Open Centers – The 9 Centers of Addictions & their Solution

What drives you in life?open centers Human Design System

Is it your essence or your addiction?

How do you make decisions in your life?

Is the base of your decision-making-process fear or the wisdom of your body?

If we have addictions that dictate our life, we feel unhappy, exhausted, empty, and our life doesn’t make much sense because the fulfillment of these addictions brings neither long-term nor deep emotional, mental or physical satisfaction.

If we want to outgrow our addictions and thus also live our potential, we must look at our addictions and shadows. By learning about them and confronting them, we stop the vicious circle of addiction. Slowly we become free and more ourselves, instead of being dragged along like marionettes by our addictions and the conditioning from other people because this is very painful, confusing and far away from living a full life.

In the following, you’ll find a list of the 9 centers of addictions from the Human Design perspective. Which are yours?!

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Open Root Center – The adrenalin junkieopen centers Human Design System open root

If you have an open Root Center and don’t live your nature, then you have a tendency to be addicted to stress and adrenaline and the rush of life. Maybe you run around a lot like a crazy rabbit, you incline accidents, and you are always busy with getting rid of the pressure and stress that you take on from others. But the sad thing is that you can never get rid of that stress because as long as you are around people, you constantly are confronted with new stress and eventually totally burn out.

open centers Human Design System open root

The addiction to adrenalin can be expressed by some people in the ways when they do Bungee-Jumping or Freestyle-Climbing, to feel alive and awake through the adrenaline rush. This addiction also exists in daily life. The secretion of adrenalin produces a peak performance and a high in you, and you feel the pulse of life.

With an open Root Center, you can have kind of a hate-love for adrenalin. On the one hand, you want to feel how the adrenalin flows through your veins so that you feel vital and alive. On the other hand, you feel the surrounding stress, which you take in in an amplified way, overwhelmed and swamped, so you totally exhaust yourself. It can also happen that when you are exposed to too much stress and pressure, then you feel almost paralyzed and cannot act.

The solution?! Get to know your design and learn to distinguish who you really are and where you only reflect others – in this case, the stress and pressure of others – so that you find more relaxation and peace in your life.

Open Sacral – Addicted to Energy & Sex

open centers Human Design System open sacral

If you have an open Sacral Center, you probably have an addiction to sex, work, people, and energy. These are the typical “Energy vampires.” Perhaps you permanently have a feeling that you cannot keep up with others and try to deliver even more performance, BUT in the end, it is still not enough. With an open Sacral Center, you belong to the 30% of the world population which has little energy and cannot work a typical 8h day. Yet this is not your fault or even a problem, because you are not designed genetically for this and when you still try to perform like a Generator, you’ll feel exhausted, bitter or angry, you’ll get sick in the long run, AND you won’t get to live out your true expertise.

If you have an open Sacral Center, you are addicted to people with a defined Sacral Center because they make you feel alive and energized. You feel their Sacral Center in your Deign as amplified, and finally, you have a feeling of a massive energy blast. Being pumped up with that energy, you don’t know when enough is enough, and you permanently exhaust yourself and cross your own limits. AND you also cross the boundaries of other people!

Perhaps you think that you have a high sex drive, but with an open Sacral Center, you don’t have too much sexual desire in your natural condition. However, when you are surrounded by people with a defined Sacral Center who have a naturally strong sexual drive, then you amplify their sexuality and always want to have more of it. This addicted desire can lead to the fact that you are unfaithful or totally burnt out, and instead of regenerating this sexuality only exhausts you.

The solution?! Get to know your specific Type (Projector, Manifestor or Reflector), so that you don’t punish yourself for being different. Your addiction will slowly lose its power over you, and at the same time, you will come more into your strength!

Open Spleen – Addiction to existential security & feeling well

open centers Human Design System open spleen

If you have an open Splenic Center as it is shown on the drawing on the left or noted in my free short description of your Design, then you are probably addicted to feeling well and sacrifice your life for the supposed comfort zone. As soon as you meet people with a defined Splenic Center, your immune system gets activated, you relax, feel safe, and fine being close to them. This center has an enormous addictiveness, and if you have this center open, then you stubbornly hold on too long to people and things that are not good for you.

