Ra Uru Hu – Channel 35/36

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Ra Uru Hu on Channel 35/36:

‘The fact of the matter is if it wasn’t for this stream man

would still be crawling up behind women in order to make

love to them. Because we would do it the way we always

did it as animals and we wouldn’t do it any different.

Moving through this stream we have found all kinds of different positions, and experiences, and some of those positions bring crisis. No question about that because everything, in the end, is going to be tried for the sake of trying it. If you confuse this with romance you are going to get shattered in the process.

If you confuse this with someone who is suitable for you in a marriage bond, you’d better be ready to have a very open marriage. Because that sexuality at certain levels – and we will see they are various as we move through the gates – has to be fulfilled.

The experience must be found. The secret is that it should never be repeated because this is where the problems come from. It should never be repeated. Once is okay, always, but never repeat it.’

– Ra Uru Hu, Founder of the Human Design System

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