Your mind is not your enemy, but it has the maturity of a 5 year old child

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“Your mind is not your enemy but has the maturity of a little 5-year-old child. Would you hand over significant decisions like relationships, jobs, investments, etc. to a little child? No? So, why do you hand over your big decisions to your mind? Your mind lacks the maturity, wisdom, and the genetic capacity to make decisions aligned with your purpose. The maturity, wisdom, and genetic capacity to make a correct decision are rooted in your genetic strategy and authority that are attuned to the wisdom of life itself.”

Many people who come to the Human Design System are fascinated by the vastness of the genius information that we can have about our design and our selves. And don’t get me wrong I get it, I have studied the human Design System since 2012, and I won’t stop that soon 😉 But what is really crucial to actually living your design and to truly experience the transformation that is possible lies in applying that knowledge practically in your daily life.
So as you should know from your analysis, the most important thing to truly live your true badass self is to surrender to your strategy and authority. BUT what is often forgotten is: YOU HAVE TO WATCH YOUR MIND = your Not-Self Mind, and if you don’t do those two things, you won’t reap the benefits of the Human Design System, nor YOUR unique and specific perfect human design.

So yeah, enjoy all the magnificent info about you, BUT don’t forget to watch your mind so that you don’t initiate form your mind and don’t live to the command of your mind. Your mind will hinder you from living your full potential and unleashing your badassery, but following your Strategy and Authority and observing your mind with awareness will truly transform you. ⠀⠀⠀

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