living in a manner that aligns with our true purpose and harmonizes us with the symphony of life.

Ra Uru Hu once said that the original Human Design is only for the brave who are willing to walk their path, despite fear. This journey requires courage, for fear never completely disappears, but courage grows and enables us to stand in our truth.

The age of the “freak” is beginning, we are nearing it going towards 2027 thus the old, pain, trauma and conditionings become visible and pop up to be healed. This allows us to mature, actualize our individuality, and find our unique place in the symphony of life.

I am deeply grateful for my work and the opportunity to share these insights. Thank you for your time and attention, and may this contribution inspire you. Until next time.

Have fun and broaden your horizons with the inspiration & empowerment bombs! 😉

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