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Ra Uru Hu on Profiles:

‘All lower trigram personalities, if they don’t enter into relationships correctly, they will end up abusing their partners in one way or another. They don’t know that anybody is really there for them. That is why for the first, second and third line personalities it is a much more difficult process. They are more internalized. They are into themselves. One of the most important things to see about your own profile is that if you have a lower trigram personality, your main work is on yourself and you really need to be clear about who you are before it is possible to enter into a relationship.

The upper trigram is designed to the transpersonal. They know that there is something else on the other side. So they play the game differently. They are not being surprised by the game. They are playing it. It is a very different kind of people wandering around. Remember something about the 1/3s because we started here with the 1. The 1/3 profile is all lower trigram.

For these people, relationships are always problematic. There are always absorbed in themselves and until they can be really clear within themselves, there is no way that they can really meet the other. They can have the other in their life but that does not mean that they really meet them. They can only meet them, once they are clear within themselves. The ability to look at the profile and relate it back to what you know, relate it back to definition, type and authority. It tells you what is the general way for somebody to enter into an intimacy. Like following the law of your own nature.

If you enter into relationships as yourself, you will also enter into sexual relationships that are for you. In other words, you get all the package together. It is so important to go back to that. It is so important to understand that lower trigram people will have a hard time because they are so busy trying to figure out why they are messed up instead of trying to find out through somebody else, which is an upper trigram process. “

– Ra Uru Hu, Founder of the Human Design System

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