What is the ORIGINAL Human Design System about?

There is now so much dumbing down of Human Design that people forget what the ORIGINAL Human Design System is all about… I have been studying the ORIGINAL Human Design System for 12 years now, and the ORIGINAL Human Design System is truly life-changing… If you surrender to your unique experiment via Strategy & Authority, then you cannot avoid that slowly but surely you start to blossom. But for that you need the correct information because faulty information does NOT LEAD to empowerment or transformation but to even more confusion …

BUT with the ORIGINAL Human Design System, you get the original information that describes your genetic blueprint and propels your forward in your experiment and in life … So the ORIGINAL Human Design System is really the real deal! 😉 And on my website, you will find ONLY information about the ORIGINAL Human Design System based on the teachings from Ra Uru Hu!

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What is the ORIGINAL Human Design System about?

The Human Design System is the science of form consciousness. It is about learning to be aware of your unique type mechanics and living consciously from your unique body awareness that can guide you so that you go with the flow and are carried through life with less suffering and resistance instead of fighting against life and creating chaos and experiencing a lot of suffering.

Living from your unique human design is like living daily your unique martial art, where your body has to become a conscious thing. If you’re only trying to figure Human Design out on the level of the Mind without the experiment and awareness, then you won’t come far. You will know something intellectually but not live or fulfill it.

Then you are still lost in your open centers, and the conditioning and trauma will push you through life, remotely control you in those open centers and will drive you crazy and question your innate body intelligence that is synthesized in your Strategy and Authority instead of trusting it.

So I invite you to do an experiment and surrender deeply to your inner guidance system that we call strategy and Authority and see how you slowly but surely get a life that fulfills you.


Angelina Fabian

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