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Defined and open Solarplex    (Here is an excerpt from my Rave Cartography course.)

If someone, no matter if he has a defined or an open solar plexus, carries old emotions inside for a longer time, like shame, guilt, sadness, anger, fear, trauma with its manifold cocktails of emotions, etc. and these are not processed, i.e. metabolized, the emotions and therefore the person cannot move forward, but the energy moves inward. We are stuck in the past, which negatively affects our perception of the world and also our decision-making process.

We now know that the solar plexus motor is about detoxification, so what are the ways to detoxify?

Crying – as Ra Uru Hu said: tears release pain on the cellular level – but also exhaling, sweating, eliminating, spitting, and release emotions and old traumas deep in the system Tapping on the meridian system is great. Tapping is my ABSOLUTE favorite method, because by working on the nervous system we reach all organs and work directly on the emotional hormone cocktail, therefore Tapping is highly efficient 😉


Get rid of old mud, and make alchemy out of it, especially on the emotional level, because then a way forward is open. And if that doesn’t happen, we feel trapped in the past.

If we detoxify neither on the emotional nor on the physical level, that is, in the solar plexus, then it harms all kinds of organs and various diseases arise, such as asthma, renal colic or renal insufficiency, stomach ulcers, gases, and other complaints in the intestines and digestion, and all kinds of dysfunctionalities in the context of the nervous system!

Now, if we have an emotionally defined person, then it is important that he processes these emotions correctly, that is, that the emotions are neither let out too quickly, nor left in too long and of course, the mind has no idea about that, but here the S&A must take the helm.


But if we have someone who is emotionally open, he must be very conscious of what emotions this person is currently reflecting, so as not to be caught in someone else’s emotional process, nor in the shadow of someone’s emotional madness, because it is a mirage and must be recognized as such.

As we already know, about half of the world’s population has a defined solar plexus and therefore has a consistent wave that goes up and down. The other half of the world with its open solar plexus amplifies this wave and if this mechanism is not understood, then the open solar plexus can be pulled into this emotional vortex and blindly controlled by it.

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