The unaware and bitter Projector

A couple of days ago, a Projector contacted me via Facebook, and his behavior was a perfect example of an unaware and bitter Projector. I am writing this article to show you the mechanics of an unaware Projector, which makes them bitter and alienate other people, instead of being perceived and recognized by others, which is what they so desperately wish for during their lives. As long as a Projector doesn’t know who he/she is, they go through life, making one bitter experience after the other and are mostly snared and confused. The reason for this is that: they are simply not living themselves and their own beauty and profound seated potential. They must first turn to their shadows instead of trying to run away from them or even deny them altogether.

This is valid for all of us, including me, not only Projectors.

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What is a Projector

A Projector is a being who has an open Sacral Center, and no motors have any connection to the Throat Center. Precisely because their Sacral Center is open, they don’t have a lot of energy. Therefore they are natural-born “Students of life” and not the “Working bees.” They have a great gift to see other strengths and weaknesses. They are in their element as Mentors, Administrators, Networkers, and Advisors.

Unfortunately, nobody explains them their specific nature and so from a very early age onwards they try to be like Generators or Manifestors, and try “to do” and to “manifest” and show up in life in the same way. As a result, the Projector is not seen and not recognized, and instead decays in deep resignation and bitterness. Why?

If a fish tries to fly, it will fail. But if a fish is in its natural environment and swims, it succeeds. The same goes for a Projector: if they try to be somebody else, i.e., an energy type like a Generator or a Manifestor, they will most definitely fail. In contrast, if they understand and respect their particular nature, they are a success in life. First, they have to be seen, and when they are, they start getting the recognition; they have been yearning for, for such a long time and which they rightfully deserve.

Now, what is the Shadow side of Projectors?

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The Shadows of Projectors

  • They go over their boundaries - cross their own limits

    Projektor Human Design unaware and bitter projector

    Very often the Projectors go over their own boundaries and the boundaries of others, without even being aware of it. With an open Sacral Center, it is difficult for a Projector to assess boundaries and to feel when enough is enough. They don’t really know where they start and where they end, and thus often pay no attention to their boundaries. At the same time, they let other people go beyond their own boundaries in search of attention and recognition.

    If one’s boundaries are not understood and not paid attention to, then the boundaries of the other people are trampled continuously on and often not noticed. That happened with the Projector on Facebook – I set up a boundary for him and told him politely, that I had no interest in any personal interaction or encountered with him. He took no notice of this, didn’t respect my boundaries and even when I blocked him, he used another FB account to contact me again and wrote a long message in which he trampled all over my boundaries yet once again. I had to block him on that account as well. No respect for my boundaries and my wishes, no respect, and understanding that I did not wish to have further personal contact with him.

  • Initiates and gives unasked advice

    Projektor Human Design unaware and bitter projector

    The Projector has a gift of “Seeing.” They have the talent to grasp the bigger picture. They see the qualities and abilities of others and often know the necessary steps that have to be taken, to optimize something and make it even better, efficient, and more productive.

    EXCEPT, – if the Projector gives you unsolicited advice and focuses on your aura like a laser, this causes enormous dissonance. It almost hurts and confuses instead of helping. Their partner is then somewhat discouraged than able to take the well-meant advice of a Projector and thus leaves the Projector yet once again feeling misunderstood and bitter. What’s their way out of this?! To live their natural Strategy and inner Authority, and wait until they are specifically seen and invited to share their perspective.

    The Projector on Facebook also started telling me how to behave, what I should share about myself and whatnot, and what he thought I should remove off Facebook. Oh how I love it when I am told what I have to do …

  • Permanently on the search for attention

    Projektor Human Design unaware and bitter projector

    Projectors who are mostly not-self are very needy and clingy. They cling to other people and don’t want anything to go wrong. Why? They have an open Sacral Center, and because of the missing understanding of their Self and the conditioning from society, they think that they are missing out on something and so they try to fill this empty hole – this is how they experience the open Sacral Center. They fill it willingly with other people, food, and sex. It develops into an addiction.

    They are also very much attracted to Generators, who have a defined Sacral Center because with a Generator they feel alive, energized and enthusiastic. The only thing is that all of this is not their energy, and when they abuse this borrowed energy, they can get sick and completely burned out inside.

