Intense emotional and impulsive transits in February 2023

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Watch the transits when you are in resonance; these are very intense


  • Intense demanding feelings, an Emo Manifestor is activated right now … 😉
  • Emotional pressure, verbal pressure;
  • Communication could be belligerent and immature, as in Mars;
  • Pressure to impulsively initiate communication, verbally flatten others or feel verbally flattened,
  • initiating something new and thereby creating crises and crashing emotionally and all that spiced with expectations that are not met; a yummy combo 😉
  • we have just activated the emotional, impatient and impulsive bowling ball or steamroller … 😉
  • the sex drive could be higher! 😉

So don’t let them remote control you … 😉 These intense transits could also whirl up old trauma, especially if you are NOT emotionally defined …

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