Trauma and the Advent of the Year 2027

Trauma and the Advent of the Year 2027

My 50 cents based on 12 years of HD experimentation and really hard deconditioning and trauma work – this is what I wrote to my HD students, maybe it will inspire you too:

1. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE TRANSIT AND AT THE SAME TIME THAT WE ARE MOVING TOWARDS 2027, it all comes crashing down on us energetically!

The 2023 transits have the inner monologue of high expectations, fantasies and castles in the air (channel 41/30). Add to that pressure to demand one’s needs (19/49), whether they are appropriate or not, and it’s another story altogether. And the high expectation that needs, some of which are distorted, must then be met, putting pressure on others. Another lens that the transits put on us is something is “fair” or not “fair” and expectations linked to that. Now if all of this is not met, it will result in a lack of joy in life (tro 58) and a crisis (Ror 36) AND in doing so, the Mind will blame everyone else.

If you are alienated from this, then you are slaves to the transits and not anchored in your true self, as Ra Uru Hu would say. This is my experience as well. As a 5/1 I can not only smell trauma and projections, I also watch the collective transits for quite a while and I can “smell” it when someone is alienated by the transits …;) Thereby I am my biggest lab rat 😉

2. With the intense transits in 2023 and that we are approaching 2027, much more TRAUMA will bubble up.

Why? The solar plexus is supposed to mature as a center of consciousness with 2027 and maturing and becoming conscious go hand in hand with confronting what all old pain is located there in the SP, whether it is defined or open. It is “blatant” to see how much trauma and how intense it comes up the closer we get to 2027 and spiced with the transits of 2023. The closer we get to 2027, the more whatever trauma is in the SP will come up….

As I know my recommendation is Tapping, I don’t know of anything that metabolizes trauma best.So if you are triggered, it’s no one’s fault!

Here is my trauma ebook:

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If you have a trigger and it kicks off a mental monologue because of it and you start to see the world through triggers and conditioned mindfuck, so you see everything distorted, it’s nobody’s fault and it’s always an invitation for us to explore those triggers and take responsibility for them in ourselves! 🙂 Not easy, but rewarding, because then you are not slaves to your conditioning either.

Triggers are an invitation to look at ourselves and it requires awareness and discernment how much mind and trauma is behind it and how we then see the world and our counterpart distorted, while the mind believes to see the situation clearly and to analyze AND to be right.

And it is important not to be seduced by the Mind’s expectations NOR by its stories to influence our lives.

3rd Gate 36 stays in almost continuously with small breaks until about 2026 … So if you are not rooted in your S&A, you will constantly have crises and drag others into it and blame others and the world. AND your strategy & authority is always your anchor and the most important aspect of your design!

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