What is the beauty of the Generator?

Dear generator, do you know what the beauty of the generator is?

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What is the beauty of the Generator? The Generator is due to its defined sacral, which is the vortex of life, the most magnetic of all the types, and pulls life to it. The Generators are here to respond to life, not to initiate with life! Responding or Initiating is a VERY different process and will lead to different results.

If the Generator responds, he will be in the flow, supported by life, reduce resistance, will feel deep satisfaction, and DISCOVER who he is and what his life force is available for, be it a relationship, a certain type of job or a book, a movie or a sausage, that he is supposed to eat or not. 😉

If a Generator initiates, then he DISTORTS life, creates chaos, dissatisfaction, and frustration, only to try to escape this frustrating situation and again to initiate something new from the mind, something new that the Mind THINKS that it wants and ends in the same circle of frustration, resistance, pain and suffering AND polluting his life and the earth with that frequency. If we want cleaner earth, then the Generator has to be clean in its frequency. If you as a Generator hate what you do, how will that contribute to a beautiful fulfilling life, how will that serve anyone and on a more transpersonal scale how will that lead to a clean and beautiful planet …? 😉 Everything is frequency … Some food for thought …

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