Projector strategy & the mistake the Projector makes: forcing the invitation …

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Are you a Projector and do you make this mistake in your Projector strategy that hurts you and others and prevents your invitation …?

OR do you know Projectors who make this mistake in their Projector strategy, so that it distorts the encounter with the Projector and prevents you from making an invitation and “running away” from the Projector … ;)?

In the following video, I address what mistake the Projector makes – mostly out of ignorance of its mechanics and/or fear that the Projector will not be seen or invited, whether on the job or in private. AND, where your magic, power and beauty lies, you dear Projectors!

Because especially we generators need you 😉 , but not as distorted caricatures of Manifestor and Generator, but in your truthfulness and authenticity. And for that your Projector strategy is essential and worth its weight in gold!

By the way, this info is also important for the Projector splits at the Generator AND Manifestor! Because the Projector splits can also be very painful, if you don’t understand their mechanics and the Mind uses the Projector split … Here more about the Projector Split.

VIDEO WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES: Projector strategy & the mistake the projector makes: forcing the invitation … (below an overview of the topics AND a transscript of the whole video)

Overview of topics:
Projector Strategy & the Mistake the Projector Makes: Forcing the Invitation …

  • Projector strategy: you may wait for the invitation
  • Conditioning through false education
  • The special aura of the Projector
  • The not-self always wants to be in the center, so the Projector ignores its strategy.
  • How does the Projector break the flow?
  • Projectors: The Zen Masters of this World
  • What is the gift of the Projectors?
  • When the Projector wields the scalpel & ignores his Projector strategy
  • But I want to be seen… the Projector speaks from the Mind, which leads to repeated Projector Strategy disregard and pain for both of them
  • How the Projector Strategy prevents the Projector from imitating the Manifestor and falling flat on his face.
  • The Projector Strategy AND Correctness in Business
  • The mental agenda disregards the Projector strategy, likes to push, and brings dissonance and bitterness
  • Invitations do not come when the mind takes over, and the Projector Strategy is NOT respected.
  • Success in business comes ONLY from relaxation AND respect for one’s Projector Strategy.
  • What we love the Projectors for and need them in our lives!
  • When talking to the generator, the mind must NOT be at the helm

Viel Freude, Inspiration und Ermächtigung mit dem Video!


Angelina Fabian

Angelina Fabian Human Design

Transcript: Projector Strategy & the Mistake the Projector Makes: Forcing the Invitation …

Hello dear ones,

This is Angelina Fabian and in the following, I would like to share an observation with you, especially with you Projectors, because I observe quite strongly how you often want to initiate an invitation, how you basically push your counterpart towards inviting you, towards seeing you, towards hearing you, towards acknowledging you. And your counterpart is usually a generator or even other people. And that doesn’t work. It rather leads to the opposite result. That your counterpart is irritated by this push from the Mind. By the way, everything that I say also applies to the Projector splits with the Manifestors and Projectors. But we’ll stay specifically with the Projector for now.

The Projector has its strategy. He may, he doesn’t have to, yes, he may wait for an invitation and this creates flow. As a result, it is seen and recognized by the right people. And for his design, what makes up this individual Projector, i.e. his centers, his channels, his gates, his deeper layers, i.e., the holistic layers of a design. For that he will be recognized and invited in consequence.

And of course, a Projector doesn’t grow up that way, that is, the Projectors are often pushed to initiate from an early age, as of course are the Generators, but the Generators are a bit more stubborn about it and they just follow their gut voice, which the Projector doesn’t have. So it leads to this conditioning that Projectors are more pushed and Manifestor to play. That leads to the Projector just with his aura, which is like a laser, it’s your aura that’s razor-sharp, like a scalpel, that means when you initiate and you run towards people or you want to push an invitation, that that’s extremely painful because you’re invading us with your invitation. And every time you push from the mind, that you are invited, that you are seen, that you are recognized, for you, for your quality, that you push in business for example, from the mind. So, now I also want to say something so that I am also seen, so that I also get customers, so that I am also invited. I have to interrupt the flow of the conversation now to place and position myself here and now, so that I am seen, so that I am recognized and so that I am invited, what you do with that.

You are causing you to be seen less, to be invited less, and most of all you are interrupting the flow of energy, the flow of meeting, the flow of conversation. And I see that very, very often with Projectors who are either not rooted in their design or maybe are still early in their experiment and don’t have the synapses yet, aka have the experiences in their brain that they can trust that at the right time they will also be invited and recognized and have a space to speak as well. The thing that you do then is you interrupt the flow of energy to place yourself to be seen, to be invited.

