Difference between Manifesting Generator und Generator

The most important difference between Manifesting Generator (MG) and Generator – Video with Subtitles

Difference Manifesting Generator and Generator – Video Overview:

1. Manifesting Generator as 5th type in Black Market.
2. Strategie & Authority as a guide for both identical
3. different variations for the different types
4. the “red box” in the design of the Generators
5. for whom are the motors important in connection with the throat?
6. angelina has `a lot of power with 4 connected motors
7. human design celebrates the individuality of each person
8. the “teddy bear aura” of the generator
9. reactive instead of proactive – how manifesting generators and generators live correctly
10. step by step by step… the generator = mastery
11. less steps and more jumps… the manifesting generator = efficiency
12. what it means to love yourself

I hope the question of all questions: the difference between Manifesting Generator and Generator, is answered and you have more clarity! ;

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Difference Manifesting Generator and Generator – Transcript of the Video:


My name is Angelina Fabian, and I am a Human Design Holistic Analyst, Guide, and Teacher, certified by the International Human Design School. At the time of publishing this video on YouTube, I am in the 13th year of my Human Design experiment or study, and Human Design has been a true blessing for me both in private and in business life.

Addressing Common Misconceptions

Now to today’s core question: What is the difference between a pure Generator and a Manifesting Generator? People who do not practice official Human Design claim that the Manifesting Generator is the fifth type, which is incorrect.

Clarifying Strategies and Authorities

For the Generator, it’s about their strategy and authority, which are identical in both cases. It all revolves around the type to which strategy and aura field are linked, and these are identical here. Thus, the type remains the same, and there is no difference, both aurically and mechanically. In Human Design, there are fundamentally only four types: Generator, Projector, Manifestor, and Reflector. Even among Projectors, there are different manifestations, such as the classic Projector, the mental Projector, and the energy Projector, and here too, all Projectors share the same genetic strategy and aura mechanics. And also, Manifestors, whether it’s the Spleen Manifestor or the emotional Manifestor, have the same aura and strategy.

Understanding Pure Generators

Back to the mechanics of the pure Generator, which has the defined Sacral Center, the center of life. Without this definition, there would be no life on this planet – no reproduction, no sex, no hospitals, schools, or anything else, because this pulsating life center creates life on Earth. When this Sacral Center is defined, we immediately have the type Generator. And IF they do not have any of the four motors in their Human Design chart connected to the throat they are pure Generator. This is the first Difference between Manifesting Generator and Generator. This also applies, for example, to a Projector split with a defined Throat Center, which, however, is separate from the defined sacral, and the Sacral Center, the Ego, the Solar Plexus, or the Root Center have no direct or indirect access to the throat.

Defining Manifesting Generators

What makes a Manifesting Generator a Manifesting Generator? A motor, whether it’s the Sacral, the Root, the Solar Plexus, or the Ego, is either directly or indirectly connected to the throat. I myself am a Manifesting Generator, and you can see in my chart which mechanics and connections make me an MG. There’s my Sacral Center, which is directly connected to the throat via channel 20-34. Or the connection from my Root, as a motor, to the Sacral and then to the throat. On the other side is the Solar Plexus, connected to the throat via a manifesting channel, and lastly my Ego, indirectly, not through channel 21-45, but through the Solar Plexus, connected to the throat.

Personal Insights and Experience

So, all four motors are directly or indirectly connected to my throat, which is why my voice is always very loud, very intense, and very deep for a woman. All this motor power of the Root, the Sacral, the Big Fat Ego, but also my emotionality and its different nuances, you can hear in my voice, because this power flows continuously to the throat, and it’s like I have a rocket in my butt or coffee flows through my veins. And so, there’s also the danger of using my design in the shadow and navigating through the world mentally as an MG, quickly running from one trap to the next.

The Value of Human Design in Personal Discovery

I feel seen in Human Design, like never before in my life, by no one else, by no system. I live it and experiment with it, I share it in my analyses and on social media, and I also teach it now. It’s beautiful to get to know oneself.

Generators vs. Manifesting Generators: Distinctions and Commonalities

Back to the question, what distinguishes the Generator from the MG? What is the Difference between a Manifesting Generator and a Generator. We have just looked at the mechanics of the MG and its specific qualities and seen how it differs from the Generator, but it is not better or worse, just different, and that’s what I love about Human Design. It celebrates individuality and differentiation, instead of judging or wanting to change them, because it’s about getting to know one’s beautiful, perfect nature and living it.

Navigating Misinformation

What they do have in common are the teddy bear aura and their strategy. And unfortunately, there is little information available for that, because the Generators who come to me do not know what their gut voice is, how to use it, and what correct responding means for them. Due to misinformation or misunderstandings of the information, which is actually correct, they think they still have to figure everything out mentally, which is actually what their gut voice tells them. The mind discusses and talks in monologues and dialogues, not the gut voice. So, the Generator should stop being proactive and instead respond.

The Mastery of Generators

So what is the Difference between a Manifesting Generator and Generator. So the Generator, everything goes step by step by step by step. After A comes B, then C, and so on. They learn everything step by step, and thus the gift of the pure Generator is mastery in one area, because they do not skip certain steps. My assistant, for example, is a pure Generator and helps me in business to achieve mastery and get certain things done that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

The Efficiency of Manifesting Generators

The Manifesting Generator, on the other hand, is a skipper and does step 1, then step 5 and step 10, and then back to step 13. The Manifesting Generator, because they have a motor connected to the throat, has the gift of fast and efficient action, which I personally love. Everything has its place. MGs are more efficient but also very impatient, and in the shadow, they try to get everything done yesterday, which makes the risk greater for them than for the pure Generator, to be more proactive through the mind instead of responding.

Embracing Individual Designs

Both designs are perfect, and it took a while for me to see that in my design too, because my painful conditioning suppressed and manipulated me. Deconditioning personally helped me to discover what was supposedly wrong with me, which at the same time was my actual power. When I rediscovered this, I gradually learned to love my design and to recognize the perfection in it. In spirituality, you do exercises to discover your self-love, and you don’t even know what it means. If you don’t know yourself or are not in contact with yourself, self-love is hardly possible. By discovering your mechanics, you discover yourself, through strategy and authority, and over time you start to truly love yourself, and thus, a kind of protective cape wraps around you. True self-love is truly authentic, and the love from people who want you just as you are, and do not manipulate, that is true love, that is relationship.

Invitation to Learn More

If you want an individual short analysis of your chart, where we determine your type, whether you are a Split or a Single Definition, look at your profile, discuss your strategy and authority, the Holy Grail in Human Design, examine your foundation and stumbling blocks, i.e., shadows and conditionings, then you can find a link here on YouTube for more information and my website. In my “Live Your Design” course (LYD) and my other courses, I go even deeper into these topics, and if you are interested in building and enhancing a foundation based on the original Human Design, you can find all the information here. The LYD is an experiential course and a prerequisite for all other training courses, such as Rave ABC, Rave Cartography, and my Analyst Training courses that are already being prepared. You can also find regular input here on Instagram, where I have also written something about the Big Fat Ego.


I hope you enjoyed our article about the difference between Manifesting Generator and Generator! And I hope you understand the Difference between a Manifesting Generator and a Generator.

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