You are NOT your mind

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“You are NOT your mind, not this mechanism in your head that is worrying, thinking, and processing information. You are the consciousness having a body AND a mind. So dive deeper into that consciousness that you are, watch your mind, that is the spokesperson for conditioning and trauma. Be compassionate with your Mind BUT don’t act on it and don’t identify with its stories moving in the binary of “good” and “bad,” pulling you into experiences in life that IT thinks it wants. Instead, get familiar with your mechanical Strategie Authority and start to follow and trust it. As a consequence, you will discover that you will meet way less resistance in life and be more in the flow simply because life itself is guiding you, caring for you, and supporting you through your Strategy and Authority, and that is so freaking delicious and fulfilling … <3!”

I hope it inspires you this week to watch your mind, that is a part of you but that is NOT you …

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