Manifesting GENERATOR -Empowerment Empowerment Series -

(Manifesting) Generator Empowerment – Discover & Start LIVING your Powerful, Vibrant & Unique True Self!

Generator Empowerment - Empowerment Series

Like your cells are dancing
? 😉
Do you feel DEEP SATISFACTION in all areas of your life?
Do you LOVE your JOB?
And, do you feel CONNECTED to your DESTINY?
Are you grounded in yourself, RELAXED, SURRENDERED to life, and SUPPORTED by life?
Do you experience FLOW and SYNCHRONICITIES?
Is your LIBIDO high?
Are you living your FULL POTENTIAL?
Do you LOVE your LIFE?

Do you feel STUCK in your life?
And OVERWHELMED with everything that you have to do?
And experience deep FRUSTRATION in those areas?
Do you NUMB and/or DISTRACT yourself with SOCIAL MEDIA?
Do you feel like you meet a lot of RESISTANCE in your life?
Do you HATE your JOB…?
Feeling BUNT OUT and FORCING yourself to do things that you would like to quit …?
Do you struggle with a LOW LIBIDO…?

Manifesting Generator Empowerment

Manifesting Generator Empowerment


AND ….
Would you like to CHANGE THAT … ?
Would you like to THRIVE & BLOSSOM again or maybe even for the first time …?
And not only UNDERSTAND but UNLEASH your unique POTENTIAL and the mechanics of your badass GENERATOR GENIUS?
Would you like to DISCOVER your unique PURPOSE in life?
Would you like to be deeeeply REGENERATED in LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS, and BUSINESS?
Would you like to experience SATISFACTION instead of FRUSTRATION?
MAGNETICALLY PULLING the right PEOPLE & OPPORTUNITIES into your LIFE instead of CHASING after them?
Would you like to experience more ABUNDANCE in your JOB and RELATIONSHIPS?
And RELEASE all that is faulty CONDITIONING that is holding you back?
Would you like to experience FLOW, SYNCHRONICITIES & EASE…?

FREE BRIEF ANALYSIS of your personal chart!

1. GRAPH of your own Human Design Chart
2. explanation of your STRATEGY in life
3. brief analysis of your genetic AUTHORITY
4. your personal PROFILE = costume of incarnation
5. your shadow = your “kryptonite”; thus your stumbling block in the chart & in life= OPEN CENTERS!
6. overview of your VARIABLES
7. DETERMINATION= genetic nutrition
8. COGNITION = Your super sense
9. ENVIRONMENT= Perfect place that nurtures you
10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

For a life with less resistance, more ease and meaningfulness. Click on the image, fill out the form and get your Human Design Graphic & Brief Analysis FREE!


I started my Human Design Experiment and Studies 12 years ago, and it completely changed my life! Before that, I felt sooo miserable, constantly frustrated, struggled financially, and had lots of physical ailments, was in a shitty life situation and an abusive situation-ship. I was sooo desperate, cut off from my internal wisdom, and did not know what to do … I was searching everywhere (medicine, therapy, spirituality, etc) for help. Sat with gurus and doctors, healers and therapists, trying to find something that could help me to be happy again, to feel love and whole again, to find my way in life … So much was promised but nothing really helped, and that deepened my desperation, hopelessness, and powerlessness … Until I have found Human Design and in my case also Trauma Release as I was heavily traumatized …  AND, I thank life every day that I was fortunate enough to meet the ORIGINAL Human Design System, starting my Human Design Experiment as a Manifesting Generator and was able to transform my life totallyFinally, something that really works!! 😀

(Manifesting) Generator Empowerment

The purpose of this whole (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR EMPOWERMENT Präsentation serves to inspire and empower you! And it would be an honor to support you, dear GENERATOR & MANIFESTING GENERATOR, and guide you on your path with this empowering and clarifying information that I have assembled in this video BASED ON THE ORIGINAL HUMAN DESIGN. And this video is created for BOTH and addresses BOTH: the pure GENERATOR & MANIFESTING GENERATOR.  I want to inspire and empower you with this knowledge so that you start LIVING like a true badass SELF, dear (MANIFESTING) Generators.

So that you slowly but surely feel regenerated and deeply satisfied in all areas in your life. You shall have a life well lived … So that you understand your (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR mechanics and really start to live your potential and discover your unique path in life through your Strategy & Authority.  So that your badassery and powerful lifeforce, which was covered and distorted by conditioning and ignorance about the mechanics of the (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR in our society, what, in consequence, made your life unnecessarily hard and full of struggles, gets unleashed and starts to blossom.

ddd(Manifesting) Generator Empowerment

(Manifesting) Generator Empowerment..