Because if you are close to the person who has a defined Spleen, you are in direct contact with the instinct for survival. It gives you a sense of security. The security that your life is not threatened and your survival is secured. With your open Spleen, you often would do anything to stay in the frequency field of this safety and well-being. Through your addiction, the other people can exert an enormous influence on you and manipulate you. Well, if the other person lives from his/her shadows. Because if you don’t want to do as he/she wants, then they can withdraw the security and their Splenic Center, and you already fall into a massive hole of existential fear. Then you are ready to do everything, only to get your fix again, exactly like a drug addict. Only your drug is not cocaine but the other person.

open centers Human Design System open spleen

This addiction and dependency lead to the situation when you allow the other to mistreat you, as long as you get your fix from security and well-being.

The solution?! By trusting your Strategy and Authority, you’ll learn to trust your self and your body and what secures your survival and keeps you healthy. In this way, you are less and less driven by your addiction – mostly by the wrong people – and instead, live an independent life!

Open Emotional Center – Addiction to harmony & feelings

open centers Human Design System open solar plexusopen centers Human Design System open solar plexus

If you have an open Emotional Center, then your addiction pushes you to seek harmony and intense emotions. You naturally want to have only the “good feelings.”

In most cases, the open Emotional Center is a sign that you are afraid of waking the “sleeping dogs” and you are very driven to play sweet and nice so that nobody gets angry and you don’t get totally overwhelmed by all their anger and rage. You do anything to maintain harmony, and by doing that you tend to neglect your own needs, your truth and you often live a secret life.

Oh, and how much you tend to avoid confrontations. You rather smile and act as if you are harmless and live past your strength and potential.

At the same time, you are absolutely fascinated by “positive” feelings. You are addicted to passion, romance, desire, depth, and burning love! You are attracted to those things like a moth to the light! But you could also burn your self. These foreign and amplified feelings drive you and make decisions in life on the base of the big movie feelings. Decisions which, however, in the end, bring you mostly into the devil’s kitchen, because these feelings primarily weren’t even yours.

Open Ego/Heart Center – Addiction to approval

open centers Human Design System open Ego

open centers Human Design System open ego

If you have an open Heart Center, your addiction consists of continually proving yourself and in striving for approval and acceptance from others. And if you don’t receive approval from others, then you fall in a hole and feel worthless, because you have struggled and fought for this approval so much! And while you stay in this deep hole of self-doubt and worthlessness, you suddenly turn against people whose approval you tried to win desperately. You become angry with them and incriminate them the control, arrogance, and of course, they never give you the approval that you desire so much!

For you, people with a defined Ego are an enormous fascination. The Ego gets hated, envied, and admired. This raw willpower that gets things done. What mind doesn’t want that?! This self-confidence, power, and value, which a defined Ego naturally radiates are admired and feared.

Solution if you have an open Ego?! The use of your genetic Strategy and Authority becomes your “lifesaver” so that you don’t drown in the sea of addiction to approval and striving for confirmation. This is a long process because the Ego is a center where we are the most deeply conditioned and hurt. But it is possible, and you can gradually come to peace with yourself!

Open G Center – Addiction to Love, Identity & Direction

open centers Human Design System open g-centeropen centers Human Design System open g-center

Oh the open G Center, I can sing a song about it because I also have it! If you have an open G Center, then you would do ANYTHING only to get a little bit of love. Maybe you always feel unloved; you feel very insecure in regards to relationships and love.

Then your primary motivation in life becomes to find love. This is the driving force of your decision-making-process. If you have an open G Center, you kind of took a course in the University of Life about love and direction, and you have the potential to be wise about love, behavior, and direction in life.

However, this wisdom can’t start to blossom as long as you chase after love! And that is not very sexy! If you have an open G Center, you don’t really know who you are, you don’t know how you should behave, and you don’t know where your place in life is. Your primary motivation is to find love finally and to belong to somebody finally, and to know where it goes in life finally! Enough of uncertainty, we hate uncertainty! We eventually want that our prince charming/princess charming kidnaps us, brings to the land of love and fully covers us with the sweetest love! Irony off! When we happen to experience love, we still are so trapped in this belief that we do not deserve love that we cannot accept it even though it nocks on our door.