Yes, you Projectors, because of your open sacredness, yes, have the great gift of seeing energy, of feeling the flow of energy, of being seen, of being felt, whether it’s in the generator, whether it’s in a conversation. And the dilemma, which I feel very, very often with Projectors, if they don’t live from their design. My metaphor for you is yes, you are the zen masters of this world from this relaxation and calmness interacting with your counterpart, but your mind initiates out of a lack or a fear or a hurt and you then place yourself to get your time as well. So along the lines of, now I have to get on stage too, in quotes. These are all metaphors, now I also have to be seen, now I also have to say this, and now I also have to be heard for this. You interrupt the flow. You are here to direct the energy, but if you can, you can only do it by invitation. For example, in a conversation. Yes, when someone comes to you and you have a conversation. You have the gift of directing the conversation, the flow of the conversation, the flow, that energy, into beautiful channels, into deep insights for your counterpart.

But if you don’t trust yourself and trust that flow and just surrender to you and that encounter, but that you think he has to say something now, he has to place his opinion, his perspective, himself in the conversation. It tends to scare your counterpart away, andthat’s exactly what you want, to be seen and acknowledged and valued. That it basically does the exact opposite because you make them feel extremely interrupted instead of really having a beautiful encounter with you. That what really is a beautiful dance is when the Generator and a Projector are correct and the Projector stops pushing to be seen, stops pushing to be heard, stops pushing to say its thing too, but just surrenders. Then there’s such a beautiful flow between the Generator and the Projector, a beautiful dance and a beautiful energy playing with each other. This can be observed so beautifully, but only when the Projector does not intervene.

The Projector is then invited, for example, into a conversation with a Generator, because that is very, very often a Projector-Generator encounter. They are aligned to each other, yes genetically, built for each other. And if the Projector mentally initiates from any fears, from any lack thinking, from any – I have to say this now -, then something interrupts the flow here. You totally confuse your counterpart. And instead of you being seen in your wisdom, being perceived and acknowledged in your depth, and you really can sometimes get to the point with a few words, yes, get to the point of things. One has then rather the feeling, as if you constantly try to get attention, like such a small child, which hangs at the skirt tail of the mummy and says: see me, see me! I also want to say something, I also want to get attention, I have to and I have to say now what I think I have to say now to get a certain result. And just by doing that, dear ones, you interrupt the flow and you don’t get the correct attention or you don’t get any attention at all. And it’s like such an immense disharmony and a dissonance.

That’s why it’s so, so important for you Projectors to really relax, to sit back, to not try, even in a business context, to push, to initiate, to place yourself to be seen, so that you finally get an invitation, because your mind is saying, yes, if I don’t say this now, no one will see me. Will no one hear me, will no one see my value. So I have to say this now in order to…. Once you have this agenda, you don’t act as Projectors, you play Manifestors and you initiate and you play the distorted Manifestor because you initiate from the Mind. And even the Manifestor must not initiate from the Mind, he must initiate from his authority, not from the Mind.

That’s why it’s so, so important for you Projectors to really deal with it, to deal with what really means invitation.And that mostly makes the Mind, the mind of the Projector, unbelievably afraid, because he thinks: Yes, but if I don’t do something, if I don’t place myself, if I don’t initiate and if I don’t push now what I absolutely want to say now, then I won’t be invited. And then you cut yourself off from your truth at that moment, for example in the context of a conversation, with a conversation. And I work a lot with Projectors in different areas, also in the context of business. Projectors often feel uncomfortable and say: Yes, how am I supposed to stand my woman, my man in the world, in business? Stop pushing, stop pushing to get invitations, but surrender to your strategy. Wait for the correct invitation, whatever it is, for example in the context of business. And then when you talk to the other person, it’s essential that you don’t talk over your counterpart, because that’s often what Projectors do. You mind pushes then a mental agenda on your counterpart where they want to say something that they think they need to say to get more invitations, to be seen more, to be recognized and so on and so forth. That’s all mental strategy, that’s all mental agenda and it’s one thing when that takes place in your mind but you sit back and you don’t initiate from it and it becomes dangerous in quotes is because it becomes to your detriment when you listen to that mind and you start initiating from it and pushing a conversation.

And I had an encounter with a Projector last week, in an exchangeand I noticed how this Projector, and this Projector was invited into the exchange, and I noticed how this Projector was pushing mentally controlled and wanted to say very specific things to be seen, to be recognized, to get more invitations. And it interestingly enough, because I feel the laser of the Projector, it tended to distort me internally. It took me more out of my flow, in that exchange with that Projector, because the Projector had an agenda.

And therefore, as Projectors observe the Mind, observe your Mind. By the way, this is true for all types, but for you, as soon as you want something, you dear Projectors, and you want to do something to be seen, to be recognized, to be invited, then you initiate when you do something out of that wanting and actions come out of that. The Mind can want, but if you don’t go for it and just observe your Mind, popcorn and observe Mind. Notice, okay, my mind wants me to place myself here now. My mind thinks, I really need to say this one thing now, in the business context for example, so that I can be seen, so that I can be invited, so that I can also get more clients, whatever. You are doing exactly the opposite of that, because you are distorting your frequency, you are distorting the conversation, you are distorting the exchange, and you are distorting the frequency field of your counterpart. You have the most powerful aura on the planet. But as they say in Superman, with great power comes great responsibility. That means you have the most powerful aura on the planet. It is important that you handle it responsibly. And that doesn’t mean to push with it, not to initiate with it from your mind, because the mind is afraid that you don’t say what you think you have to say to be seen, to be recognized, to get an invitation.

