Projector Strategy – Wait for the Invitation

Projector Strategy – Wait for the Invitation

Projector Strategy – Don’t initiate with your mind but wait for the correct invitation

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Projector Strategy Human Design System
In the following article, I will explain to you the Projector Strategy.
If the Sacral center is open or white in your Chart, then you are definitely not a Generator, and you are either a Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector.
But what differentiates a Projector from the other types with an open sacral is not only the fact that he has an open sacral but also none of the 4 motors in the Chart, logically neither the Sacral, nor the Root center, or the Ego, or the Solar Plexus center is connected to the Throat – neither in a direct or indirect way.
The Projector Strategy is: don’t initiate from your mind but wait for an invitation. For the Projector, it is ALL about recognition! To be recognized by the other and also to recognize the other!
Oh and this is so confusing and difficult for most Projectors who have been conditioned during their lives to initiate permanently from their mind and their openness so that they don’t live out their nature and strength nor their truth, nor their real and unique potential!
And not only that, by being ignorant of their true nature and living from their shadow they feel incredibly wrong and bitter and confused and don’t understand why they encounter so much rejection, resistance, and misunderstanding, instead of having success in life and finally being recognized and seen in their essence and core.
However, Projectors have incredible potential. Oh, I have Projector friends and what they see is fantastic! And when being correct, they can see us at the core of our essence.
Projector Strategy Human Design System
Projectors = Students of life
Projectors are the born students of life; they are potentially the best coaches, mediators, therapists, and administrators IF they are operating correctly as themselves and THUS are able to “read” and see the other correctly. They are like living scanner scanning and reading the frequency field of the other. They are like zen masters, who can give us enormous assistance and guidance on how to improve our lives and use our life force more efficiently and intelligently.
BUT we must first recognize them for their specific gifts and leadership and invite them so that they can share it with us.
Projector Strategy Human Design System
A perfect visual example of a needy Projector
However, if a Projector is running around like a crazy chicken, continually seeking and demanding attention, initiating permanently and giving unsolicited advice, probably endlessly talking, because he is so hungry for attention, then the Projector is not seen for his sincere and exceptional talents and abilities.
Projector Strategy Human Design System
If a Projector is not living accordingly to his Projector Strategy, he feels to the other like an energy vampire!
Because the only thing that people get to see is the distorted energy field of a Projector, which is continuously pulling and nagging on the Generators aura and thus sucking them empty and tired and creating a lot of frequency pain, he creates this resistance and frequency pain in the other simply because the Projector focuses with his full laser-like Projector aura on the other person WITHOUT being invited in the first place. Simple because he did not follow his Projector strategy of waiting for an invitation!
Oh and that freaking hurts, and I know that from my own experience!
When a Projector doesn’t follow his Strategy, doesn’t wait for an invitation, but initiates his life permanently with the mind, then he creates so much chaos in his life and instead of feeling successful and living his potential, he gets rejected as a freak, he has a feeling that nobody sees him, and nobody wants him, and they feel very bitter!
Projector Strategy Human Design System
Projector Strategy – Wait for the invitation
But when a Projector begins to understand how special he truly is and what fantastic power he has, and at the same time begins to follow his Projector Strategy and thus waits for the correct invitations in his life, then a real transformation happens in a Projector: he is finally seen, finally recognized and he finally is successful in his unique genetic configuration.
The solution for the Projector dilemma, namely their bitterness, and for reaching more success in their life, it is essential NOT to initiate with their mind, but to wait for an invitation. And not only to get an invitation to share their enormous potential, but also an invitation for the correct job,  the correct relationship, and the correct living place.
If you are a Projector, don’t chase after life and people, but let THEM come to you and invite you.
And just to make it very clear in your daily life and for small things you don’t need an invitation! You don’t need an invitation to go to the bathroom, do some grocery shopping, cleaning your apartment, reading a book, going for a walk, etc.
But you need a particular invitation for the big things in your life such as relationships, place of living, and your work. And as long as you don’t receive an invitation, you can’t know or feel what is correct for you or not, and I mean it not on the mental level, but the cellular level.
And when you follow your Projector Strategy and wait for the invitation, then use your inner authority in order to differentiate which invitation is correct for you or not, so that you can make decisions in your life that are aligned with your truth and purpose in life instead of living your life from the fear and limitation of your conditioned mind!  You can read here about the different genetic authorities!
So dear Projector, what do you choose?
Do you choose the red pill?
Do you follow your Projector Strategy and by doing that, gain access to your truth, to your strength and success in life?
Or do you choose the blue pill and continue initiating with your mind and continue living in the matrix, where your mind is your personal torturing slave-driver and where you experience a lot of rejection and bitterness?

Projector Strategy Human Design System

What do you choose?

Projector Strategy Human Design System


Projector Strategy Human Design System

Or Success??
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ATTENTION: you can either read the article on the 4 strategies or watch below the entire video in which I explain not only the crucial importance of your genetic strategy but also the 4 different types of strategies that exist!
The video is more appealing, and I am more amusing 😉

VIDEO: Why Strategy is so essential and the Projector Strategy

At the beginning of the video, I explain WHY Strategy is so crucial in our lives and later in the video I explain the Projector Strategy!


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