What an irony, isn’t it?! We are addicted to love, and when we get it, we can’t accept it!

The solution in this love debacle!? Learn your genetic Strategy and Authority, so that you don’t have to live your life as a love slave or a twisted love pretzel. The more you trust your Authority and make your decisions based on that, the less the love madness will be a focus in your life and the sooner it is likely that you can also accept your prince charming/your princess charming, when he or she appears on your door matt!

Open Throat Center – Addiction to Attention

open centers Human Design System open throat
A beautiful example of addiction for attention: fake buttocks, fake breast, fake lips, fake hair, fake nails, false eyelashes, fake smile, oh yes and the Photoshop, and would do anything to get attention = Kim Kardashian. By the way, she actually has an open Throat!

open centers Human Design System open throat

If you have an open Throat Center and you don’t live your nature, then you are probably addicted to attention and permanently trying to pull the attention of other people to you.

You tend to speak without points and commas, and sometimes you are hardly able to stop. The funny thing is when I share this with my clients. First, they deny it, yet once they start to speak, I am hardly able to take up speech again!

Because you are afraid that nobody sees you, you tend to pull attention to you in the most different ways. Yet instead of getting the desired concentration, you get perhaps only a tired smile and are ignored and rejected even more, while others are annoyed by your desperate search for attention.

The solution for the attention-junky?! The secret for you lies in simply being quiet, instead of trying to draw attention to you desperately. Because what happens then is that others suddenly want to have YOUR attention and you finally are seen! How do you learn this?! By using your genetic Strategy and Authority! The quintessence of the Human Design System and of your unique Human Design!

Open Ajna Center – Addiction to be mentally certain

open centers Human Design System open Ajnaopen centers Human Design System open Ajna

If you have an open Ajna Center, then it is your gift. You can be a mentally flexible person and are capable of thinking in different ways. BUT mostly you don’t see your open Ajna as a gift, because you are educated in school and through conditioning of the society to be certain. But as the mental certainty and a fixed way of thinking are not your nature, your mind tries to compensate for it, and you begin to pretend to be mentally certain. And this is as satisfying and real as a fake orgasm. You do that because you feel insecure in front of the other.

You try to persuade others that you certainly know something and that you are mentally absolutely certain. And you hope that your supposed certainty is believed by the other. You tend to be dogmatic and absolute in your thinking, to feel certain and out of fear that somebody could think that you are “stupid.”

You tend to worry a lot, to eternally thinking about thinks that really do not matter and to control life with your head. And you want to be blood certain before you make any decision!

But your Ajna is not your inner Authority, and if you rely on the mental certainty instead of trusting your natural genetic Authority, then the foundation of your decision is built on sand and is not particularly stable.

The solution for an open Ajna Center?! Learn how to use your Strategy and Authority, to be centered in your body, instead of getting lost in your Ajna. In this way, the wisdom of your body guides you through life and your open Ajna can fulfill its job: to assess which of the many mental concepts are valuable, and which are simply bullshit!

Open Head Center – Addiction to Answers

open centers Human Design System open head open centers Human Design System open head

If you have an open Head Center, then you are addicted to answers, to mental stimulation and inspiration as long as you don’t live correctly. You probably get lost in the circle of inner monologues, and dialogues spinning around, and think about things that are irrelevant for you and even distract you from your life.

You have so many questions in your Head which are neither yours, nor are they essential for you but you are under pressure to answer these questions so that you can finally get rid of the mental pressure. The doubt and confusion of other people can totally overwhelm you, so that you desperately try to find a solution for their mental dilemma, only so that you don’t have to feel this mental chaos.

At the same time, you tend to continually search for something that inspires you and stimulates you mentally, and you make decisions on this basis of what you think you want to do or should do! But if that had worked for you and your decisions would have been successful, then you probably wouldn’t read my article!

The solution for the open Head?! As with every other open Center previously, it is the genetic Strategy so that you stop to waste your time with trivial mental pressure and instead get inspiration for the actual important aspects of your life.

No matter which Centers you have open and what are your potential addictions are, there is a solution. And the solution is a mechanical one, based on the wisdom of your body, that is expressed through your genetic Strategy and Authority. It takes away the control from the helpless and fearful mind and aligns with your potential, your life purpose, and your happiness!


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