How often have you made the experience that your own mind drove you to the edge of madness? That you were caught in your own mental carousel, barely finding a way out and certainly not a satisfying solution for the dilemma in your life? And besides your mind is “whipping” you in its limitation through your life and dictates what you have to do or not.

The byproduct of this is that you often make decisions in your life that you regret sooner or later. Whether you are in a relationship with a person with whom you feel unhappy, live in a place where you don’t feel healthy or have a profession that doesn’t enrich your life, but frustrates you or perhaps costs you your last nerve.

In the Human Design System, we distinguish between our Definition and our Openness. In our Definition, we find reliability, strength, and our authentic expression. In our Openness, that is just too often exposed to the conditioning of the confused and frustrated society, we too often find, well, the daily madness.

In the Openness of our Design, we are vulnerable to the conditioning, homogenization, and manipulation of others. Our Openness is a mirror of our surroundings and people that are there, but not the expression of our Self. However, when we make a decision in our life on the base of this mirroring, the result is frustration, anger, bitterness, and disappointment.

We find the openness in our Human Design Chart primarily in the open Centers. (If you don’t know what your Design is and thus your Definition and Openness, you can get your Free Human Design chart here.) The conditioning in the confused society has led to the fact that the mind colonized the open centers, so to speak. Instead of being a place of wisdom, our open centers became a torture chamber for our mind that gets lost in monologues and dialogues like a broken record, and fully confuses and misleads us.

Below you find a list of the monologues and questions of the open centers, which have a different focus depending on the center. Because if you want to live your unique truth, it is essential to learn these broken records of your mind that only distract you from the life as yourself, so that you don’t fall for it, don’t act on it and don’t bring yourself in situations that are not correct for you.

Open Centers: Open Head

  • I must find an answer to my question.
  • Who has the answers?
  • I must find something inspiring that I can do.
  • I must find someone who has an answer.
  • I must understand it!
  • What should I think about?

Wisdom: I can distinguish quite clear what is important for me to think about or not.

Open Centers: Open Ajna

  • I am absolutely certain, that…
  • What should I do with my life?
  • I need to be certain.
  • I need to be certain before I can do something.
  • I need to know the answer!
  • I wouldn’t like to share my opinion because I am afraid to be challenged.
  • What should I say?
  • How should I say it?
  • I shouldn’t say this otherwise the others will think that I am weird.
  • What should I do next?

Wisdom: I can relax with not being certain.

Open Centers: Open Throat

  • Will someone notice me?
  • I should initiate a conversation so that I get noticed.
  • Where should I go and what should I do or say so that I finally get attention and get noticed?
  • This silence is so unpleasant; I should better say something.
  • I should move a bit, and then I will be noticed.
  • I do not know what to say.
  • I do not know how to say it.
  • I can’t stop talking.

Wisdom: I don’t have to do anything to draw attention to me. It comes itself at the right timing.

Open Centers: Open G Center

  • Who will I love?
  • Who will love me?
  • Will I ever find him/her?
  • Who am I?
  • Where should I go, or what should I do to find out who I am?
  • I feel lost.
  • Where is my home?
  • Where do I go in life?
  • What should I do with my life?
  • Where do I belong?
  • Do I belong to anyone at all? I don’t belong to anyone.
  • Where is love?
  • Nobody loves me.
  • I should have a relationship with this person, and then I will finally know who I am … or I finally feel at home … or I have the sense to have arrived finally… I shouldn’t search anymore … finally …

Wisdom: There is absolutely no need to search for love “out there,” for myself and a direction in life.

Open Centers: Open Heart – also called Ego or Willpower

  • I must prove that I am worthy and lovable.
  • If I speak long enough about this tapic, then I will impress them.
  • I must impress so that I get loved and worthy.
  • I should have everything under control.
  • I should be brave.
  • If I have everything under control, then I can prove that I am worthy.
  • They think that I can do this, so I’d better prove that I can do this.

Wisdom: I shouldn’t prove anything.

Open Centers: Open Solar Plexus

  • I am afraid to tell them the truth because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  • I am afraid to tell them the truth because I don’t want to wake the “sleeping dogs” and get in trouble.
  • I am nice.
  • I shouldn’t say this because otherwise, it makes this person angry.
  • I should be nice and smile a lot so that they like me.
  • I am afraid that it doesn’t work.
  • “Yes, I’m fine/ok/great!” (Goes as an answer when they are asked how they are, even when they are full of pain and despair – quite often avoid their own pain and truth, and lead a secret life)
  • No, I don’t want to go there because then perhaps I wouldn’t get confronted.

Wisdom: I can experience the whole spectrum of emotions, and I will survive it.

Open Centers: Open Sacral

  • Limits? What limits?
  • I can’t lie down and rest; I have so much to do.
  • Sure, I help you!
  • Sure, I still can do it!
  • No problem – keep them coming‘!
  • If I don’t say „yes“ to this, then I can miss it!
  • I still have enough energy; let me just grab a cup of coffee.
  • I must find a partner!
  • No, this is still not enough!

Wisdom: I know when enough is enough.

Open Centers: Open Spleen

  • I am afraid that I feel inadequate when I do it.
  • I can’t do this otherwise I lose the contact and my connection with this person.
  • I don’t want to do this because I feel uncertain.
  • I’d rather not say it because it could make her/him angry.
  • I don’t want to do it because I’m scared.
  • I rather don’t do it because otherwise I could fail.
  • I’m scared to do this because I am afraid of consequences.
  • She/he could leave me.

Wisdom: I know what is healthy for me and what is not.

Open Centers: Open Root

  • What is the sense of my life?
  • What is my passion?
  • I should hurry up.
  • I must handle it quickly.
  • What should I do to improve my life?
  • I need something to be able to focus on.
  • I must be needed.
  • Who needs me?
  • Where can I go, where will I be needed?
  • I must start something new in my life!
  • How can I transcend these limitations?

Wisdom: I know what pressure is correct for me or not.

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What is the solution?

How can you get out of the broken records of your mind, so that you are not driven anymore to live out of the open centers of your Human Design, which often bring you only pain and confusion?

The solution is to really get to know yourself, in other words – your unique Human Design. To understand what your natural genetic Strategy and Authority in life is AND to live based on them, instead based on the open Centers and thus to be at the mercy of society, religion and media. Learn where you are vulnerable and open to manipulation by other people, so that you don’t have to act out of the open Centers anymore. The more you live out your nature and less your openness, the more your open centers change from the torture chambers of your mind to places of your individual wisdom!


Angelina Fabian

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