Human Design Transits in 2024 – Shock, Fear, Crisis & Limitation




Challenging Human Design Transits in 2024 – Shock, Existential Fear, Crisis & Limitation – Can you feel it, and is it giving you a bit of a shake!? 😉


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Transcript: Human Design Transits in 2024 – Shock, Fear, Crisis & Limitation

Hello, dear ones,

The Rave New Year has now begun on January 22, 2024, and it brings with it some transit challenges that can either “knock us out” or deepen our empowerment!

I wanted to elaborate on a few specific transit Gates in this video/article, as the activations of Gates 57, 51, 36, and 60 really pack a punch, especially as we’re moving towards 2027.

What do these Gates represent?


Gate 57 – The fear of the future, the fear of not surviving, thus existential fears, general anxiety

Gate 36 – Traumas simmering up, crises, nervousness, the feeling that there is no light at the end of the tunnel

Gate 60 – Limitation, potential depression, feeling constrained and too tight for the mind, wanting to mentally break through the limitation, which will only lead to more stress

Gate 51 – Shock and unexpected events that throw one (somewhat) off track


Does any of this sound familiar ..? 😉

And as I work a lot with people, be it in HD courses, analyses, or trauma alchemy, I see how many are under the influence of these transits. They experience sudden shock, be it due to the death of their loved ones, job loss, job changes, crises in relationships or health. Many fears about the future, existential fears, a lot of trauma and old pain bubble up, and the mind blames everyone else. 😉 AND: People feel limited in their situations, which are partly very unpleasant, and initiate from their mind and trauma to change that, only to encounter more resistance…

External control par excellence – a perfect example of external control through trauma and transits. And people believe THEY are making their decisions autonomously…?!

Sometimes I feel like Neo in the Matrix. But here, Smith in the Matrix isn’t some threat out there, but our distorted mind, which is warped by individual and millennia-old collective trauma.

By the way, if you are 5th profiles during this time, be careful if you have people in your field who have a lot of trauma and are lost in the maze of transits. Then they will blame YOU for all of it… 😉 And you will be degraded from savior to antichrist by their MIND!

I see how people are literally remotely controlled by the transits in their mind, how it triggers their childlike patterns stored as synapses. AND they weave internal stories from it, about their lives, their situation in relationships or job, and the person they “love” = usually idealize or “hate” – yes, just knocking them off the idealized pedestal!

The inner mindfuck monologue is whipped up by fear, shock, crisis, and limitation, spiced with depression. Observe your thoughts, you are not your thoughts that appear within YOU. And the more trauma and distortion in the system, the more distorted the stories you lose yourself in.

And the more traumatized people are, the more they will trigger these Human Design transits in 2024, because the themes of the transits in 2024 from the HD perspective are fear, shock, crisis, and limitation. That doesn’t exactly sound like ease!

The less you live by Strategy & Authority (S&A) and initiate with your mind, the conduit for conditioning and trauma, the more you will feel the negative impact. The impact will tempt you to make decisions from the mind because the transits have a maximal influence on the NOT-SELF-MIND, enticing it to become a puppet of the transits and to view all that as REAL… BUT IT IS NOT REAL. Yes, that’s why we want to exit THIS “Matrix,” so we are no longer victims of our traumas, calling it fate. It’s not fate; it’s trauma. We want to decondition and transform trauma so that we become creators of our reality, awake, healed, and conscious. Hmm, how delightful!

And as we move towards 2027 and the solar plexus must mature for humanity to finally outgrow the kindergarten age and stop throwing tantrums, sabotaging our work and relationships, more trauma will surface!

Your anchor is your Strategy & Authority (S&A), and if you have trauma in your system and/or pain surfaces, then tap on it. We have free resources for everything, and of course, I invite you to join the courses, where deep healing soul alchemy occurs.

Our past, our trauma, and conditioning are not over; they sit as synapses in your brain and cellular memory in every one of your cells, influencing our view of ourselves and the world and HOW and WHEN we make decisions. External control in the Matrix… And through the current transits of Gate 36, 51, 60, and 57, all the old is stirred up, causing us to live in the head and biochemically in the past, filtering reality through this biochemical past! Crazy, right… 😉 Let the last paragraph melt in your brain! 😉

BUT we can decondition it, and HD and trauma alchemy are, from my (un)humble 5/1 perspective, the solution! So, follow your Strategy & Authority (S&A), and not just mentally, that’s futile and a waste of time, but on a cellular level.

And since Gate 60 has been in the transits for quite a while, including in the Rave New Year 2024 and this year, there’s a lot of stuckness in the frequency weather. You can really feel it in the neutrino atmosphere. And what is the LESSON we, as humanity, are collectively allowed to learn, so we are not permanently stressed, don’t break our thyroid, don’t burn out, and also drag everyone else into our stress? Accept limitation! Yes, I know, the mind hates that, but the mind is a traumatized 5-year-old – don’t believe it? Then look at the world: How often do we see adults behaving like immature little children? And would you give your credit card or a knife to the traumatized 5-year-old or allow them to make decisions in your life?! No, of course not. So, why do you allow your mind to?

Because if you DO NOT accept the limitation through Gate 60, you will fall into unnecessary crises with Gate 36 and become depressed if you don’t, and you will again push and initiate from fear and shock through the mind, only to create more resistance and experience scarcity and fear through Gate 57, while it keeps your system trapped in survival mode!

And the LACK we experience through Gate 57, i.e., existential fear, IS THE ILLUSION OF THE MIND! And life is abundance, and life is LOVE, and I say this with every cell of my being, as the deepest experience, while I used to be suicidal three times!

And my dears, if you live by Strategy and Authority and metabolize your trauma, that is, break down the biochemistry of trauma in your system with tapping, then these dramatic transits are not dramatic, but can be used as a key to your empowerment according to S&A!

When we live by Strategy & Authority (S&A), shock and crisis serve us to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and overcome our pain, our existential fear, limitation, and crises! Shock serves us so that we go through healing crises, accept limitation, and grow beyond ourselves, and our true self emerges like a jewel! It can help us get out of survival mode and finally start living as a 9-centered being who leaves existential fear behind and lives in frequency abundance! That’s also partly what 2027 is about! But for it to be beautiful, we must lovingly go through the shit, or rather integrate and decondition the shit that happened to us… there are no shortcuts!

See the beautiful symphony of life, that’s what I want to teach you, and your beauty in it, but for our inner jewel to shine, we first have to make alchemy out of the shit that happened to us.

So, the Human Design transits in 2024 are challenging, but they are also a stepping stone to growth and cellular awakening into our true self! Be loving with yourselves and as always, follow your S&A and tap when the pain comes up!

I want to support you in moving from victim energy to creator energy! Woop woop!

Have fun and broaden your horizons with the inspiration & empowerment bombs! 😉

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