Stop fixing and improving yourself because your Design is perfect

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Angelina Fabian (@angelina_fabian)

Stop fixing and improving yourself!

You are not broken and you were born perfect!

Follow your MECHANICAL & GENETIC Strategy & Authority & your true self will emerge, that was NEVER broken or faulty, your true self that has its natural unique brilliance. Stop fixing your open sacral to have more energy. Stop fixing that you were not born to initiate. Stop fixing your open solar plexus where you amplify OTHER people’s emotional madness and not yours. Stop fixing your open G where you will NEVER mentally know who you are. don’t participate in the OPEN EGO improvement propaganda and billion-dollar industry that tells you if you just improve yourself then life will be better.

INSTEAD unleash the unbroken REAL you that is plain perfect and start to align your life to the right people, and the right opportunities to unleash your destiny by surrendering to your Strategy & Authority!


I hope it inspires you to stop more and more trying to fix the parts in you that are not broken …

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