Rave Cartography – Open Ajna & Open Ego

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OPEN AJNA & OPEN EGO     (Hier is a little excerpt from my rave Cartography course about open Ajna and Ego.)

People with an open ajna are always under immense pressure to be as “secure” and sure as the defined ajna. But they are not genetically designed to be that fixed. So then they end up pretending to be mentally sure.

They pretend to be sure as a consequence of living with or maybe even just sitting next to a person with defined ajna AND of course because they have been conditioned by defined Ajnas throughout their lives.

So when we have someone in front of us who has an open ajna, then these people are especially afraid in the context of mental performance, they are afraid of being asked a question, afraid of having to explain something, afraid of having to deliver a homework aaaaand to mess up. Because the open Ajna fears mental humiliation! That is the greatest fear!

Add to that the open ego and there’s a terrible inner movie going on with all kinds of defense mechanisms that make people initiate mentally and make mental decisions. Welcome to the rat-tail of the mental insanity, which initiates incorrect decisions and creates unnecessary pain and resistance in life 😉

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