Difference between Manifesting Generator und Generator

The most important difference between Manifesting Generator (MG) and Generator – Video with Subtitles

(The Video is in German, you need to turn on the subtitles to be able to read them – or read the article below, but the video is more entertaining 😉

Difference Manifesting Generator and Generator – Video Overview:

1. Manifesting Generator as 5th type in Black Market.
2. Strategie & Authority as a guide for both identical
3. different variations for the different types
4. the “red box” in the design of the Generators
5. for whom are the motors important in connection with the throat?
6. angelina has `a lot of power with 4 connected motors
7. human design celebrates the individuality of each person
8. the “teddy bear aura” of the generator
9. reactive instead of proactive – how manifesting generators and generators live correctly
10. step by step by step… the generator = mastery
11. less steps and more jumps… the manifesting generator = efficiency
12. what it means to love yourself

I hope the question of all questions: the difference between Manifesting Generator and Generator, is answered and you have more clarity! 😉

Hello dear ones, welcome to this video and the big question in Human Design that is haunting everyone, especially generators. What is the difference between a generator, a pure generator and a manifesting generator, a MG?
And I can understand it too, when I started my Human Design experiment and study eleven years ago, I was also quite curious and couldn’t understand it. By the way, my name is Angelina Fabian. I forgot to introduce myself. Some of you may already know me, some of you may not.
My name is Angelina Fabian. I am a Human Design Analyst, Guide and also a teacher certified by the International Human Design School.
I’m in my Human Design Experiment, the moment the video is aired or published on YouTube, in my eleventh year. And I’ve been studying it for that long too, so eleventh year. And it’s been a real, real blessing for me in design in my personal life and in my business life. So the jackpot question. What’s the difference between generator and manifesting generator? And there again, there are people who claim human design, but they don’t do human design, the official human design, and they’ve made up that the manifesting generator is the fifth type.
Uhung, that’s not true. That’s downright not true. The generator is about its strategy and authority and these are identical in the pure generator and the manifesting generator. It’s all about the type and the type has an aura field attached to it and the type has its strategy attached to it. And because it is the same strategy and the same authority, it is not a different type. Aurically, mechanically it is not another type. There are only four types in Human Design, Generator, Projector, Manifestor, Reflector and we have different variations of the Projector too, for example. But we don’t call them different types.
We have the classical projector, we have the mental projector, we have the energy projector, they are one. It’s just a little differentiation in the projector, but it’s not a different type, because you all have the identical genetic strategy and identical genetic aura mechanics. That’s why it’s not a different type, both with the projector and with the generator. Just as with the manifestor there is the spleen manifestor or the emotional manifestor. Whereas in the projectors there is already the most variety. The projector is very complex.
And everything is a manifestor, because it has the same aura and the same strategy, and don’t get confused there and really look, where does the information come from?
And generally with this over-information in our age, there is a lot of information and a lot of bullshit, no matter in which area. That means not being so naive there either, but really navigating all this information with strategies and authority. That is, the pure generator, now let’s first look into the mechanics. And you’ll see that right away in the graphic next to it, which my assistant is about to show. So the pure generator,
from its mechanics, has defined the sacral, that is, this red box, the vortex of life. Without this, there would be nothing on this planet. No babies, no copulation, no life, no hospitals, nothing, no schools, no discos….
That is literally, that is the pulsating vortex of life that creates life on this planet. And this is what the generator has defined. It’s red because of that, because once it’s defined, we have directly a generator and the pure generator doesn’t have any of the four engines in the Human Design connected to the throat. That’s what makes it mechanically a generator. He may have the throat defined, as a projector split for example, where he has a split in the design. That is, Ajna and throat defined, but split off from his belly voice.
Then, although a throat is defined, but his sacral or ego or solar plexus or root have no direct or indirect access to the throat, he is a generator.
I usually explain these things in depth in my courses. We cover that in the video. If you’re interested in topping up and building your foundation in Human Design really based on the original Human Design, which is really cash and actually works, here’s information on when my courses are. Be it LYD, which is a very good experiential course, but which is also the prerequisite, for all other training courses and my ABC and Rave Cartography courses and my Analyst training courses.
Have fun, be inspired and empowered with the video!

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