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I have already written and spoken about the strategy of the projector and generator on my website and in my videos, you can find all articles here.

In my 11 years of studying Human Design (I am actually trained by the International Human Design School, a holistic analyst and teacher of Human Design), I have observed how the Human Design system is dumbed down, distorted, and misused. How either a new “new age tool” is made out of it or it is sold off, especially by so-called “business professionals,” and people are misled into thinking that they have to do something specific with their design or are not allowed to do it, or have to use their gates or channels or other aspects of their design somehow. This is all manipulative mindfuck by people who are NOT HD professionals and are not trained! It is just as impossible to use any of your gates or channels as it is impossible to grow a 2nd nose because Human Design is very much based on genetics, and therefore, we may surrender to the mechanics of our individual design through strategy and authority instead of mentally creating more mindfuck again.

There are so many people pretending to be Human Design professionals, giving analyses and even offering Human Design training, who have never been trained, but may have read a book once, or read info together on the internet, or often stolen it together. Therefore there is SOOOOOO much false information about Human Design that people, especially newbies, are confused and manipulated, AND their ignorance is exploited.

In consequence, there is also sooooo much misinformation about the projector’s strategy, so instead of projectors finally having their lives made easier, they are stuffed with soft-pedaled and bastardized human design mis-concepts and are again misled. In this, strategy and authority are soooo essential in our individual design, and if we are misled in this regard by the “fast food black market human design” scene, then the rest of the mechanics of a design will not work either.

YES, there is a QUALITY CONTROL from the International Human Design School. So if you are on the net and you are looking at Human Design, you can check here if people are really professionals or just pretending. Just enter the name of a person under this link, and you will see if they are trained and WHAT qualifications they have:

Yes, you have to study HD, and that is not possible in a crash course. An analyst study lasts 3-4 years, and it is not possible to quickly gain knowledge in the DEPTH about the human design system in a crash course. Would you go to a heart surgeon who has read a book and somehow waffled knowledge together? No? Me neither 😉 That’s why I don’t go to pseudo-professionals in other fields who don’t play with open cards and pretend to be something they are not. Because that is gaslighting and psychological abuse.

I have deep regard and deep respect for the Human Design System and for the founder Ra Uru Hu; that’s why on my site, I ALWAYS give you the original and not the dumbed-down version.



Ra Uru Hu - Human Design SystemHere are some wonderful and brilliant words from Ra Uru Hu, which hopefully will give you even more clarity about the Projector strategy and also the strategy of the Generator. Here is the translated quote from Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design System:

“Let’s talk about strategy. You’ve all heard about the projector strategy that you’re here to Wait for the Invitation, but that carries a certain kind of connotation. It’s not to be confused with the generator. Yet at the same time, there are some similarities.

The generator is here to respond, that’s its strategy, but Respond never has to be conditioned by something formal. A bird sings, and the generator goes, that’s a response that’s correct within the context of their strategy. When you’re a projector, it always has to be Formal. It always has to be Formal. And projectors have two kinds of strategies that they live out:
They have a Primary Strategy, and they have a Conditioned Strategy. And these two strategies are very important. You see, look, as a Projector, you can never be without the other, and you’re always going to be with others because they’re the ones that satisfy you. You’re always going to be with others that turn you into an energy type. That’s just the way that it works.
So the first and the primary strategy is to be correct in entering into any relationship. In other words, in order for you to enter into a relationship with somebody, whether it’s intimate, whether it’s work, whether it’s education, it doesn’t matter what it is, you have to receive a Formal Invitation. In other words, you really have to be asked. It’s something that has to come to you. It has to be very clear that it’s coming to you because you see that invitation, that invitation is only for the moment, and it’s only to tell you this is correct. Afterward, it all changes. It all changes because the moment that you go, okay, I accept this invitation. You suddenly then become a Generator, entering into the relationship with the other. And when you enter into the relationship with the other, that’s when your Secondary Strategy comes in, and your secondary strategy is you have to be asked formally. You have to be asked.
In other words, what happens to all projectors is that they cannot exist without the energy types. And at the moment, they’re with the energy types. They cannot help but deal with and be impacted by the energy strategies and the way the energy works. So one of the things that’s so important for you is that when you enter into a relationship correctly, that is, you have been invited and you go through your process and you enter into that relationship. The next thing to recognize is it’s not about waiting for any more invitations about that relationship. It’s about seeing that from then on, in order for things to be correct, in order for things to be transformed, in order for you to be treated with respect, you have to be asked. Think about that Open Sacral Center, please. That Open Sacral Center has a motto, and the motto is, Nobody has a right to control me. Nobody has a right to control me. Nobody.
That’s what the open sacral. That’s its deepest, deepest statement. Nobody has a right to control me to force me. Nobody. So that the moment that you enter into any kind of relationship or any kind of direction. From that moment onward, you have to see that the abiding strategy for you is simply to be treated with respect. That is, you must be asked. And in being asked, then you will be able to handle the conditioned energy that’s around you. Because remember something. The priority is how it starts. It’s all about how it starts. If you have the correct kind of relationship and you’re invited into that relationship and you agree to that and you enter into it.
The relationship you have from then onwards, the basis of it is correct. In other words, you’re not entering into a relationship, not as yourself. You’re entering into it correctly.”
Ra Uru Hu
Angelina Fabian
Angelina Fabian

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