Projector Empowerment

This video shall widen your horizon and help you come back into your POWER & ALIVENESS; So that you DON´T have to FORCE LIFE anymore or feel like you are totally disconnected from life. So that you DON´T have to FORCE RELATIONSHIPS, JOBS, OPPORTUNITIES, or LOVE anymore, whatever your specific struggle is in life. Dear (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR, you ARE LIFE. But no one taught you, how to access this vibrant life within you.

This (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR EMPOWERMENT VIDEO shall help you to understand deeply the mechanics of your TYPE AND STRATEGY AS A (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR so that you can start living with LESS RESISTANCE and start deconditioning from ALL THAT WAS PUT OVER YOU SO THAT YOU STOPPED shining and being vibrant and ecstatic. I want you to get that shine, aliveness, and natural ecstasy back so that you can discover your own unique truth and that LIFE is really GOOD and loves and supports us.

Dilemma: Abuse, Dumbing Down, Distortion & Maniplation of the Human Design System Through the Black-Market-Pop-Human-Design-Crowd

And the dilemma nowadays is that we have a lot of what we call “Black-Market-Pop-Culture-Human-Design” that is taught by people who never learned the ORIGINAL Human Design properly and who are not in their experiment but claim to be experts and offer masterclasses but with distorted, dumbed down version of the Human Design System and distorted and false information. And distorted, false information does not lead to mutation or empowerment but creates more confusion and more pain. Thus I have been studying the ORIGINAL Human Design System for 12 years and want to empower you with the real deal, with integrity and authenticity.

If you wanna know more about the abuse, distortion, and dumbing down of the Human Design System, you can read more about it here. Click on the arrow to read 🙂

WHO AM I? – Angelina Fabian, Human Design Tacher, Holistic Analyst & Rave Psachologist

My name is Angelina Fabian – 41, polyglot; I have learned 8 languages, and I am a mom & freak 😉

  • 12 years in my own Human Design Experiment
    12 years of Human Design studies at IHDS, the ORIGINAL Human Design School
    – I have given over 3150 personal analyses
    – Officially certified by IHDS
    Guide, Holistic Analyst, Rave Psychologist & Human Design Teacher
    – I offer 14 different analyses: basic, deep, cycle, child, cross, couple, 4 transformational steps, variables, nutrition, environment, perspective, motivation, business packages, and many more to help you unleash your potential and not only know your design but really realize it – Here more info
    Over 45 000 – Free short analyses created – Get yours here!
    – Over 60 000 – followers via YouTube, Instagram & Newsletter Subscribers

Projector Empowerment - Angelina Fabian

You can read here more about how the Human Design System transformed my life …. 🙂 – Click on the arrow to read

And if you know or have any of the above mentioned struggles as a (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR, this (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR EMPOWERMENT PRESENTATION serves YOU; its purpose is to show you how your mechanics operate, bring you more clarity about who you are, your strengths, and your kryptonite, empower you, mutate you, support you and transform you and thus your life!

Because as I said, dear (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR, life is really good, loving, and supporting, when we understand the mechanics of life and ourselves and stop interfering with life and creating thus a lot of chaos and resistance, but when we surrender to life and is wisdom and let us be guided through life by our individual Strategy & Authority …

Here are some excerpts from the (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR Empowerment presentation in text form – Click on the arrow to read

Feedback from people working with me in personal sessions and HD courses

“You took each participant by the hand with a lot of experience, wisdom, and empathy and thereby gave us the space to show ourselves with our stories, fears, and hopes, to understand ourselves better on the basis of our designs, and to experience how we find more and more to our own truth by means of strategy and authority. Booking the LYD with you was absolutely the right decision. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Sylvia

“Thank you very much for your great way to bring Human Design to us. Humorously, profoundly and patiently, and very intensively. I now understand why I was the black sheep in my family and how I can deal with them now. The recognition that I am right with my freakish nature has relieved me very much. By consistently implementing and studying the content, I have improved my life a lot. I am living more and more in peace as intended in my design. Thank you again, and I will continue the experiment. You are a fantastic teacher.” Andrea

Dear Angelina,
It’s hard for me to find the right words… (I think I could write a complete novel about how enthusiastic I am about you and the Human Desig n).
As a mental projector it is soooo hard for me to perceive my authority. The more thankful I am that I found YOU among all the “FastFood-BlackMarket-HD Specialists” and you have already given me so much knowledge through the LYD alone … Jenny

I have learned so much about myself, have been allowed to realize so much, have worked through so much, and have also grieved so much, wounds have been allowed to heal.
How you made the group so wonderful. We have become so close many walls have fallen. You created a space where everyone could be themselves, without shame or guilt. You really have a gift to let people be themselves.
This also allowed us to learn with and from each other. Kerstin

“Your practical tips and your loving advice, when once again my mind and not my belly voice reacted, helped me a lot.

