The 7 Authorities in the Human Design System

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1. GRAPH of your own Human Design Chart
2. explanation of your STRATEGY in life
3. brief analysis of your genetic AUTHORITY
4. your personal PROFILE = costume of incarnation
5. your shadow = your “kryptonite”; thus your stumbling block in the chart & in life= OPEN CENTERS!
6. overview of your VARIABLES
7. DETERMINATION= genetic nutrition
8. COGNITION = Your super sense
9. ENVIRONMENT= Perfect place that nurtures you
10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

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7 Authorities im Human Design
Power, Independence, Self Reliance
In the following article, I want to introduce to you the 7 inherent human authorities, of which you have one and that holds the potential to connect you with your truth, empower you, make you more independent and assist you to trust yourself more and more without a doubt!
But before I introduce the 7 authorities to you, I’d like to ask you how you usually make a decision in your life?
Do go into your head and think about what you should do?
Do you ponder the potential pros and cons of a decision?
Are you driven by addiction when trying to make a decision possibly somewhat driven by obsessive behavior, because you think you absolutely need someone or something!? !!!
Or are you driven by fear?
Fear of missing out on something?
Fear of being lonely?
Fear to never meet the love of your life?
Fear of not having enough money?
7 Authorities Human Design System
Are you running in circles?
Or are you afraid of being seen and then might be criticized and rejected?
Do you look for advice from so-called authorities and gurus, expecting them to tell you what you should do, simply because you don’t trust yourself?
Or do you maybe make the same decisions, over and over again, that generate the same pain, that feed the same illusions, over and over, and still you have no clue how to do things differently?
7 Authorities
Does fear run the movie of your life?
The thing is – we have many fears and even addictions, that dominate our life and thus our decision-making process, so we do things because our fearful mind thinks that it needs something. that it has to have something.
And does it work for us? In the sense that we’re genuinely happy? And I don’t mean fake joy, the kind of joy many portray on Facebook and Instagram, while they’re actually sad, frustrated and lonely.
7 Authorities
Are you chasing after money and love?
And how often have you eventually received what you thought you wanted – and it turned out it wasn’t what you had imagined and you were disappointed or frustrated and were convinced that now something else must be the answer to your longing and chased that just to find out it was yet another mistake?
7 Authorities Human Design System
Have you ever regretted your decisions? In the context of your relationship, your career, your health, etc?
Or you even experienced making certain decisions you then regretted, while you had been previously convinced it is exactly what you wanted and needed.
All that sounds incredibly exhausting and nerve-wracking, doesn’t it? And who has the time to waste their precious life force with things, jobs and people who are just not the right fit for us!
I do not know about you, but I don’t!
Wouldn’t it be better to invest our time into the correct people, the correct career and the correct projects for us?
And the thing is, that our anxious mind is always moving within a binary system of “everything is great!” and “it’s all crap!”
7 Authorities Human Design System
Your mind is always telling you stories and tries to manipulate you and other people simply cause he is always in fear and thus not a reliable adviser!
Have you ever observed your mind, how it’s constantly telling you stories, how bad and horrible everything is, or how awesome and great everything is – and ultimately doesn’t see how things really are – or just gets a mere fraction of reality.
Even what we normally label as love moves within a binary – we either love someone abysmally, are convinced they’re the only true love and project all our childish longings onto that person and then we hate them for not fulfilling all these childish needs and the projections have nothing to do with the reality! But we blame the other, and are convinced it is all their fault! 😉
Have you ever experienced anything like that? Well, most people have experienced a similar situation – if they’re honest with themselves.
7 Authorities Human Design System
Fear, addictions and trauma experiences dominate our mind and thus our decision-making process as long as we do not live our true self through Strategy and Authority!
And because we constantly make decisions with our mind that is driven by fears and addictions and old traumas on one hand and that is completely overwhelmed on the other hand and lacks any clue what’s good for us and our life,we change our mind more often than our underwear and become very susceptible to manipulation and get led astray!.
