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Life is good …

The longer I am in my HDS Experiment (11 years), the more I experience flow, synchronicities, regeneration, ecstasy, support, authenticity, relaxation, peace genuine relationships based on love, respect & acceptance. I am loved & wanted for who I really am instead of fulfilling someone’s BS expectations of how they would like me to be.

Part of the HDS Experiment is, deconditioning. Yeah, its sucks & is effing painful at times, but the more you surrender &, the more everything that is not me falls away, the more I discover who I really am. That is the consequence of following your S&A & thus of deconditioning. Your true unique brilliant badass self starts to shine, and all the shit that is not you & was put over you falls away … It is painful at times, but if you allow it, you are going to rise like a phoenix…

I hope this inspires YOU to surrender more and more to your unique S&A. Not just KNOWING your design, but truly living it. So that you can unleash your true badass brilliant self …

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