Channel 13-33 in Human Design – Breaking with Traditions

Channel 13-33 in Human Design – Breaking with Traditions


Channel 13-33 in Human Design – The Lost Son, Privacy and Retreat, the Wise Storyteller and Alchemist of the Past


The Magical Channel 13-33 in the Human Design System – Or: If you’ve ever wondered why you see things differently

Are you one of those people who sit in a room and perceive the atmosphere as “different” than the rest? Can you gather information from the past and turn it into a story that somehow makes sense? If so, I bet that the Channel 13-33 is activated in your Human Design Chart. If you’re now thinking, “What is she even talking about?”, then hold on tight! I’m taking you on a short, humorous journey through the fascinating Channel 13-33.

(And here’s an overview of ALL Channels!)

What is Channel 13-33 all about?

Human Design, often referred to as the Science of Differentiation, is a system that describes your unique energetic patterns and genetic makeup. The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science, providing us with a unique tool to better understand ourselves. A fascinating aspect of this system is the Channel 13-33, which connects the Gate of the Listener (13) with the Gate of Privacy (33). Each of us has an individual design, and the Channel 13-33 is a special part of that design.

  • Gate 13 – The Gate of the Listener: This gate is located in the G Center and is associated with the collective memory. It’s about listening to and hearing the stories and life experiences of other people. Individuals with this active gate are often very empathetic and can easily understand the perspective of others.
  • Gate 33 – The Gate of Privacy, of Retreat: This gate is located in the Throat Center and is related to processing the past and sharing experiences in a wise and mature way. It also has a natural tendency towards privacy and prefers to keep things to oneself until the right moment for sharing comes.Together, they connect the G Center with the Throat Center. Imagine it like a little bridge that goes from your sternum to your throat. 😉 When both gates are active and Channel 13-33 is complete, the person has a special ability to gather, process, and share stories and experiences from the past in a way that can help others better understand their own history.

What makes this channel so special?

  • Memory Gatherers: Individuals with this active channel often have a knack for collecting memories and stories from the past. They are like walking history books and have a huge treasure trove of experiences, both their own and the anecdotal experiences they’ve heard from others throughout their lives, which they’ve recorded and stored within themselves like recording devices.
  • Storytellers: Ironically, these stories are often quite private. They carry these stories and secrets with them always and don’t necessarily share them with just anyone. They need an invitation from the right person to be able to share this rich treasure trove of experiences with others, enriching and delighting them with their stories and parables. Individuals with an active Channel 13-33 often have a talent for sharing stories in a way that touches others and helps them better understand their own past.
  • A Channel of Reflection: People with an active Channel 13-33 tend to be deep thinkers. They not only absorb their own experiences but also those of others and reflect upon them. This allows them to have a richer and deeper perspective on life. An active Channel 13-33 can help you better understand the past, both your own and that of others.
  • A Channel of Wisdom: The ability to reflect on the past and learn from it is a key component of wisdom. Individuals with an active Channel 13-33 often possess a natural wisdom that arises from their ability to understand and learn from the past.

“Why do I feel different?”

If you have Channel 13-33 in your chart, then you know that you often see things from a different perspective. You notice nuances that others might miss. It’s as if you have special glasses on that allow you to peer into the depths of the past and uncover hidden stories.

Bullet Points – Quick Facts about Channel 13-33:

  • Intuitive understanding of the past and history
  • Associated with collecting, processing, and sharing stories and experiences from the past
  • Tendency to keep things private until the right moment for sharing, usually by invitation
  • A sense of being “different,” often accompanied by deep wisdom.

The Prodigal Son Venturing into the Vast World

n aspect of this channel is that the individual feels the urge to venture into the vast world, to break away from the familiar and the traditions, and to embark on entirely NEW experiences, thus expanding their own treasure trove of experiences, broadening their horizons, and sharing this treasure trove of experiences with others. We humans can’t all have EVERY experience in life. You’re typically not both a cupcake baker and an astronaut 😉 However, we often delight in the experiences and adventures of others, which expands our horizons (that’s why we have so many books, movies, etc.) and allows us to learn for ourselves as individuals and as a collective!

So, what now?

Now that you know a bit more about Channel 13-33, ask yourself: How does this manifest in your life? Perhaps you now have a new perspective on old diary entries or photos from the past. Or maybe you understand now why you always had the inclination to collect and share stories.

Closing Thoughts:

The Channel 13-33 is a beautiful and mysterious part of the Human Design System. If you have it in your chart, you possess a special gift for connecting stories from the past with meaning and purpose, allowing people to partake in your insightful wisdom. You’re not “strange” – you’re unique! And the world needs your perspective, which you can share when invited.

Now, dear reader, you know why you have such a special sense for stories. So, put on your special glasses and share your stories – when invited, of course, so you don’t cast your treasure trove of experiences before swine! 😉 The Channel 13-33 in the Human Design System is a fascinating and profound element that has the potential to help you better understand your own past as well as others’, create deep connections, and share your stories in a way that can be helpful to others.

Now you have a small insight into Channel 13-33. And if you don’t have this channel in your chart, don’t worry – each of us has our own superpowers. It’s time to discover your inner superhero, and for that, you can get our awesome Chart with a Free Analysis HERE and explore the depths of your Design!

Note: This article about the channels in the Human Design Chart was crafted with a touch of humor, as I LOVE humor, and is intended as an introductory overview of the “Channels in Human Design”. For a deeper analysis and consultation, I recommend one of my 14 Analyses, so you understand the Channels in your Human Design Chart in the quantum of your Design! 🙂

Much joy and expansion of your horizon with the inspiration and empowerment bombs! 😉

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