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“Most of what is called the Human Design System is just an ‘explanation’ about how the universe works. The child’s version of it, if you will, so our very limited human mind can understand it. It’s still a vast science, but because it’s only intellectual and not existential, it becomes a trap for so many people who have been studying it for the last 25 years.

What I find hilarious is that it actually becomes a huge distraction and an excuse not to transform yourself. People are always so busy, and I always wonder… what for? Don’t they already suffer enough? And, still they go looking and looking for more, as if ‘more’ is the answer. They haven’t found the right thing, but still want ‘more’ of everything. They want to know this… and they want to know that… when in reality it is all about… less.”

– Ra Uru Hu, Founder of the HDS


In my 11 years of studying the Human Design System AND in the 11 years of my own HD experiment I have been able to observe how the human distorted mind often only consumes knowledge instead of experiencing the knowledge existentially. Knowing is NOT living, knowing is not doing! So often HD knowledge is consumed by many people, without consciousness and WITHOUT testing it in the experiment. BUt magic, alchemy, transformation and potential fulfillment does not happen through knowing, but through LIVING, through living and experimenting with your genetic strategy & authority. Therefore I invite you to dive into your Human Design EXPERIMENT! Surrender to your strategy & authority and you will EXPERIENCE how the HD knowledge actually mutates you as well, transforms your life and brings you into your power, but only if you navigate through life with your strategy & authority, otherwise the HD knowledge remains only in your head as a theory, without you having the experience that it can truly transform your life … 🙂

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