Reflector Strategy – Wait a lunar Cycle

Reflector Strategy – Wait a lunar Cycle

Reflector Strategy – Don`t initiate with your mind but wait a lunar cycle

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Reflector Strategy Human Design System
In the following article, I’ll explain to you the Reflector Strategy (watch the video version below!)
If all the centers in your Design are open or white, then you are a Reflector!
The Reflector Strategy is: don’t initiate with your mind, but wait for a lunar cycle!
Reflectors are absolutely special unique and mystical beings and they feel that they are different, but often do not know why or what that exactly is that makes them different!
Because nobody explained to them how special and different they are, they are often very confused and live their life full of disenchantment and disappointment!
Being a Reflector, you have no fixed definition, no channels, and no centers, therefore no reliable source of a personal Authority.
That’s why the Reflector Strategy is so connected to the lunar cyclen.
The moon moves approximately every 28 days around the Mandala, covering all the 64 gates in the Mandala.
Even though the Reflector doesn’t have any fixed definition,  we can see in the example chart that they have different individual activations in their design – different gates.
Reflector Strategy Human Design System
Reflector Strategy
And while the moon moves approx. every 28 days through the Mandala and thereby activates the hanging gates of the Reflector, it creates a reliable pattern for a Reflector that repeats itself every month. By following his lunar cycle the Reflektor begins to gradually discover this pattern and him or her self and starts to trust this pattern slowly but surely.
Yep, a Reflector has a very special and mystical decision-making process.
Essential for you as a Reflector is that you must be initiated to every big decision of your life and you cannot initiate yourself.
This is neither natural nor healthy or of advantage for you as a Reflector and will bring you only lots of disappointment and confusion.
When someone invites you as a Reflector, makes a special offer to you, whether it’s a job or whether you want to enter into a relationship with someone, this is the moment when your lunar cycle starts.
At this moment you allow yourself to take at least a full lunar cycle time to process this potential decision. At this time it’s helpful for you if you can speak with a couple of the trusted people in your life about the potential decision. And it is not about asking them for advice on what you should do. No, by talking with a trusted person you allow yourself to express your thoughts and find your potential truth in the context of that possible decision.
By doing that you’ll find clarity and suddenly feel this deep knowing inside you whether a decision should be made or how a decision should be made and if an invitation or an offer is correct for you and for your life, and if it is aligned with your truth or not!
If you didn’t find to your clarity after one full moon cycle, then give yourself time to wait out another moon cycle till your clarity gets crystallized.
In my sessions with Reflectors we also look at their individual moon cycle, so that they discover the pattern of their own moon cycle and have something practical that they can rely on in their life, how they can make a correct decision as a unique being, so that their life is impacted by more positive surprises instead of disappointments.
So dear Reflector, what do you choose?
Do you choose the red pill? Do you follow your Reflector Strategy and Authority, and get with it access to your truth, to your power and innocent and touching surprises in life?
Or do you choose the blue pill, continue to initiate with your mind and continue to live in the matrix, where your mind is your personal slave-driver and your life is domanted the confusion and disappointment?
Reflector Strategy Human Design System
What do you choose?

Reflector Strategy Human Design System

Reflector Strategy Human Design System
or positive surprises?
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ATTENTION: you can either read the article on the 4 strategies or watch below the entire video in which I not only explain the crucial importance of your genetic strategy but also the 4 different types of strategies that exist!
The video is more appealing and I am more amusing 😉

VIDEO: Why your Strategy is so essential and the Reflector Strategy

At the beginning of the video, I explain WHY Strategy is so crucial in our lives and later in the video I explain the Reflector Strategy!


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