Rave New Year 2022

For years I have been feeling with whether to do an analysis of the Rave New Year at the beginning of the year, but so far my strategy and authority have not been on board and that is why no webinar has come yet.

This year, however, I have the energy to do at least a small overview of the transit activation so that you can see the themes that will influence the new year
But why I don’t do it on 01/01/2022 and instead on 01/22/2022?

Am I running a little late? Nope 😉

From the Human Design perspective, the actual new year does not start on 01 January, but every year around 22.01. This is because, with the Rave Mandala, which acts as a calendar, we can measure when the sun is in the first line in Gate 41 in the I Ching Mandala, which heralds the new year. In this snapshot at the beginning of the mechanical new year, the Rave New Year, we can see not only where the Sun is, but also all the other planets. Which I Ching gates will be activated, in which line and what influence it will have on our planet, the collective, and us personally.

Approximately from Christmas to 22.01 we have mechanically rather the energy of “dying”, the decline metaphorically spoken, the letting go and closing a cycle. It is not an energy to start new projects or to make resolutions, which most do not follow through anyway, simply because mechanically the energy is not available!

Rave New Year 2022I usually feel like a bear in deep sleep during that time! 😉

Knowing the transits and their mechanical influence helps us understand ourselves better and be masters of ourselves, instead of being at the mercy of the program that can dominate us and steer us in the wrong direction!

And for those of you who are skeptical about whether planets have an influence on us: You are aware that the Moon has a tremendous impact on our Earth, ebb, and flow, right?! And not only on the earth but also on us, that’s why we have, for example, the term “moonstruck” in common usage. And the sun has also a significant influence, which is impossible to deny. Because without the sun there would not be a scintilla of life on this planet as we know it!

And if we are at least aware of these two facts, then it would be absurd to claim and believe that only these two celestial bodies have an influence on us, but the others are dropped from the edge of the bed and denied. Each planet of our solar system has its concise and individual influence on the Earth and on us.

So, below you see the chart “The Rave New Year 2022” and below that, I have listed all the activations for you. If you don’t know your chart yet, get my short free HDS analysis of your design at the very bottom!
The limitation in Pluto is in again 😉

Gate 60.1 is activated in Pluto – so one of the most important lessons for this year is: ACCEPT the limitation, then you can overcome and transcend it. But if you mentally fight senselessly against the limitation instead of following your strategy and authority, then you will experience lots of powerlessness, resistance, frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment. Your strategy and authority are always your protection and anchor!

Well, that will be an exciting year! 😉 Am already curious how the different aspects will show up in the world 😉

Rave New Year 2022

 The Rave New Year 2022

The Rave New Year 2022

  • Sun 41.1 - Gate 41, Line 1

  • Earth 31.1 - Gate 31, Line 1

  • Moon 47.3 - Gate 47, Line 3

  • North Node 8.6 - Gate 8, Line 6

  • South Node 14.6 - Gate 14, Line 6

  • Mercury 41.4 - Gate 41, Line 4

  • Venus 38.3 - Gate 38, Line 3

  • Mars 11.6 - Gate 11, Line 6

  • Jupiter 55.6 - Gate 55, Line 6

  • Saturn 13.2 - Gate 13, Line 2

  • Uranus 24.4 - Gate 24, Line 4

  • Neptune 22.5 - Gate 22, Line 5

  • Pluto 60.1 - Gate 60, Line 1

It’s going to be an exciting year, isn’t it!? Many intense activations and influences for 2022!
And if you want to understand yourself better, so that you don’t become a flag of the yearly mechanical influences, but empowered rooted in your truth yourself, using the influences correctly for you, then we can look at your personal Human Design, either as basic analysis or if you already had it in the deep analysis! You can find more information HERE! Or write me an email at info(at)lifeforceliberation.com

AND you can get your free brief HDS report here!

I look forward to reading from you 🙂

Angelina Fabian

Das Rave Solar 2020 – Angelina Fabian Das neue Rave Jahr 2020

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