Individuality, Logic, Abstract – 3-way time-reality axis of human mechanics

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So often I read people say, “Stop hanging in the past, let it rest, be in the here and now and everything will be fine.” And as much as I love the here and now and my consciousness, or as it is called in Human Design, passenger consciousness, loves to bathe in the here and now, that is only 1/3 of our human reality.

The 3 axes of human consciousness are tied to all 3 timelines, the past, the now and the future. Ever looked at the channels between the head and Ajna? There alone we see this obvious mechanics. There we see from left to right the abstract, individuality and logic.

The abstract deals with the past to find meaning in it and resolve the past.

The individuality operates in the here and now, bringing pulse-like information that provides our species with novel and unprecedented inspiration and mutation in evolution.

And logic looks to a better future so that we as individuals and as a human species have a happy and secure future.

So that means that in the quantum of abstract, individuality and logic, we humans can go to a better and happy future the more we learn from the past, dissolve it and find our meaningfulness and at the same time our consciousness is impregnated with mutative and unprecedented inspiration. This is the mechanics of human evolution.

So, everything has its place and so you don’t have to be all the time, focused only on this present moment! So, based on YOUR individual design, allow yourself to engage with these 3 axes of consciousness and qualities of time, indulge in them and generate inspirational knowledge from them for yourself and for the collective.

In the quintessence, it is again about surrendering to your Strategy and Authority, because they will tap all your activations in the chart in quantum and as a perfect synthesis.

And if your design has more activation in the abstract, then you will want to be adventurous, expand your horizons, and engage more with the past to understand it, unravel it, and grow and mature as a human being from your experiences.

If you have more individual activations, then you will be more and more easily rooted in the here and now and will keep getting pulse-like mutation and inspiration, without pressure, that can lead to breakthroughs and insights in your life and in the lives of others.

And if you have more logic, then you will be very logical-analytical, exploring patterns, challenging, seeing through, perfecting and refining, and more focused on the future so that you as an individual and we as a species can move into a safer and happier future.

EVERYTHING CORRECT and everything has its place in the totality of human existence, mechanics, and experience. As I said, this 3-way time-reality axis is our human mechanics, and we see this in every Human Design graphic.

Therefore, it is bullshit that we SHOULD focus ONLY on the here and now and ONLY this moment. Allow your design to be simple and that through surrender to strategy and Authority your individual design mechanics can simply express themselves.

Human Design is complex; we want to convey it simply but not dumb it down by negating the complexity. I also look at designs from these perspectives in my analyses AND especially when I teach Human Design and train analysts. There our ears and eyes always flap, how multilayered a design and a human being actually is AND beautiful in its individuality! 😉


Angelina Fabian

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