We give away our authority. Either to other people, institutions, or our mind, and no one of those just mentioned is capable to make the correct decision for US.
Our mind manipulates others and mostly ourselves and wants to make us believe that we need something, based on certain fears and addictions and stories! And that’s exactly what drives us into madness, into pain and despair and frustration and rage and disappointment and and and …
…  ay caramba!
Exhausting, isn’t it?
And what if there was an instance within you that you could trust. An instance within you, that shows you what’s correct for you or not and shows you what the correct decision is for YOU!
Well, the good news is – that instance really does exist! It exists right within you! And this instance is so much wiser than the limited mind. I know mine and it’s one of the best feelings and one of the best experiences in this existence when I can trust myself and this inner instance completely!
7 Autoritäten im Human Design
We can always trust our genetic Authority and it realigns us with your purpose, our truth, and our correct life path!
And this inner Instance is our genetic authority.
There are in total 7 Authorities in the Human Design System and every human being has its own genetic Authority that can show him or her on the mechanical level what is correct for him or her and how this human being should make decision ins his life!
When we begin to drop the stories in our heads, stop initiating from our mind, stop making decisions based on the limitation, addiction and fear our mind and our shadow and instead put the process of decision-making into the hands of our genetic authority, then we will experience as a results an enormous relief and relaxation in our head, our body, our feelings, and thus our life.
Because when you make correct decisions, that are in alignment with your truth and your life’s path, you experience much less resistance in your life – your life is more in flow, you’re more satisfied, at peace, successful and you experience wonderful surprises in life. But if you are not operating correctly according to your inner genetic Authority you have the feeling that someone threw sand into the gearbox of your life and everything seems arduous and tough and sometimes even pointless and you feel frustrated, angry, bitter and deeply disappointed!
7 Autoritäten im Human Design
Our genetic Authority is our protection!
And our genetic authority is simultaneously protection for us. Protection from the wrong people, protection from wrong jobs, protection from the wrong place, protection from the wrong path of life, from the wrong influence and the wrong conditioning.
For wrong conditioning is like a computer program.
The correct program improves your bio-computer and makes it more efficient, but the wrong program will result in a lot of crap, malfunction and loads of bugs and viruses!
So do you want me to introduce the 7 Authorities to you? The 7 Authorities, that can empower you, that can make you more independent, more alive and satisfied, offer you a reliable anchor in your life and bring you into a deeper alignment with your truth, so you have the right people in your life, the right career and are in a correct living environment?
And do you want to know what YOUR genetic Authority is? Your inner guru so to speak, who helps you to become an independent and powerful individual, rooted in deep self-trust and more self-love?!
Well, so buckle up and let’s go!
7 Autoritäten im Human Design
If you start to trust your genetic Strategy and Authority then u unleash so much buried potential, your true power, and your unique beauty!
In case you don’t know your personal unique human design, grab a free and short analysis of your personal human design here.
So, according to the Human Design System, there are 7  Authorities that are based on your genetics. Each of the 7 Authority operates in their unique way and in their own unique frequency.
And when we place our lives and our unique decision-making process into the hands of our body intelligence which expresses itself in a mechanical way in our genetic Strategy and Authority, our life is truly transformed in a mechanical way and get more and more access to our power and beauty.
In the context of our genetic Strategy, our personal Authority shows us how we can make a decision mechanically using the wisdom of our body that is in alignment with our life.

7 Authorities Human Design System

In THIS video you can find you what your personal Strategy in life is!
In the following, I will give a short overview of the 7 Authorities.
–> Emotional Authority – Click here!
–> Sacral – Authority – Click here!
–> Spleenic Authority – Click here!
–> Ego Authority – Click here!
–> G-Center Authority – Click here!
–> “Mental” Authority
–> Lunar Authority

ATTENTION: you can either read the article on the 7 Authorities or watch below the entire video in which I not only explain the crucial importance of the 7 Authorities but also the 7 different types of Authorities that exist!
The video is more appealing and I am more amusing 😉

VIDEO: The 7 Authorities in the Human Design System


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