Mental Authority

Mental Authority

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1. GRAPH of your own Human Design Chart
2. explanation of your STRATEGY in life
3. brief analysis of your genetic AUTHORITY
4. your personal PROFILE = costume of incarnation
5. your shadow = your “kryptonite”; thus your stumbling block in the chart & in life= OPEN CENTERS!
6. overview of your VARIABLES
7. DETERMINATION= genetic nutrition
8. COGNITION = Your super sense
9. ENVIRONMENT= Perfect place that nurtures you
10. MOTIVATION = Wisdom of your mind
11. SENSE = Awareness of your mind
12. TRANSFERENCE = Your sirens

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Mental Authority
The solar plex, the sacral, the spleen, the ego, and the G-center are open AND your Ajna es either defined over your head or your throat or both thus you have a Mental Authority
In the following article, I will give you a brief overview of the Mental Authority in the Human Design System. You can have the Mental Authority only as a projector and only if your solar plexus as well as your sacral, your spleen, your ego, and your g center are open and hence white in your chart.
Mental Authority Human Design System
Having a Mental Authority does not equate to making decisions with your mind – it is called the Mental Authority because your sacral solar plex, spleen, ego, and G-center are open BUT your Ajna is defined
The Mental Authority is very rare and if you as a Projector have the so-called Mental Authority it does not mean at all that you are supposed to decisions with your head and your mind. Nope!
Mental Authority Human Design System
As a Mental Projector, you have a huge potential fur a lot of exquisite wisdom!
When you understand your Strategy as a Projector and your Authority, you’ve got the potential for genius wisdom.
But before it’s even about making a decision in your life, it’s important for you to be in the right place with your open G center.
When you’re in the wrong place, you aren’t yourself, as you’re mirroring tremendously your environment – and if it’s the wrong environment, life feels broken. In the right place, you feel aligned with life itself and everything is easier!
And when it’s about making a decision, it’s important for you, too, to have some close confidants with whom you can talk about a potential decision.
Mental Authority Human Design System
Talk to a couple of trusted people and use them as a soundboard to make the right decision for you!
However it is not about them giving you advice and telling you what you should do, but for you to use them as a sounding board, while you listen to yourself pondering!
As weird as that may sound – this way your truth will crystallize itself and you’ll find out for yourself who or what is correct for you and how a decision should be made!
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ATTENTION: you can either read the article on the 7 Authorities or watch below the entire video in which I not only explain the crucial importance of the 7 Authorities but also the 7 different types of Authorities that exist!
The video is more appealing and I am more amusing 😉

VIDEO: The 7 Authorities and the Mental Authority

At the Beginning of the video, I elaborate on why your genetic Authority is so crucial and later in the video I will explain the mechanism of the Mental Authority.


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