Human Design 3/6 Profile – Martyr Role Model

Discover the Human Design 3/6 Profile! People with the Human Design 3/6 profile have the potential of a role model who can lead others to progress with objectivity from the wisdom of their own mistakes

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6. overview of your VARIABLES
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10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

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Human Design 3/6 Profile – Martyr Role Model

With the 3/6 profile, we get, for the first time, to a profile with the line 6. People with a profile that contains a 6 (like 3/6, 4/6, 6/2 and 6/3) have all one thing in common: their life consists of three parts.
The first part of their life corresponds to about the first 30 years of life. Instead of perfection being their natural focus within this time, this person experiences a very challenging time in their life that is characterized by trial and error and by many things that don’t work. But this is nothing „bad“ or „negative,“ just a part of your learning process about life.

From the 30th life-year up to the 50th, every profile that contains the 6 takes a figurative ladder and climbs up on the „roof of life.“ In these 20 years, people with a 6 in their profile seem a bit reserved and unapproachable.

It is as if they had a sort of filter that blurs life for them, so they don’t feel so affected by life, even while they stand in the middle of life – be it with a family, job, friends, etc. In this second part of their life, they have an observer’s position and hold a higher perspective on life, where they also recover from the tumultuous first 30 years of their life experience, where nothing seemed to work.

From the 50th year of life and the beginning of their third phase of life, they climb down from the „roof of life, “ and suddenly they aren’t detached from life, but smack in the middle and everything seems to be much more intense and direct. This is the phase of life when people with a 6 in their profile literally blossom, and find deep fulfillment as a role model for themselves and unfold their purpose as objective leaders WHEN they follow their genetic strategy and authority in life.

The 3/6 profile will repeatedly go – thanks to line 3 – through phases of trial and error. Often they become very pessimistic about life itself, as it seems to them they would always just make mistakes and continually be bumped into something by life that DOESN’T work. But their life is a journey where they – in accordance with the coherence of their whole design – discover all the things that don’t work and tear it all down – be it relationships, jobs, friendships, mental concepts, ideologies, etc. AND finally discover, what really has substance and reason to guide us from their 50th life-year onward full of optimism and objectivity.

It is crucial for a 3/6 profile – and all profiles that contain a 3 – to understand, that their genetics have the critical function to see and to smell and to feel, what’s wrong and what contains little truth. They discover this through the process of trial and error. The error doesn’t show just them, but all of us what really works and what doesn’t.

(These are general statements about this profile, precise statements and how the profile expresses itself in the life of an individual can only be made, when the profile is being considered in the general context of the particular Human Design chart. If you’d like to understand and also live your Profile and your Human Desing more deeply, click HERE!)

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Angelina Fabian

People with the 3/6 profile are potential role models, that can lead others through the wisdom of their own mistakes with objectivity to progress.

Here, you can find our expanded version of the Human Design 3/6 Profile! Enjoy!

The Human Design 3/6 profile combines the dynamic and experiential nature of the Martyr (Line 3) with the overarching perspective of the Role Model (Line 6). This unique composition creates individuals characterized by a continuous process of learning from personal experiences and mistakes, while simultaneously being destined to evolve into wise and influential figures who can serve as examples for others. People with this profile are on a life journey marked by both intense phases of experience and periods of observation and reflection.

The third line, the Martyr, fosters an experimental approach to life in 3/6 individuals, where they learn through trial and error. These individuals are often engaged in processes of testing and adjusting, meaning they regularly face challenges and learn from setbacks. These experiences are invaluable as they provide 3/6 individuals with a robust practical orientation and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

The sixth line, the Role Model, introduces a phase of detachment and reflection, especially after the first half of life, often marked by the Saturn return. During this time, individuals with a 3/6 profile begin to withdraw from direct involvement in the experimental process and assume an observer role. From this distance, they gain valuable insights and develop a wiser, overarching perspective on life, allowing them to act as role models for others.

Thus, the Human Design 3/6 profile is characterized by a life journey that unites intensive learning experiences with periods of reflection and wisdom. These individuals must learn to align their practical experiences with their role as mentors or exemplars and find a way to share their profound insights with others.

In relationships, 3/6 profiles bring a mix of a desire for adventure and stability. While they may seek new experiences in their experimental phase, they later develop a deeper understanding of long-term commitments and the importance of trust and support. They need partners who understand and appreciate their unconventional approach to life and their developmental journey towards becoming wise and influential personalities.

In summary, the Human Design 3/6 profile offers a fascinating combination of the ability to learn through personal challenges and experiments and the subsequent evolution into an inspiring personality. Individuals with this profile are called to influence through their experiences and the insights derived from them, serving as a source of inspiration and practical advice for their communities.

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