    When Generators withdraw from Projectors and thus take their “Drug” – the vibrating Sacral Center – away from them, they start to panic, are almost scared to death and don’t want to let go of the Generator. They cling on to them and try to manipulate them. They would do anything not to be left alone, and by doing this, they only become “more unattractive” (not only on the sexual level) and even annoying for Generators.

    Because of their talent to see people; they are not only capable of seeing people’s strengths, but also their weaknesses.

    As did the Projector on Facebook – He tried to convince and manipulate me, so that I would keep giving him my attention. Due to my past experiences of abuse and rape – several massive boundaries were crossed, so I find his behavior appalling and almost a bit creepy…

  • Doesn’t feel seen

    Projektor Human Design unaware and bitter projector

    It painful for a Projector: because no matter what they say or do, they don’t feel seen. The issue here is that a Projector doesn’t give them anything to see. They don’t give others a chance to see and recognize them for what they are, because they adapt and bend into the shapes and behaviors of Generators or Manifestors, for them to attract attention. It is painful and confusing for a Projector and dissuasive for others.

    This kind of behavior leads to a lack of trust towards themselves; their gift of seeing – remains unutilized, and as a result, they sink into deep resignation and bitterness.

    It was similar to the Projector on Facebook. He was bitter, disappointed, and accusing me that I hadn’t let him into my life and wasn’t interested in him and didn’t acknowledge his abilities. I’m sure he has a lot to offer, not only to me but generally in life, but it was difficult for him to understand how to respect other peoples and my own boundaries.

  • Addicted to sex

    unaware and bitter projector Projektor

    The defined Sacral Center represents the life force, vitality, fertility, and sexuality. Since the Projector has an open Sacral Center, they reflect the sexuality and life energy of their partners. They not only reflect them, but they feel it amplified in THEIR OWN Sacral Center. Almost like a magnifying glass. An unware Projector will not understand that this is merely an amplified mirroring of the other person, which they perceive and feel within their own body. The feeling of love and passion is so intense and fascinating that an unaware Projector wants to “have it,” but all it really is is a Fata Morgana (an illusion).

    It might be quite tricky for a Projector to be in a monogamous relationship, as they will feel the need to have a taste of everything offered at the buffet of other sacral beings. For them, it’s unbelievably tasty and tempting. And they confuse this intensive mirroring of others with love and destiny or only the dependency on the remaining definition of their Designs. In turn, it can result in a lot of pain and confusion for a Projector, and the people in their environment.

What is the solution for a Projector?

From my perspective, it is beneficial for Projectors to learn and understand their specific aura, their particular role, their talents, and especially their Strategy and Authority with the help of a Human Design Analysis. Then Projectors can be a source of wisdom, instead of “and forgive my English here: „a pain in the ass“;) because the enormous gift of a Projector is SEEING. They see so profoundly and can visually penetrate the mechanics of Generators, who either bring them fulfillment, or deep frustration, and Projectors can be an enormous help and guidance in the life of Generators, with their ability to see and guide – IF Projectors live and respect themselves. For me, it is always very touching if I can work with a Projector in a Human Design Analysis and can explain to them that they simply work differently to 79 % of humanity when I can help them understand that they are neither wrong nor lazy because most Projectors will think that they are lazy, because they have so little energy because of their open Sacral Center and simply cannot keep up on the same level with a Generator .

When I can watch them relax and slide in their body and slowly capture and learn their Projector’s being and experience in their body something – it’s almost like watching something magical happen. It is so wonderful. AND the exciting thing is that suddenly there is an interest in them and they start to be seen. I can genuinely feel and observe it in my body during my sessions.

If the Projector relaxes during the session, my aura recognizes the Projectors’ aura. The key for the Projectors is to wait for the correct and specific invitation so that they start to be seen and recognized. And ultimately be a success in life as themselves. Because if they receive the right invitation to share their perspectives, a Projectors‘ aura will focus quite intensely and intimately on their partner – like an arrow – and can be essential guidance for others in their lives. They successfully step into their purpose by their wisdom being evident both recognized and accepted by the other.


Angelina Fabian

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