The Rave Solar 2024 – The New Rave Year 2024

For years, I’ve been contemplating conducting a comprehensive analysis of the Rave Solar at the beginning of the year. However, my strategy and authority were not in harmony, as I have been quite occupied with performing analyses and teaching HD professionals. Consequently, a more detailed video has not materialized yet :). Therefore, I would like to provide you at least with a brief overview of the transit activation, allowing you to see the themes that will influence the new year.

From the Human Design perspective, the actual new year doesn’t commence on January 1st but typically around January 22nd. This is because, with the Rave Mandala serving as a calendar, we can measure when the Sun enters the I Ching Mandala in Gate 41 in the first line, marking the initiation of the new year. In this snapshot at the beginning of the mechanical new Rave Solar, the new Rave year, we can not only see where the Sun is positioned but also the placement of all other planets. We can observe which I Ching gates are activated, in which lines, and the influence it will have on our planet, the collective, and us personally.

From around Christmas until January 22nd, we mechanically experience the energy of “dying,” metaphorically speaking, of decline, letting go, and concluding. There is no energy available to start new projects or make resolutions—most of which wouldn’t be followed through because the mechanical energy is simply not present!

And if we are at least aware of these two facts, it would be absurd to claim and believe that only these two celestial bodies have an influence on us, while the others are ignored and denied. Every planet in our solar system has its distinctive and individual impact on Earth and on us.

So, down below, you can see the graphic “The Rave Solar 2024 – The New Rave Year 2024,” and beneath it, I’ve listed all the activations for you. If you’re not familiar with your chart, then at the very bottom, you can get my brief complimentary HDS analysis of your design!

The current transits are the collective weather for the year 2024. To ensure you aren’t blindly controlled by these transits, it’s crucial to follow your Strategy and Authority. They serve as your anchor in life, preventing you from being externally controlled by your conditioning and/or collective energy. If you don’t live according to your strategy and authority, you’ll experience a lot of powerlessness, resistance, frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment. Your strategy and authority are always your protection and anchor!

2023 was a very challenging year, marked by many separations and pains. It offered us the opportunity to reflect on our relationships to examine whether they align with our values and whether they match our fate and destiny.

A bad and inappropriate relationship can overshadow our entire lives. When we live in such relationships and our children observe us – even if they don’t grasp everything – our aura cannot lie. It reveals at all times who we are and what we live. This is how we shape our children, who may unconsciously copy our relationship model, enter similar relationships, and suffer likewise.

The more we live a life of integrity, honesty, and authenticity, the more we prepare the ground for our children to do the same.

Many people are stuck in “dead”, empty, hollow, superficial, and dishonest relationships or marriages, draining their psyche and energy. Relationships, when lived correctly, are one of the keys to deep emotional fulfillment in life!

The “frequency weather” of 2023 has helped us leave behind much that does not serve us, mature through crises, and deepen our humanity and compassion.

But what awaits us in 2024?

Here is the video about it 🙂

If you are new to the #humandesign area, it might initially be challenging to understand everything. But we always learn, don’t we?! 😉

I could talk for hours about the Rave New Year 2024, and those who have participated or are still participating in my professional HD courses know that I can babble on about Human Design for hours 😄.

However, I am currently in the process of preparing the training modules for my HD students, and it requires all my energy. If you also want to become an HD professional, click here. 🙂 I am certified by IHDS and am authorized to teach 🙂, practicing the Original Human Design!

Do not be afraid, no matter what is happening in the world. Follow your Strategy and Authority, and you will be carried, protected, and supported by life. Twelve years into my experiment and after 12 years of studying Original Human Design, I can confirm this with a full heart 🙂 💚💛💚

The Rave Solar 2024 – The New Rave Year 2024

 Das Rave Solar 2024 - Das neue Rave Jahr 2024

Das Rave Solar 2024 - Das neue Rave Jahr 2024

  • Sonne 41.1 - Tor 41, Linie 1

  • Erde 31.1 - Tor 31, Linie 1

  • Mond 12.4 - Tor 12, Linie 4

  • Nördlicher Mondknoten 51.5 - Tor 51, Linie 5

  • Südlicher Mondknoten 57.5 - Tor 57, Linie 5

  • Merkur 38.1 - Tor 38, Linie 1

  • Venus 10.1 - Tor 10, Linie 1

  • Mars 38.5 - Tor 38, Linie 5

  • Jupiter 27.5 - Tor 27, Linie 5

  • Saturn 55.6 - Tor 55, Linie 6

  • Uranus 23.1 . Tor 23, Linie 1

  • Neptun 36.4 - Tor 36, Linie 4

  • Pluto 60.4 - Tor 60, Linie 4

It’s going to be an exciting year, isn’t it?! Many intense activations and influences for 2024!

If you want to better understand yourself, so you don’t become a mere flag swaying in the winds of annual mechanical influences, but instead empower yourself, rooted in your truth, and want to use the influences correctly for you, then we can take a look at your personal Human Design, either with a basic analysis or, if you’ve already had one, with a deep analysis! You can find more information HERE! Or, you can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂


Angelina Fabian

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