Your authenticity, your deep understanding and profound knowledge of Human Design, and your sensitivity touched me very much.

I am sooo grateful to have been led to you.” Melanie

“Wonderful – profound – life-changing.
It is truly a journey of discovery to oneself. With your loving, open, and authentic nature, you dove deep into Human Design with us. You gave us a lot of time and space for our questions and shared your deep knowledge with us.

I can heartily recommend Angelina to anyone who is beginning to explore Human Design and wants to dive into the experiment.” Irene

“I have learned a lot, felt with, cried, and above all, laughed. Finally, I understood myself and also my fellow human beings! Such a valuable experience. If you come into the world and grow up with the thought of being “wrong”, of being different and then spend a lifetime searching for your true self, then I can only recommend everyone to take an LYD course with Angelina. It helped me to understand my being finally. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are doing a wonderful job.
Thank you for your BEING!” Britta

Angelina explains with charm, wit, and ease connections that I – and, as I have experienced, the other participants – have been looking for all my life. She gives you strategies to navigate through life correctly for yourself finally. And yes, it is complex, and yes, you have to get involved, but you are accompanied so lovingly and competently that you find the courage to do so within yourself.” Sandra

“I notice that I can live my design more and more, and when I am frustrated again and don’t really know what to do, I look at the records, and my motivation and strength to believe in myself comes back.
And not only have I learned to understand my own design, but I also understand my family and fellow human beings better and better and can, for example, adapt my communication accordingly.” Saskia

“She captivated me with her honest and bubbly manner. She is truly an expert in her field, having been through so much herself and now living her true design through authority and strategy. In this class, I learned that I can accept myself as I am and that my design and any other design are beautiful. Angelina helped us understand ourselves better, as well as the other people around us. She has given me the courage to be more confident in any point of view. I have now taken the first step in the right direction, by authority and strategy, of course…” Elena

“I am especially touched by your authenticity and also truthfulness that you let us feel with every fiber of your being. It’s just such a big difference if someone really lives his design and speaks from experience or just reads something about Human Desing and tries to explain that cognitively. Thank you for paying so much attention to strategy and authority and so I learn more and more to live myself 🙂 and to bring my potential into the world … Thank you, thank you, thank you” – Andre

“Through the personal work with you, I also realized that in my life, I have very often gone beyond my limits (open sacral), and I do not really feel myself and my body at all. It explains to me why I threw up so often as a child after exertion and especially in sports competitions. I was not aware of my limits at all. Working with you has also explained to me behaviors that I exhibit, whose origins lie in my childhood. I have seen how traumatic experiences have influenced my life until today. Right now, I have the feeling that a lot of things are dissolving and are allowed to go, and in any case, I am already lighter after the first session with you. Thank you for also so empathetically reinforcing that it is not me who is wrong or even to blame for things that have happened to me. That was very liberating and valuable for me.
Thank you so much for everything, dear Angelina!” Britta

Dear (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR…. Do you want to unleash your potential and transform your life?

Would you like to feel REGENERATED, VIBRANT, and ALIVE?
Deeply connected to your unique truth?
Would you like to understand the mechanics of what it means to be and live as a (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR?
Would you like to dive deeper into your HD Experiment?
Would you like to find your unique path in life and
live your own unique Mythology…?

Then click on the button below and get access to the

In this (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR EMPOWERMENT PRESENTATION, we dive specifically into the mechanics of Generators, their aura, their type, and how to really live according to their unique Generator STRATEGY to release resistance and allow for more lightness, flow, and synchronicities in life and course discovering you purpose in this life while finding the right allies on your path.

Do you want to dive deeper into your Human Design Experiment, decondition deeper and live from a place of authenticity and the strength of your unique design? Well, then click on the button below to get access to the (MANIFESTING) GENERATOR EMPOWERMENT PRESENTATION. If you have more questions, you can write me here info(at)

Projector Empowerment

FREE BRIEF ANALYSIS of your personal chart!

1. GRAPH of your own Human Design Chart
2. explanation of your STRATEGY in life
3. brief analysis of your genetic AUTHORITY
4. your personal PROFILE = costume of incarnation
5. your shadow = your “kryptonite”; thus your stumbling block in the chart & in life= OPEN CENTERS!
6. overview of your VARIABLES
7. DETERMINATION= genetic nutrition
8. COGNITION = Your super sense
9. ENVIRONMENT= Perfect place that nurtures you
10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

For a life with less resistance, more ease and meaningfulness. Click on the image, fill out the form and get your Human Design Graphic & Brief Analysis FREE!


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