You do exactly the opposite and that is, in the encounter you create such an immense dissonance when your mind pushes so that it is not a beautiful game of win win. That’s exactly what you prevent and that’s exactly how you cut your own flesh in business. The more you push, the more you want to place yourself out of the mind, because it says no. We have to generate and initiate and push and play generator and manifestor. The more you do that, the less you are seen and that hurts. It’s really a Projector whose wisdom is not visible and not correct, at least invited. The not-self world comes to you and may invite you, but you don’t give yourself away. It’s not really going to be truly sweet for you, this encounter, if you don’t get invitations yourself from the not-self world, that is, from the chaos of this world. That’s what I mean by the not-self world and the distortion of this world. These encounters will not be sweet, even if you manage to be heard and seen and receive invitations. That is then not the real thing and you then don’t really feel seen and valued by these invitations and it is then far from delicious again and you will then end up bitter again. That is, when it comes to business for example and it’s about being seen, stop pushing.

Every time I’m in contact with a Projector and I have relatively many Projectors in my life, just through my work. Every time the Projector wants to push anything to be seen, I stop seeing it. It doesn’t matter, male, female. Yes, I don’t see the Projector anymore. There’s nothing to see because the Projector at that moment is not him or her, but a distortion of a mishmash. Manifestor, MG, Generator and some Projector parts, because the Projector at that moment, when it pushes, acts like a Generator or Manifestor. But you are not. A penguin can never become a cheetah. He can pretend and try to run around the savannah with the cheetahs, but he will not have the same success and he will burn out extremely.

That is, in business, dear ones, relax. When you relax, your aura is nowhere near as threatening because laser aura, and we start to see you and you get the right invitations. Do business out of a relaxation in trust that the right thing will come at the right time. Instead of: But now I have to say this, now I have to block this as well, but now I have to be heard here. You are having exactly the opposite effect. And what, when a Projector always does that I notice how I withdraw energetically. This is a mechanic in the generator, because you then seem threatening to us and you are then just not so delicious in your frequency, because you push mentally.

The more a Projector leans back, that is really noticeable like magic, the more we taste you, the more we see you, the more we perceive how delicious you are for us and the more recognition and appreciation you get. So exactly what you are longing for so much, it’s about getting recognition and invitations, appreciation into the relaxation, and stop, especially in the context of business, but of course also in relationships: I have to do something to be seen and heard. Get out of this conditioning that you’ve been given all your life and really go into your power, into your wisdom, and into your relaxation.

Become the Zen masters of this world. But we need you to be Projectors, not confused Manifestors and MGs pushing their mental agenda with their laser aura on us. Because that is what hurts. And that is where you then feel bitter and confused again. So relax and trust by strategy and authority. I’ve been doing this, to be honest, for twelve years, doesn’t mean the day before yesterday. I’ve been deeply, deeply devoted, as best I can, to my experiment, to my strategy and authority, and deconditioning through that for twelve years as well. So I just also have a certain sensitivity to these dynamics that happen then.

And the more you relax, you dear protectors, the more we want you. That’s the trick. The more you push, the more we pull back, because the pushing, so when you push out of the mind, you then run after us with a scalpel and you then interrupt us with your scalpel or intervene or interrupt is maybe better said, intervene with our energy flow with your scalpel. You are doing surgery without being asked. That is why we withdraw. That’s why then it’s so painful and you end up just bitter. That means the trick is not to push. Strategy: wait for an invitation, the friendship and the partnership, in business, even in conversation. Of course you are invited. If someone is invited to a project or into a conversation, they are invited. Period. But as soon as your mind thinks, I have to say this and that in this conversation, then you interrupt the flow in the meeting, in the exchange, in the conversation, in everything. And you create a lot of chaos. That’s why in conversations you also stop following a mental agenda of what you think you all need to say, because otherwise you’re choking your words into the other person instead of trusting that a natural conversation will come out of it and a beautiful flow. And you’re choking it out, not like a generator. Of course, you can choke the shit out of someone, no question, if he’s not himself, but he does it with his frustration, yes, the Projector chokes it out with his laser and that hurts especially.

Okay, dear ones, my 50 cents on the Projector and the invitation and how it’s really when you know you’re supposed to be waiting for an invitation, from the Mind trying to do something, say something, initiate, push, manifest and generate to get an invitation, recognition, appreciation and get your stage, you create just the opposite. People pull away from you instead of you getting the recognition, appreciation that you crave so much. Okay, see you next time then. 🙂

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