Strategy and Authority in the Human Design System
Strategy and Authority in the Human Design System
Example of a Human Design Chart – that helps us to determine the genetic Strategy and Authority of a person
After creating your personal Human Design Chart you can discover your genetic Type and thus which genetic Strategy and Authority you have!
And your genetic Strategy and Authority can guide you through life and help you to reduce and release resistance, help you to trust yourself more, to celebrate and truly express your uniqueness, to get in contact with your inner power and independence and to do the things you love with the right people in the right place!
Do you think that I am exaggerating?
Well, it is my personal experience and the experience of many other people who discovered their Strategy and Authority and started to live it and finally were able to truly trust themselves and life!
Strategy and Authority are the foundation of the Human Design System and your own Strategy and Authority can also be your cornerstone and anchor in your life if you dare to dive into that personal and mystical experiment!
And the great thing about the Human Design System is that it is neither a religion, nor a spiritual concept, nor a tradition, nor a belief system. The Human Design System is the science of Differentiation that can show you how you can mechanically access your body intelligence and awareness and through that get in alignment with your strength, uniqueness and your life’s purpose!
Strategy and Authority in the Human Design System
Strategy and Authority are at the core of the Human Design System
Your Strategy and Authority are MECHANICAL aspects of your unique genetics and you can sense and verify those two in your own body!
Because you know, we all are different and we all have a different approach to this amazing life!
Some should initiate, some shouldn’t.
Some need an invitation, some don’t.
Some should listen to their gut and some shouldn’t.
Some should listen to their heart and some shouldn’t.
Some should listen to their feelings and some shouldn’t.
As I have said we all are perfectly unique and different and we all have our unique access to our unique truth, to our power, our access and to life itself!
And to be able to discover that the HUman Design System gives you your personal map: your personal and unique Human DDesign and your personal Strategy and Authority and both can show you how you can successfully and happily navigate through life!
You don’t know your unique and badass Human Design yet?! 
Well then click HERE or on the image on the right, fill out the form and I’ll send to you a brief analysis of your personal Human Design and your Human Design Chart for free. You’ll discover your personal Strategy in life, your genetic Authority, your profile and also your main trigger points in life. Curious! Well, then wait are u waiting for? Click here and send me your birth data! 😉

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