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love experiment

When my kiddo was born in 2009, I remember that a couple of days after his birth, I was changing his diapers, and I felt so much love for this little tiny human, with these tiny little toes, that it made me tear up, and I felt this deep desire to be a better human so that my child is happy. I know that sounds cheesy, but that does not make it less true.
And, oh boy, did that take me on a journey of becoming a better human. My son is 14 now, and I have been studying Human Design and deconditioning for the 13th year and nearly did the same amount of time Trauma Therapy because I was severely traumatized.
I did that for myself AND my kiddo. I wanted to give him the love that I did not receive and did not know, a foundation in life that is based on integrity, honesty, loyalty, authenticity, values, joy, love, and a feeling of being seen and belonging.
Further down the article, I invite you to a little “love experiment” with your kiddo. But I want to share with you a couple of values I base my raising my kiddo on.
I want him to find his passion and purpose and pursue it, and I support him in that, not only with my heart, energy, and money but also by being a living example that my work is my passion, and I freaking love it and that it gives me purpose.
I want him to live a life of integrity and authenticity because everything else is bullshit and plain painful for us and the people in our lives, and it is also incredibly boring. But I have to lead by example; I do my best to be authentic and live in integrity. We must walk the talk so that our kids see and emulate it. If they see us lie, disrespect, pretend, fake, well, guess what, they will do the same.  Because frequency doesn’t lie, even though our mind want to convince us otherwise and if we are not honest in our lives, then our children get this imprint and experience this in their lives … I am always honest, and I can only have such relationships, no matter what type of relationship they are.
I want him to be an honest boy and one day an honest man. Thus, we have an honest relationship, no lies. We are always honest even if it hurts, but thus, we can trust each other completely. And what is life without trust? So confusing and painful, right? Real genuine honesty, even if it scares you or may hurt, is always the best and only foundation.
I want him to feel joy, so we dance and make fun; he reads English books while I call; we paint walls, we are silly and pee our pants from laughing, we cuddle and truly enjoy the company of each other.
I want him to be able to admit mistakes and apologize, so I do the same. And believe me, I am no perfect mother. I had a very traumatic childhood, and we were not taught to be good parents. I was able to resolve highly complicated algebra formulas but did know nothing about healthy pregnancy, conflict navigation, healthy sexuality, communication, or healthy parenting. We don’t learn the most important things in life. Thus, I have made a ton of mistakes in my life and in my motherhood, but I take responsibility and also tell my son when I make a mistake.
I am healing my wounds from my past and educating myself on how to be a good mom but also a good person, a good partner, a good lover, a good human being, a good analyst and teacher, and oh, and I take private singing classes,  so now I will be a good singer 😉 I just want to be the best version of myself for myself first, but also for the people in my life and also in my work.
Communication is at the core of every relationship; everyone who has a genuine and successful relationship knows that. Without honest communication, there is no trust, no real connection, and no genuine human intimacy, and sooner or later, every relationship dies from the inside. So I educate myself more and more on good communication and teach the same to my kiddo, so we learn together.
I have been raising him based on his Human Design, which is based on genetics. So we shut up when he eats; thus, his digestion works better, and he has no belly pain. We train his sacral response because he is a Generator, and he learns to distinguish mind versus body intelligence and that the mind is incapable of making proper decisions simply because it is not genetically designed to do so.
We use tapping when there is conflict and sadness or stress, and it helps us navigate challenges and healthily regulate our nervous system.
I want to give this child of mine as much love as possible because I know how it feels not to feel loved, ignored, abandoned, alone, and suffer from a lack of security, self-worth, and love.

The love or lack of love we experienced as children always impacts our love and relationship experiences or the lack of it as grownups… The lack of love sets us up for either abusive relationships, relationships with emotionally unavailable/immature partners, or relationships where we are stuck with a partner who is not correct for us, but we stay anyway and suffer in silence.  But the more we heal our love wounds from the past, the more we can feel and allow love in our lives.
So, I want to give my son a foundation based on love and integrity and be an example as much as possible because we want to walk our talk. Only talk is cheap, but leading by example is worth gold.
So now to our little “love experiment” if you have a child, but it is also a sweet idea if you have a partner; maybe you do both 😉 We often don’t appreciate the people we love enough because we did not learn that… So, let’s relearn and learn new healthy and loving patterns!
I found this post on Instagram, loved it, and was inspired to do that with my kiddo, and I want to invite you to do that little love experiment with me.
Every day, put a heart on your kiddo’s door and share how much you love him or her, what you appreciate about them, and how they enrich your life.
I will do the same, and at the end of the 14 days, I will share my image of this little love experiment here on my website! And if you send me yours, I am gonna share yours here, too 🙂
With every change, healing, compassion, and act of love, we can change the world, but only if we try 🙂
Let’s raise children who feel seen and heard, loved and appreciated, and fill their hearts with lots of love so that they find real and healthy love as grown-ups and don’t have to chase it, and won’t sabotage love, push it away and feel lonely as grownups, but will be in healthy genuine relationships that are nurturing their sweet souls…
And, it is never about perfection. Don’t try to be a perfect parent; we don’t live on the planet of perfection 😉 be kind with your self, when you make mistakes, because that is part of being human, but be also eager to learn from them and find new ways, that is an amazing gift for our children!

Much joy and expansion of your horizon with the inspiration and empowerment bombs! 😉

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