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Projector Empowerment 



The problem is that when people are new to Human Design and dont know that it is important to surrender to their Strategy & Authority and do not have to do anything with their aura or they get distorted und dumbed down information form the “Human Design Black Market” where they are instructed to do something with their aura.

Yes,the Projector is here to guide the energy of the other, especially of the Generator but it is dangerous when the projector wants to actively guide it by initiating from the mind. Then there is no wisdom in the projector. There is no value in the guiding. And it is freaking painful when a projector does that and he will meet resistance.  

In a way it is a dangerous statement that the projector is here to guide energy. It is totally correct in regards to its aura mechanics but dangerous if the projector does not understand what that really means and initiates and WANTS to do something with this aura mechanic.

It is not so much about doing for the projector but about being and being present and aware. The projector goes in, scans and tests the energy, gets information BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ABOUT IT.

You as a Projector have to WAIT to be invited to do a deep scan and then share. Invited to share mean what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel – all of that has to be pulled from you through an invitation. So relax and wait to be invited instead of pushing with a mental agenda to share what u see and step on peoples toes while meeting resistance and ending up bitter instead of feeling sweet success and being recognized for your unique gifts.

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